Damage Reduction

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Damage Reduction (commomly referred to as DR) is a stat that does exactly what it suggests: It reduces the amount of damage taken by a player or monster. Unlike other combat numbers that are complex calculations, a player's Damage Reduction is determined by simply adding together all Damage Reduction bonuses the player has, whether from equipment or something else like a Damage Reduction Potion or Leonardo.

Many monsters have Damage Reduction modifiers that affect their defensive stats.


The player's damage reduction while engaged in combat can be calculated as their damage reduction % outside of combat ('Base Damage Reduction'), less any penalties that apply when in combat (such as the Intimidation passive effect present on many monsters), all multiplied by the Combat Triangle damage reduction modifier. Damage reduction has a maximum value of 95% and a minimum of 0%, where the in-combat damage reduction can be calculated as:

[math]\displaystyle{ \text{Damage Reduction %} = \min \Big( \max \Big( \Big\lfloor \left ( \text{Base Damage Reduction %} - \text{In-Combat Penalties} \right ) \times \text{Combat Triangle Modifier} \Big\rfloor , 0 \Big), 95 \Big) }[/math]

Where: [math]\displaystyle{ \left \lfloor x \right \rfloor }[/math] is the floor function.

Whenever a player or monster with Damage Reduction greater than 0% would receive damage, the damage taken is reduced. This reduced damage can be calculated as follows:

[math]\displaystyle{ \text{Damage Taken} = \left \lfloor \text{Base Damage} \times \left ( 1 - \frac{\text{Damage Reduction %}}{100} \right ) \right \rfloor }[/math]

Damage Reduction Modifiers

Melee Damage Reduction Equipment

DR% Helmet Platebody Platelegs Boots Gloves Weapon Shield
1% (G) Steel Helmet
Slayer Helmet (Basic)
(G) Steel Platebody
Slayer Platebody (Basic)
(G) Steel Platelegs (G) Steel Boots (G) Steel Shield
2% (G) Black Helmet
Miolite Helmet
Slayer Helmet (Strong)
(G) Black Platebody
Miolite Platebody
Slayer Platebody (Strong)
(G) Black Platelegs
Miolite Platelegs
(G) Black Boots
Miolite Boots
Desert Wrappings (G) Black Shield
Miolite Shield
3% (G) Mithril Helmet
Ice Helmet
(G) Mithril Platebody
Ice Platebody
(G) Mithril Platelegs
Ice Platelegs
(G) Mithril Boots
Ice Boots
(G) Mithril Shield
Ice Shield
4% (G) Adamant Helmet
(I) Corundum Helmet
Slayer Helmet (Elite)
(G) Adamant Platebody
(I) Corundum Platebody
Slayer Platebody (Elite)
(G) Adamant Platelegs
(I) Corundum Platelegs
(G) Adamant Boots
(I) Corundum Boots
Paladin Gloves (G) Adamant Shield
5% (G) Rune Helmet
(I) Augite Helmet
(G) Rune Platebody
(I) Augite Platebody
(G) Rune Platelegs
(I) Augite Platelegs
(G) Rune Boots
(I) Augite Boots
(G) Rune Shield
6% (G) Dragon Helmet
(I) Divine Helmet
Slayer Helmet (Master)
(G) Dragon Platebody
(I) Divine Platebody
Slayer Platebody (Master)
(G) Dragon Platelegs
(I) Divine Platelegs
(G) Dragon Boots
(I) Divine Boots
(G) Dragon Shield
(I) Corundum Shield
Recoil Shield
7% (G) Ancient Helmet
Ragnar God Helmet
(G) Ancient Platebody
Ragnar God Platebody
(G) Ancient Platelegs
Ragnar God Platelegs
Ragnar God Boots Ragnar God Gloves
Relentless Fury Gloves
(G) Ancient Shield
(I) Augite Shield
(I) Divine Shield
8% Terran God Helmet Terran God Platebody Terran God Platelegs Terran God Boots Spiked Shell Gloves
Terran God Gloves
Heated Fury 2H Hammer
Terran Godsword
Ultima Godsword
Dragonfire Shield
9% (P) Corundum Helmet (P) Corundum Platebody (P) Corundum Platelegs (P) Corundum Boots Shield of Melee Power
10% (P) Augite Helmet
Slayer Helmet (Legendary)
(P) Augite Platebody
Slayer Platebody (Legendary)
(P) Augite Platelegs (P) Augite Boots Royal Toxins Spear
11% Meteorite Helmet Meteorite Platebody Meteorite Platelegs Ethereal Greataxe
12% (P) Divine Helmet
Blazing Helmet
Slayer Helmet (Mythical)
(P) Divine Platebody
Slayer Platebody (Mythical)
Ward of Flame Platebody
(P) Divine Platelegs
Burning Protection Platelegs
(P) Divine Boots Earth Layered Shield
13% Mask of Madness (P) Corundum Shield
Leviathan Shield
14% Vorloran Protector Helmet Vorloran Protector Platebody Vorloran Protector Platelegs Vorloran Protector Boots Vorloran Protector Gauntlets (P) Augite Shield
16% (P) Divine Shield

