High Lands

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This page is up to date (v1.0.5).
High Lands
High Lands (combatArea).svg
Slayer Area ID: 2
Difficulty: Very Hard

Slayer (skill).svg Level 60
Magical Ring (item).svg Magical Ring Equipped

Area Effect:

Enemies heal 20% of their current hitpoints every 5 turns


Griffin (monster).svg Griffin
Pegasus (monster).svg Pegasus

The High Lands is a Slayer area requiring Slayer Level 60 to access. Players must also be wearing a Magical Ring (item).svg Magical Ring (or either the Slayer Skillcape (item).svg Slayer Skillcape or Maximum Skillcape (item).svg Max Skillcape in order to fight monsters in this area.


Name Combat Level Hitpoints Max Hit Combat Style
Griffin (monster).svg Griffin 124 1,500 128 Attack (skill).svg Melee
Pegasus (monster).svg Pegasus 182 2,200 264 Attack (skill).svg Melee