Gem Gloves

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Gem Gloves
Gem Gloves (item).svg
Collect a random Gem for each mining action when equipped. Does not work on Rune Essence.
Item ID: 339
Category: Misc
Type: Armour
Sells For: Coins.svg 1
Equipment Slot: Gloves
Item Sources:
Item Uses:
Part of 100% Completion: Yes

Gem Gloves are an item purchased from the Shop, providing a random Gem for each ore mined while the gloves are worn with at least one charge remaining. Note however that Gem Gloves do not provide gems while mining Rune Essence (item).svg Rune Essence.

- Main article: Money Making

Gem Gloves are widely considered to be extremely useful while Mining (skill).svg Mining, as they are the fastest method of obtaining desirable gems such as Diamond (item).svg Diamonds, and are a reasonable choice for early game money making. Purchasing 2,000 charges costs Coins.svg 500,000 (or Coins.svg 250 per charge) and will provide gems that are worth on average Coins.svg 762,500 for a profit of Coins.svg 262,500 if all gems are sold.


Armour Stats
Offensive Stats Defensive Stats
Strength (skill).svg Strength Bonus 0 Defence (skill).svg Defence Bonus 0
Combat.svg Stab Bonus 0 Defence (skill).svg Damage Reduction 0%
Combat.svg Slash Bonus 0 Ranged (skill).svg Defence Bonus 0
Combat.svg Block Bonus 0 Magic (skill).svg Defence Bonus 0
Ranged (skill).svg Attack Bonus 0 Other
Ranged (skill).svg Strength Bonus 0 Slayer (skill).svg Bonus Slayer XP 0%
Magic (skill).svg Attack Bonus 0 Defence (skill).svg Level Required 0
Magic (skill).svg % Damage Bonus 0% Ranged (skill).svg Level Required 0
Magic (skill).svg Level Required 0

Item Sources


Shop.svg Shop Purchase
Cost Coins.svg 500,000
Requirements None
Contains 1 Gem Gloves (item).svg Gem Gloves
+2000 Gem Gloves (item).svg Gem Gloves Charges
Melvor Idle version v0.21 (Released: 13th August 2021)
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