Jewel of Rhaelyx

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Jewel of Rhaelyx
Jewel of Rhaelyx (item).png
Combine this with the Circlet of Rhaelyx
Item ID: 885
Category: Patreon
Type: Misc
Sells For: Coins.svg 750,000
Item Sources:
  • Any action in: Firemaking (skill).svg, Cooking (skill).svg, Smithing (skill).svg, Fletching (skill).svg, Crafting (skill).svg, Runecrafting (skill).svg, Herblore (skill).svg, Summoning (skill).svg
Item Uses:
Part of 100% Completion: Yes

The Jewel of Rhaelyx is one of the two component pieces of the Crown of Rhaelyx (item).png Crown of Rhaelyx (the other being the Circlet of Rhaelyx (item).png Circlet of Rhaelyx) which provides a 10% chance to preserve resources when training non-combat skills.

Item Sources

The Jewel of Rhaelyx is a very rare drop while training Firemaking (skill).svg Firemaking, Cooking (skill).svg Cooking, Smithing (skill).svg Smithing, Fletching (skill).svg Fletching, Crafting (skill).svg Crafting, Runecrafting (skill).svg Runecrafting, Herblore (skill).svg Herblore, and Summoning (skill).svg Summoning. The chance of getting a Jewel depends on your total Mastery.svg Mastery level, which can be seen on the Statistics page.

The base drop rate of the Jewel is [math]\frac{1}{10,000,000}[/math] per action taken. The drop rate increases by [math]\frac{1}{2,500,000,000}[/math] for each Mastery level you have in any skill, to a max of [math]\frac{1}{100,000}[/math] which is reached at 24,750 total mastery level. After that point, additional Mastery levels will not increase the chance further.


Item Created Type Requirements XP Ingredients
Crown of Rhaelyx (item).png Crown of Rhaelyx Upgrade None N/A 1 Circlet of Rhaelyx (item).png Circlet of Rhaelyx
1 Jewel of Rhaelyx (item).png Jewel of Rhaelyx
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