Alpha v0.20 - (11th June 2021)



  Summoning is one of the largest and most in-depth Skills to have been released to date. It plays a large role in the world of Melvor, cementing its dark and rich history waiting to be uncovered by you.

This Skill requires you to utilize almost every single other Skill in the game in order to progress and unlock more content. As you continue to level up, you will unlock more powerful and unique benefits to give you that extra edge throughout the game.

Below outlines the basic mechanics of the Skill, and also provides an insight in what to expect from Summoning.


Discovering the existence of Summoning has provided you with the knowledge of a dark magic only told in tales.

You are given the ability to equip not only one, but TWO Familiars to aid you in your journey throughout Melvor.

There is a selection of 20 different Familiars, each one providing you with a unique passive bonus. They also use charges (just like   Ranged Ammo), and are consumed every time and action is taken relating to the passive of your Familiar.

However, great power like this must be earned, and is only given to those who take the time to learn about the Familiar's respective Mark.

Combat Familiars

Half of the Familiars are classed as "Combat Familiars" and provide general benefits to assist within Combat.

On top of this, Combat Familiars also have the ability to attack enemies. They attack every 3 seconds, and have a pre-defined Max Hit (which is visible during Combat). Their accuracy/chance to hit is the same as yours.

And no, they cannot be hit or attacked by the Enemy :)


Hidden throughout the world of Melvor are the secrets that contain the true power of Summoning, granting the dark magic to those who discover them.

Upon discovering a Mark, you will be able to harness its power by creating Summoning Tablets based on respective Familiars, allowing you to utilize their benefits on your adventure.

These Marks can be further researched and leveled up to unlock even greater power relating to your Familiar in the form of Synergies.

If you happen to have the respective Familiar equipped while searching for further Marks, then the drop rate of the Marks will be doubled.

For those wondering - leveling up all the Marks to the maximum Level (4) is required for 100% completion. This is due to a new Pet that is being introduced (named   Mark) that is unlocked once you achieve this goal.


Tales tell of an ancient bond that can be formed between two different Familiars. Although this has never been witnessed, it takes true knowledge to be able to achieve such a thing.

By leveling up your Marks, you will unlock Synergies between Familiars that grants an extra unique passive that is active as long as both Familiars are equipped. These passives are unique in what they provide, and can assist greatly during your training.

Synergies are unlocked when their respective Mark levels meet the requirements. Higher level Marks unlock higher tier Synergies.

There are roughly 90 Synergies to unlock and discover.

To make it easier for you, there is also an integrated Synergy Search function within the game that allows you to search for any unlocked Synergy with ease. This search functionality also allows you to equip this Synergy directly from the search results.


Shards are the core ingredient for Summoning Tablet creation, and can be obtained only from the Shop at a cost of GP.

All Summoning Tablets use a variety of Shards in their creation, and there are 6 different coloured Shards to utilize.

Tablet Creation

Tablet Creation is very similar to all other crafting related Skills in the game.

However, Summoning adds another element to this process in the form of "Alternate Recipes". You will find that many of the Summoning Tablets you can create have multiple recipes to select from. Some even have up to 20 different recipes!

The quantity of items required within the recipes are weighted against the base sale price of the item.

There is a recipe for every stage of the game you're at, but not all of them will be efficient.

Leveling the Skill

As is the theme of this Skill, leveling it is a little bit different than all the others.

There are two ways to earn Skill XP:

  • Creating Summoning Tablets
  • Using Tablet charges, by equipping the Familiar and using them in the game

The Summoning Skill XP you earn while using charges is weighted against the interval of your action, as well as the Summoning Level required to unlock that Familiar. Generally this means that using a high level Summoning will give you more XP.

NOTE: Mastery XP can only be earned via Summoning Tablet Creation.

New Items and Content

With the introduction of a new Skill, there is also new items and content that come along with it. This includes:

Woodcutting Changes

  Woodcutting has been causing some serious balance issues for the game, as well as any new content planning to be added. Specifically, it is the   Multi-Tree upgrade you can purchase from the Shop that is causing these issues.

  Multi-Tree allowed you to cut two trees simultaneously. This means each tree was running on its own timer and was rolling rare items for each of these actions. The result of this "double action" meant Woodcutting was always the go-to Skill for any rare items such as   Mysterious Stones, Pets (like   Ty, and future global Pets),   Signet Ring Half (a), and was also the go-to for the   Summoning content during testing (gaining upwards of 2,000,000 XP/hr).

The upgrade was one of the very first Shop items you could buy in the very early days of Melvor Idle (when there were only 5 Skills in total). It has stuck around since, and I'm actually surprised it lasted this long. The fact that no similar mechanics exist in other Skills should provide some evidence as to how I feel about this kind of mechanic in general.

