Dark Waters

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This page is up to date (v1.0.5).
Dark Waters
Dark Waters (combatArea).svg
Slayer Area ID: 10
Difficulty: Elite

Slayer (skill).svg Level 90
Into the Mist (dungeon).svg Into the Mist Completed

Area Effect:

+40% Attack Interval


Umbora (monster).svg Umbora
Rokken (monster).svg Rokken
Ku-tul (monster).svg Ku-tul

Dark Waters is a Slayer Area that can be entered after completing Into the Mist (dungeon).svg Into the Mist.

Each monster killed in Dark Waters has a 1/7,500 (0.013%) chance to unlock Otto (pet).svg Otto.


Name Combat Level Hitpoints Max Hit Combat Style
Umbora (monster).svg Umbora 559 7,800 950 Attack (skill).svg Melee
Rokken (monster).svg Rokken 577 8,100 1,261 Ranged (skill).svg Ranged
Ku-tul (monster).svg Ku-tul 611 8,400 990 Magic (skill).svg Magic