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Barrier is a mechanic introduced with the Atlas of Discovery Expansion. A Barrier is a secondary health bar that some Monsters have that appears above the normal health bar in combat.


A monster with Barrier cannot have its health reduced by any means (including debuffs like Bleeds or Poisons). In order to kill these monsters, their Barrier must first be reduced to 0.

Barriers can only be damaged by the attacks of Summoning Familiars. There are a variety of items in the Atlas of Discovery expansion which increase the effectiveness of Familiars.

Barriers will regenerate by 25% every 7 Enemy Attack turns. This regeneration effect can happen after their Barrier has reached 0. When the Enemy regenerates Barrier, they will gain a debuff that Slows them by 5% and decreases their Accuracy and Evasion by 10%, stacking up to 10 times. Monsters from Eye-conic Cave, Mucky Cave, Tree Overgrowth, Collapsed City, Golem Territory & Unholy Forest do not regenerate Barrier.

Getting Started

Barrier Equipment

This table lists most sources of Barrier-specific Equipment. For a list of boosts that apply to all skills, see the Skill Boosts page.