Instead of leaving it as is and balancing around it or applying exceptions to   Woodcutting only for current and future content, now was the right time to adjust the mechanics and bring the Skill back in line with the general feel of the game. However, I have done this in a way that retains the original purpose of the   Multi-Tree Upgrade.

Summarized Changes to Woodcutting

  •   Multi-Tree is now being combined into one single action.
  • Your action's interval is determined by the highest interval out of both trees you are cutting.
  • The XP you earn is weighted against the interval stated above. This means XP rates have not actually changed, and are staying the same.
  • Logs are provided in the same way XP is. However, the amount is rounded down as it is not possible to receive half of an item in this game.
  • Rare Items in the game roll on a per action basis. Combining   Multi-Tree into a single action means you will only be provided with one roll per action, even though you're cutting two trees.
  • A complete visual representation on exactly what quantity of Items and XP you are receiving per action has been added.

Rare Item Drop Rates

In the initial Announcement, I mentioned drop rates for rare items were not changing. After testing this change on the Test Server for the last few weeks, and gathering data and feedback from players, I have decided to adjust drop rates for some rare items. At the end of the day, it was only fair that the entire game benefits off of a change like this.

Switching   Woodcutting to a single action now allows me to buff global rare items without worrying about further snowballing the effects of the old   Multi-Tree upgrade.

  • Increased global drop rate for   Signet Ring Half (a) to [math]\displaystyle{ \frac{Level Req}{16,500,000} }[/math], up from [math]\displaystyle{ \frac{Level Req}{19,800,000} }[/math].
  • Increased global drop rate for all   Mastery Tokens to [math]\displaystyle{ \dfrac{1}{\dfrac{18,500}{Milestones Unlocked}} }[/math] up from [math]\displaystyle{ \dfrac{1}{\dfrac{20,000}{Milestones Unlocked}} }[/math]
  • Increased global drop rate for   Mysterious Stones to 0.025% per action, up from 0.015%.

Important Combat Adjustments

For those who may or may not know, there is a mechanic in the game where Players and Enemies can deal extra damage to one another depending on an existing status effect (like being Stunned).

There was a lot of confusion around the consistency with this mechanic, and how it should actually work. With this update, we have finalised the general mechanics around these status effects.

When the enemy inflicts one of the below status effects on you, a very noticeable popup will briefly display to let you know. This notification can also be disabled in Settings.

It is very important that you read what they do, as you may die unexpectedly if you do not.

  • Stunned/Frozen - The Enemy deals 30% extra Damage while you are stunned
  • Sleep - The Enemy deals 20% extra Damage while you are sleeping

Combat Triangle Changes

The Combat Triangle for all gamemodes has received some minor adjustments to the damage values. Below are the changes.

Player Style Game Mode VS   Melee VS   Ranged VS   Magic
Old New Old New Old New
  Melee Standard +0% +0% +10% +10% -10% -15%
  Hardcore &   Adventure +0% +0% +10% +10% -20% -25%
  Ranged Standard -10% -15% +0% +0% +10% +10%
  Hardcore &   Adventure -20% -25% +0% +0% +10% +10%
  Magic Standard +10% +10% -10% -15% +0% +0%
  Hardcore &   Adventure +10% +10% -20% -25% +0% +0%

Artisan Skill UI Updates

This update includes the start of the transition to a more clear and consistent UI throughout the game.

Starting with most Artisan Skills (  Smithing,   Fletching,   Crafting,   Runecrafting,   Herblore &   Summoning), the UI will be moved to an icon-based layout that will provide all necessary information you seek.

Included in these UI changes is the ability to see your Preservation & Item Doubling chances, as well as how much Skill XP, Mastery XP and Mastery Pool XP you will earn for that action.

These changes will feed into the rest of the game in some way or another.

Please note that Skills will still retain their unique design. I am simply referring to the icon and image usage when talking about transitioning this to the rest of the game.

