Bird Nest

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This page is up to date (v1.0.5).
Bird Nest
Bird Nest (item).svg
Open to receive Seeds.
Item ID: 119
Category: Miscellaneous
Type: Item
Sells For: Coins.svg 350
Item Sources:
  • Woodcutting (skill).svg Level 1
Item Uses:
Part of 100% Completion: Yes

Bird Nest is an item that can be obtained while Woodcutting (skill).svg Woodcutting, providing a variety of allotment and tree Seeds when opened.

The base drop rate for nests is 0.5% per log cut, which can be increased by using any of the below drop rate bonuses. As nests are an off-item, the base drop rate and these bonuses are increased by a further 10% multiplicatively when the Clue Chasers Insignia (item).svg Clue Chasers Insignia is worn.

The Ent (item).svg Ent & Octopus (item).svg Octopus Synergy can also increase the drop rate by 3%.

The quantity of Bird Nests dropped is also increased while the 95% Woodcutting Mastery pool checkpoint is active, and/or when the Ent (item).svg Ent & Bear (item).svg Bear synergy is used in combination with any Bird Nest Potion I (item).svg Bird Nest Potion.

Loot Table

Item Qty Chance Price
Potato Seeds (item).svg Potato Seeds 1 27/101 26.73% Coins.svg 1
Onion Seeds (item).svg Onion Seeds 1 17/101 16.83% Coins.svg 5
Cabbage Seeds (item).svg Cabbage Seeds 1 13/101 12.87% Coins.svg 10
Tomato Seeds (item).svg Tomato Seeds 1 21/202 10.40% Coins.svg 20
Sweetcorn Seeds (item).svg Sweetcorn Seeds 1 8/101 7.92% Coins.svg 30
Oak Tree Seeds (item).svg Oak Tree Seeds 1 8/101 7.92% Coins.svg 400
Strawberry Seeds (item).svg Strawberry Seeds 1 5/101 4.95% Coins.svg 40
Cherry Seeds (item).png Cherry Seeds 1 7/202 3.47% Coins.svg 1
Willow Tree Seeds (item).svg Willow Tree Seeds 1 3/101 2.97% Coins.svg 750
Watermelon Seeds (item).svg Watermelon Seeds 1 2/101 1.98% Coins.svg 50
Maple Tree Seeds (item).svg Maple Tree Seeds 1 3/202 1.49% Coins.svg 1,250
Snape Grass Seeds (item).svg Snape Grass Seeds 1 1/101 0.99% Coins.svg 75
Carrot Seeds (item).svg Carrot Seeds 1 9/1,010 0.89% Coins.svg 85
Yew Tree Seeds (item).svg Yew Tree Seeds 1 1/202 0.50% Coins.svg 2,500
Magic Tree Seeds (item).svg Magic Tree Seeds 1 1/1,010 0.10% Coins.svg 10,000

The average value of the contents of one chest is Coins.svg 106.16.

Item Sources