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Crab (item).svg
No Description
Item ID: 28
Category: Cooking
Type: Food
Sells For: Coins.svg 280
Heals for: Hitpoints (skill).svg 150
Item Sources:
  • Killing: Elder Vampire (monster).svg
  • Upgrading: Crab (Perfect) (item).png
  • Cooking (skill).svg Level 60
  • Shop.svg Shop
Item Uses:
Part of 100% Completion: Yes

Item Sources


Shop.svg Shop Purchase - Crab (item).svg Standard Resupply
Cost Slayer Coins.svg 10,000
Requirements Slayer (skill).svg Level 50
Contains 200 Adamant Arrows (item).svg Adamant Arrows
200 Sapphire Bolts (item).svg Sapphire Bolts
500 Light Rune (item).svg Light Rune
150 Crab (item).svg Crab
500 Magic Bones (item).svg Magic Bones


Item Creation
Requirements Cooking (skill).svg Level 60
Materials 1 Raw Crab (item).svg Raw Crab
Base Quantity 1
Base Experience 140 XP
Base Creation Time 7s
Item Upgrade
Materials 1 Crab (Perfect) (item).png Crab (Perfect)