New Pets

New Monsters

New Features

  • Added   Summoning to the game.
  • Added 20   Summoning Familiars (and their respective Tablets, which are items) to the game, all which can be created in   Summoning.
  • Added 90 Synergies between Familiars, ready for you to unlock via leveling up Marks.
  • Added 20   Summoning Marks ready to be discovered by you, which unlock the Familiar's respective Tablets to create when found. NOTE: These are not items.
  • Added 6 Summoning Shards to the Shop, under the Materials section.
  •   Tim the Wolf (Summoning Pet): -1 Shard Cost when creating Familiars in   Summoning.
  •   Mark (Level up all Summoning Marks to Level 4): +10% Chance to preserve   Summoning Charges.
  •   Superior Eyed Monster - Found in   Strange Cave   Slayer Area.
  •   Eye of Fear - Found in   Strange Cave   Slayer Area.
  • New Item -   Summoning Skillcape - +10% Chance to preserve Summoning Charges. +20% Chance to Preserve Resources in Summoning. +10 Base Quantity for Summoning Tablet Creation.
  • New Item -   Mastery Token (Summoning)
  • New Item -   Necromancer Potion - +1/2/3/5 Base Summoning Tablets created.
  • New Items -   Necromancer Hat,   Robes   Bottoms, and   Boots - Found in   Slayer Shop - Passive: +2 Base Quantity for Summoning Tablet Creation. +2% Summoning Skill XP.
  • Added   Summoning Synergy Search page links to the Combat Screen and Minibar. From here, you can search synergies and equip them by clicking on them (assuming you have the Synergy unlocked).
  •   Smithing,   Crafting,   Fletching,   Herblore &   Runecrafting all have brand new layouts.
  • You can now search for Bank Items using their DESCRIPTION. This also means searching "Passive" will display passive slot compatible items.
  • New background image added to the game.
  • You can now claim   Mastery Tokens directly from the Spend   Mastery Pool XP screen.
  •   Mastery Page now has progress bars.
  • Notifications now show for all GP related changes.
  • Items sitting in the loot container now have descriptive tooltips.
  • Cloud Saves now save in irregular intervals, starting at 15 minutes on all devices and increasing its interval every save if you are inactive/idle during that time.
  • The game no longer refreshes when selecting a character.

Changed Features

  • Slightly Adjusted Combat Triangle - You now deal 5% less damage than before if versus an Enemy with the opposing attack style.
  •   Multi-Tree has been reworked to be combined into 1 action.
  • Reworked the contents of the   Treasure Chest gained from   Fishing. You can now get junk from this chest.
  • Buffed   Otto &   Peri drop rate to 1 in 7,500, changed from 1 in 10,000.
  • Adjusted loot tables for Eye monsters.
  • Dragons now drop more Dragonhide.
  • Ice Jump   Agility Obstacle now requires 5,000   Crabs to build, instead of 5,000   Cave Fish.
  • Pillar of Combat in   Agility - Increased Minimum Hit based on Max hit upped to 5%, up from 3%.
  • Pillar of Combat in   Agility -   Hitpoint regeneration is now a flat +50 (+500 for   Adventure Mode) instead of +2%.
  • Pillar of Generosity - New bonus - +5% chance to preserve   Summoning Charges.
  • Increased drop rate for   Signet Ring Half (a) to [math]\displaystyle{ \frac{Level Req}{16,500,000} }[/math], up from [math]\displaystyle{ \frac{Level Req}{19,800,000} }[/math].
  • Increased drop rate for   Mastery Tokens to [math]\displaystyle{ \dfrac{1}{\dfrac{18,500}{Milestones Unlocked}} }[/math] up from [math]\displaystyle{ \dfrac{1}{\dfrac{20,000}{Milestones Unlocked}} }[/math]
  • Increased the drop rate for   Mysterious Stones to 0.025% per action, up from 0.015%.
  • New   Cloudburst Staff Special Attack: Freeze Ray has changed: Now deals up to 40% damage 10 times over 2 seconds which always applies a slow, avoidable.
  •   Cloudburst Staff - Increased Magic Attack Bonus to 45, up from 28.
  •   Cloudburst Staff - Increased Magic Damage Bonus to 30%, up from 0%.
  •   Ocean Song - Reduced chance to 35% and lowered damage to 1,350.
  • Increased Slash and Block Bonus for all 4         Godswords to 145, up from 125.
  •   Ice Armour - All pieces now have 3% Damage Reduction.
  •   Ice Shortbow - New special: 50% chance Frozen Shots: Deals a bonus 90 damage on top of hit and slows enemy by 10% for 3 turns.
  • Frozen Wind - Special Attack chance increased to 20%.
  •   Sunset Rapier - Stab bonus increased to 72.
  •   Warlock Amulet - Lowered spell heal to 10%.
  •   Almighty Lute - Lowered GP% gain to 200%.
  •   Bob's Rake - Passive increased to 50% chance.
  •   Confetti Crossbow - Reduced price to 250,000   Slayer Coins.
  •   Tormented Ring - All bonuses increased by 10. Defence lowered by 10.
  •   Fighter Ring - Increased all existing bonuses to 18, up from 12.
  •   Eyeballs are now worth   60 each.
  •   Dragon Bones are now worth   200 each.
  •   Magic Bones are now worth   300 each.
  • Enemy Special Attack - Confusion - Increased damage to 75% of listed max hit.
  • Enemy Special Attack - Chaotic Slam - Damage increased by 50.
  • Enemy Special Attack - Agility - Damage increased by 50.
  • Enemy Special Attack - Curse of Fear - Damage increased by 200 and is now avoidable.
  • Enemy Special Attack - Sandstorm - Now deals 1-15% of Enemy current HP as damage, up from 1-5%.
  • Enemy Special Attack - Whirlwind - Damage reduced to 550, down from 650.
  • Enemy Special Attack - Frigid Waves - Damage reduced to 780, down from 900.
  • Enemy Special Attack - Icy Chill - Chance reduced to 5%, down from 10%.
  • Enemy Special Attack - Ice Break - Damage increased to 360, up from 325.
  • Enemy Special Attack - Ice Break - Removed "Damage is doubled if you are frozen/stunned".
  • Enemy Special Attack - Meteor Shower - Damage reduced to 850, down from 900.
  • Enemy Special Attack - Tail Whip - Damage reduced to 690, down from 750.
  • Enemy Special Attack - Penetrating Claws - Damage reduced to 640, down from 700.
  •   Water Monster - Reduced Melee Strength Bonus to 18, down from 35.
  •   Murtia - Reduced Strength Level to 430, down from 525.
  •   Murtia - Reduced Melee Strength Bonus to 0, down from 22.
  • All the new Monsters from v0.18 that had no GP drops now have GP drops lol
  •   Amulet of Looting will no longer yeet items if your bank is full. Instead, it will drop the failed loot into the loot container.
  • The number of dungeon completions required to unlock respective Ancient Magick spells will now update the count dynamically with how many are remaining.
  •   Magic Logs are now worth   400, up from   300.
  • Removed the item notifications that display when returning an offline session. The popup tells you what you got, no need to double dip and output notifications as well. This saves on performance as well when loading in.


