Desolate Plains

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This page is up to date (v1.2.2).
Desolate Plains
Desolate Plains
Slayer Area ID: melvorF:Desolate_Plains
Difficulty: Hard - Elite

Slayer Level 70

Area Effect:

-100% Hitpoint Regeneration


Raging Horned Elite
Seething Horned Elite
Dark Horned Elite
Furious Horned Elite

Players must have Slayer Level 70 in order to fight monsters in this area. This Slayer Area is the highest level area you can access without an additional requirement.


Name Combat Level Hitpoints Max Hit Combat Style
Raging Horned Elite 125 1,400 146 Melee
Seething Horned Elite 161 2,000 242 Magic
Dark Horned Elite 230 2,800 443 Melee
Furious Horned Elite 239 3,000 397 Ranged