Signet Ring Half (a)

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Signet Ring Half (a)
Signet Ring Half (a)
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Item ID: melvorD:Signet_Ring_Half_A
Category: Misc
Type: Misc
Sells For: 850,000
Item Sources:
Item Uses:
Part of 100% Completion: Yes

The Signet Ring Half (a) is a rare drop that can be combined with Signet Ring Half (b) to create Aorpheat's Signet Ring.

Item Sources

The Signet Ring Half (a) can be found while performing any non-combat Skill action, provided the player has a Gold Topaz Ring currently equipped in either the Ring or Passive slot of their active equipment set. If a roll for the signet half succeeds while the player is not wearing a Gold Topaz Ring, then the player will receive a Gold Topaz Ring instead.

The chance to find Signet Ring Half (a) is equal to [math]\displaystyle{ \frac{x}{16,500,000} }[/math] per action, where [math]\displaystyle{ x }[/math] is the level required to perform the skill action. For example, if the player creates an Iron Scimitar, their chance to find Signet Ring Half (a) would be [math]\displaystyle{ \frac{15}{16,500,000} }[/math]. Performing higher level skill actions increases the chance per action to find the ring half, ideally the chosen action should also have a short action time in order to maximize the number of chances to obtain the signet ring half.