  • Corrected some combat functions using the incorrect damage value dealt to enemies.
  • It's no longer possible to accidentally equip an item by double clicking it while using the Move Item or Sell Item toggles in the Bank.
  • Fixed issue where   Agility Obstacle GP costs would not display the correct value due to number formatting.
  • Fix offline   Woodcutting Skill XP,   Mastery XP, item count and   Bird Nest issues.
  • Bank hover tooltips now show correct sale price.
  • Background image now sizes correctly based on screen resolution.
  • Fixed   Slayer Platebody (Elite) providing lower benefit than intended.
  • Fixed damage reduction still not capping on Combat Triangle modifiers.
  • Optimized a lot of loading functions.
  • Side menu no longer opens when dragging items in bank.
  • Locked logs in the   Firemaking dropdown menu are no longer white in dark mode.
  • The   Sandstorm Ring can no longer turn into an ALT item in Golbin Raid.
  • Golbin Raid   Prayer Menu does not reset after finishing a Raid.
  • Golbin Raid   Prayers no longer stay active when dying in the Raid.
  •   Book of Occults Passive now works correctly.
  • Pet & Monster Completion Steam Achievement no longer unlock before 100%.
  •   Mastery 99 Production Skills no longer turn white upon spending mastery points.
  • Enemy attacks no longer deal 1 extra damage than listed.
  • Non-Combat tab in sidebar no longer disappears completely when minimised using the eye icon.
  •   Skull Cape no longer provides its bonus to   Alt. Magic.
  • Switching tabs back and forth with offline   Fishing no longer allows you to catch at least 1 fish every time, regardless of interval.
  •   Cape of Completion now correctly provides the Slayer Area Negation bonus.
  • Fixed   Cape of Completion visual error with   Mastery Checkpoints.
  •   Sandstorm Ring special attack no longer uses any Runes or   Prayer Points.
  • Passive Slot item not showing in "View Equipment Stats" modal.
  •   Alt. Magic no longer deselects an item when returning from Offline Session.
  • Total Raid Coins stat in Golbin Raid now displays correctly.
  •   (G) Mithril Shield now correctly requires 250   Gold Bars to upgrade, down from 500   Gold Bars.
  • Fixed issue where Offline   Cooking was producing higher Skill XP &   Mastery XP than intended based on preservation chance.
  •   Gentle Hands Potion now applies correctly.
  •   Auto Eat icon no longer sticks around when leaving Golbin Raid if you don't have it unlocked yet.
  • Increased Damage To Dungeon Monsters now works correctly when the monster is present in Slayer/Combat areas.
  •   Mastery XP no longer goes from 0 to 1 when loading the game.
  • New Characters now correctly start with   Level 10, instead of   Level 9
  • All items can now be upgraded with the x10, x100, x1000 and xAll options.
  • Ancient Magicks should now unlock after dungeon completions.
  •   Darksteel Dagger now correctly applies extra flat bleed damage.
  • The "Select your Food" menu in   Cooking now has a scroll bar to access all Food.
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