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This page is out of date (v0.19.1).

The settings area is where a user can change various options for the game, including notifications, dark mode, and save management. This can be accessed from the game's navigation column on the left, towards the bottom. Within the settings area, there are 7 categories of settings. You can hover your mouse over the settings for a brief description.

General Settings

The general settings section

Ignore Bank Full - If your bank becomes full after performing an action, then continue the action without acquiring the item (But still get the XP for it, if any)

Continue Thieving on Stun - If enabled, you will continue Thieving after a set time if you are stunned.

Auto Restart Dungeon - If enabled, a completed dungeon will automatically be restarted. Rewards will be collected upon completion, however any items dropped by monsters (such as Shards in God Dungeons) will still need to be looted manually or with Amulet of Looting (item).svg Amulet of Looting.

Auto re-use potion when it depletes - If enabled, this will automatically consume the same potion of the same tier when it runs out of charges.

Show Virtual Levels - If enabled, this will display your actual skill level above Level 99.

(EXPERIMENTAL) Pause actions for skills (Except for Combat and Farming) when the game is minimised or placed in the background to activate offline progression upon return. - If enabled, the game will pause your current action and will award your offline progression when focusing back into the game. This only works for skills that are compatible with offline progression. This setting is enabled by default on mobile devices.

Notification Settings

The notification settings section

Show Item Sale Confirmations - If enabled, you will see a confirmation when you attempt to sell an item.

Show Shop Purchase Confirmations - If enabled, you will see a confirmation when you attempt to buy an item from the shop.

Show Item Notifications - If enabled, you will see a small notification when an item is added to your bank.

Show GP Notifications - If enabled, you will see a small notification when you receive GP.

Show Mastery Checkpoint Notifications - If enabled, you will be asked to confirm the spending of Mastery Pool XP if you are going to dip below a Mastery Checkpoint.

Show confirmation when attempting to close the game - If enabled, will display a warning if attempting to close the game. (Requires refresh for this change to take effect)

Mobile Push Notification Settings

These settings allow the player to receive push notifications on a mobile device of their choosing when certain events occur, such as reaching the Offline Progression 12 hour cap or when a seed planted in Farming (skill).svg Farming has grown.

These settings have no effect unless logged in to the cloud and a mobile device has been connected.

The mobile push notification settings section

Enable Offline Time Cap Push Notification - If enabled, you will be notified when you have reached the 12 hour offline time cap.

Enable Farming "Ready to Harvest" Push Notifications - If enabled, you will be notified when your crops are ready to harvest. Note: Notifications are only enabled for crops planted using the "Plant All" option.

Connect Mobile Device to your Cloud Account - If you are logged into the Cloud, this allows the Desktop versions of the game to schedule Push Notifications to your Mobile Device.

Minibar Settings

The minibar settings section

Enable Skilling Minibar - If enabled, the Skilling Minibar will display on each non-combat Skill page.

Enable Combat Minibar - If enabled, the Combat Minibar will display upon entering Combat.

Display Combat Minibar on Combat Screen - If enabled, the Combat Minibar will display in the Combat Screen.

Melvor Cloud Settings

This Settings menu is only visible if logged in to the cloud.

The melvor cloud settings section

Auto Save to Cloud - If enabled, your save will synchronize with the cloud every 5 minutes.

Connect to Patreon - Connect your Patreon Account to Melvor for exclusive benefits.

Disable Desktop Ads - If enabled, this will hide all ads displayed on the Desktop version of the game. (This setting is only visible to users who are an active supporter of Melvor Idle on Patreon and have connected their Patreon account)

Interface Settings

The interface settings section

Default Page on Load - The highlighted skill will be the first screen to pop up when opening the game.

Level Up Notification - When large is selected, a pop-up in the center of the screen will appear with new skill levels. When small is selected, the level notifications will appear small and at the bottom of the screen.

Edit Sidebar Design - If toggled, when the mouse is NOT hovering over the sidebar, the sidebar will only show icons for all of the navigation options. Simply hover over the sidebar to display the whole thing again.

Enable Dark Mode - If enabled, changes the UI to a darker theme.

Select Number Formatting - Select how you would like numbers to appear across the game. (The game must be refreshed for the changes to take effect)

Remove commas from all numbers - If enabled, this will remove commas from all numbers in the game. Helps if your locale is not used to the formatting provided. (The game must be refreshed for the changes to take effect)

Enable Minor Accessibility Features - Enables minor accessibility changes for those who use a Screen Reader. This includes item names in the bank, on small notifications, and in other areas in the game where icons wouldn't be picked up by a screen reader. (May require a game refresh for the change to take effect)

Account Settings

The account settings section

Melvor Cloud - Allows you to register or sign in to your cloud account.

Import/Export Save - Allows you to make a copy of your save file or import a save file you have copied.

Download Save - Downloads a copy of your save that you can use to restore your game in the "Import/Export Save" option.

Fix my Save - The game will attempt to repair your save file.

Reset Account Progress - Completely removes your progress, resetting everything back to 0. Basically a new account. Be warned, the only way to recover your account after clicking this is importing a save. Your cloud and local data will be permanently erased.

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