New Dawn

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New Dawn
New Dawn
Storyline - Ahrenia's Backstory.
Item ID: melvorF:New_Dawn
Category: Misc
Type: Special
Sells For: 0
Item Sources:
  • Completing: Into the Mist
Item Uses:
Part of 100% Completion: No

New Dawn is a lore book which provides backstory for Ahrenia, the boss of Into the Mist. It is received when the player defeats Ahrenia. If sold, it can be re-obtained by clicking on it in the Item Completion Log.

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The Vorlorans were a race of people who gladly worshipped the Gods and spread their influence across the land with fervor. Setting up shrines and churches, gathering offerings, and spreading word of the Gods were commonplace. In return, the Gods blessed harvests, summoned rains to extinguish fires, and granted strength to those in need. Things continued like this for many years with little complaint from either side.

The people elected a special group of holy warriors, which they named The Warriors of Vorloran. This group was tasked to root out and kill any evil creatures that rose throughout the land of Melvor, cutting out rot and darkness across the land. Among the Warriors of Vorloran rose a leader, named Ahrenia. She happily accepted the role of commander and led the warriors well, quickly rising to fame throughout the land for her good deeds and skill in combat.

As the war between The Gods began their sudden disappearance had left the Warriors of Vorloran to fend for themselves in their fight against evil. Their weapons and armor no longer carried their blessings that once protected them and with it their dependence on the gods had now left them vulnerable. Unease began to sweep through the ranks, fearing an unstoppable evil would eventually arrive. Their fears would then become a reality as rumours began to spread of a dangerous mist approaching.

The Mist, said to have appeared out of the blue, was already destroying the outer towns of Melvor. The Mist seemingly was able to take control over monsters, leaving an affliction that would turn them into a murderous undead horde, led by a Dark Entity in which the survivors named Bane. With the Warriors of Vorloran weakened they hopelessly tried to protect as many people as they could, and one by one… they fell to its afflicted army. Ahrenia, desperate to do anything she could to save her people, traveled to the meeting place of the Gods known as the Millenium Tower, located in the Vorloran capital. Within the tower no gods greeted her. Only a cloaked figure who called themselves “The Herald”. They offered her the power she needed to save her people, and, though hesitant, she accepted.

Though the mist had destroyed many towns and cities, there was still much to save, and Ahrenia rushed back to do as much as she could. With their hero returned to them, many celebrated and gathered arms, ready to fight back against the dark entity with renewed vigor. They marched off with songs in their heart, with Ahrenia leading them. All too soon, they reached Bane’s army and met the entity face to face. With a cry, Ahrenia charged forward, her blade glowing brightly and the Warriors of Vorloran all behind her. Her mastery of the combat arts shone in the battlefield, as fast as light her blade tore through all that tried to attack her, switching effortlessly to her to bow to help out the people around her and using magic to wipe out hundreds in a blink of an eye. Her men followed closely behind trying to keep her safe so she could focus on leading and casting. Her men frequently cried out in pain, others in fury, desperately fighting the unending hordes.

Soon enough, Ahrenia met face to face with Bane, who tried desperately to drive her back with torrents of magic. She pressed on, landing clean blows against Bane who struck back with equal force. With both suffering substantial damage, Ahrenia gathered her strength and pointed her sword towards the sky. A ray of golden light poured down from the heavens, driving the mist back. The normally silent Bane screeched out with a blood-curdling cry, “Herald! I have failed you!” Ahrenia faltered, hearing the name of The Herald, but believing in her strength she aimed it towards Bane. Just as the edge of the golden light pierced Bane’s rotten, fetid flesh… it stopped. As did she. She looked around in horror as the mist quickly cascaded back all around her, swallowing her men and blotting out the sun. She tried to scream out, but no words came. The last thing she saw was a cloaked figure approaching her.

Now with what little power she has left she offers it to you, “Vorloran, you must find a way to stop the Herald at all costs, search the lands and oceans for anything that will help you, you are our final hope now.”

By defeating Into the Mist:

You unlocked the new Combat Passive Slot
Access granted to Dark Waters Slayer Area