Ranged Damage Reduction Equipment

DR% Helmet Platebody Platelegs Boots Gloves Weapon Shield
1% Slayer Cowl (Basic) Slayer Leather Body (Basic)
2% Slayer Cowl (Strong) (U) Green D-hide Body
Slayer Leather Body (Strong)
(U) Green D-hide Chaps (U) Green D-hide Vambraces (U) Green D-hide Shield
3% Ice Helmet (U) Blue D-hide Body
Ice Platebody
(U) Blue D-hide Chaps
Ice Platelegs
Ice Boots (U) Blue D-hide Vambraces (U) Blue D-hide Shield
Ice Shield
4% Slayer Cowl (Elite) (U) Red D-hide Body
Slayer Leather Body (Elite)
(U) Red D-hide Chaps (U) Red D-hide Vambraces (U) Red D-hide Shield
5% (U) Black D-hide Body (U) Black D-hide Chaps (U) Black D-hide Vambraces (U) Black D-hide Shield
6% Slayer Cowl (Master) (U) Ancient D-hide Body
Slayer Leather Body (Master)
(U) Ancient D-hide Chaps (U) Ancient D-hide Vambraces (U) Ancient D-hide Shield
8% Aeris God Helmet Aeris God Platebody Aeris God Platelegs Aeris God Boots Aeris God Gloves
Poison Virulence Gloves
Thorned Power Bow Scaled Shield
9% (U) Elderwood Body (U) Elderwood Chaps (U) Elderwood Vambraces Shield of Ranged Power
10% Slayer Cowl (Legendary) (U) Revenant Body
Slayer Leather Body (Legendary)
(U) Revenant Chaps (U) Revenant Vambraces (U) Elderwood Shield
11% (U) Carrion Body (U) Carrion Chaps (U) Carrion Vambraces Ethereal Longbow (U) Revenant Shield
12% Slayer Cowl (Mythical) Bundled Protection Body
Slayer Leather Body (Mythical)
Perfect Sight Legs (U) Carrion Shield
13% Mask of Torment
14% Vorloran Watcher Helmet Vorloran Watcher Platebody Vorloran Watcher Platelegs Vorloran Watcher Boots Vorloran Watcher Gauntlets

Mage Damage Reduction Equipment

DR% Helmet Platebody Platelegs Boots Gloves Weapon Shield
1% Green Wizard Hat Green Wizard Robes
Slayer Wizard Robes (Basic)
Green Wizard Bottoms Green Wizard Boots
2% Blue Wizard Hat
Miolite Helmet
Slayer Wizard Hat (Basic)
Slayer Wizard Hat (Strong)
Blue Wizard Robes
Miolite Platebody
Slayer Wizard Robes (Strong)
Blue Wizard Bottoms
Miolite Platelegs
Blue Wizard Boots
Miolite Boots
Miolite Shield
3% Red Wizard Hat Red Wizard Robes Red Wizard Bottoms Red Wizard Boots
4% Air Adept Wizard Hat
Black Wizard Hat
Earth Adept Wizard Hat
Fire Adept Wizard Hat
Slayer Wizard Hat (Elite)
Water Adept Wizard Hat
Air Adept Wizard Robes
Black Wizard Robes
Earth Adept Wizard Robes
Fire Adept Wizard Robes
Slayer Wizard Robes (Elite)
Water Adept Wizard Robes
Air Adept Wizard Bottoms
Black Wizard Bottoms
Earth Adept Wizard Bottoms
Fire Adept Wizard Bottoms
Water Adept Wizard Bottoms
Air Adept Wizard Boots
Black Wizard Boots
Earth Adept Wizard Boots
Fire Adept Wizard Boots
Water Adept Wizard Boots
5% Air Expert Wizard Hat
Ancient Wizard Hat
Earth Expert Wizard Hat
Fire Expert Wizard Hat
Water Expert Wizard Hat
Air Expert Wizard Robes
Ancient Wizard Robes
Earth Expert Wizard Robes
Fire Expert Wizard Robes
Water Expert Wizard Robes
Air Expert Wizard Bottoms
Ancient Wizard Bottoms
Earth Expert Wizard Bottoms
Fire Expert Wizard Bottoms
Water Expert Wizard Bottoms
Air Expert Wizard Boots
Ancient Wizard Boots
Earth Expert Wizard Boots
Fire Expert Wizard Boots
Water Expert Wizard Boots
6% Slayer Wizard Hat (Master) Slayer Wizard Robes (Master)
8% Glacia God Helmet Glacia God Platebody Glacia God Platelegs Glacia God Boots Burning Madness Gloves
Glacia God Gloves
Lightning Coil 2H Staff
9% Infernal Master Wizard Hat
Lightning Master Wizard Hat
Poison Master Wizard Hat
Infernal Master Wizard Robes
Lightning Master Wizard Robes
Poison Master Wizard Robes
Infernal Master Wizard Bottoms
Lightning Master Wizard Bottoms
Poison Master Wizard Bottoms
Infernal Master Wizard Boots
Lightning Master Wizard Boots
Poison Master Wizard Boots
Shield of Magic Power
10% Infernal Legendary Wizard Hat
Lightning Legendary Wizard Hat
Poison Legendary Wizard Hat
Slayer Wizard Hat (Legendary)
Infernal Legendary Wizard Robes
Lightning Legendary Wizard Robes
Poison Legendary Wizard Robes
Slayer Wizard Robes (Legendary)
Infernal Legendary Wizard Bottoms
Lightning Legendary Wizard Bottoms
Poison Legendary Wizard Bottoms
Infernal Legendary Wizard Boots
Lightning Legendary Wizard Boots
Poison Legendary Wizard Boots
11% Infernal Mythical Wizard Hat
Lightning Mythical Wizard Hat
Poison Mythical Wizard Hat
Infernal Mythical Wizard Robes
Lightning Mythical Wizard Robes
Poison Mythical Wizard Robes
Infernal Mythical Wizard Bottoms
Lightning Mythical Wizard Bottoms
Poison Mythical Wizard Bottoms
Infernal Mythical Wizard Boots
Lightning Boots
Lightning Mythical Wizard Boots
Poison Mythical Wizard Boots
Ethereal Staff
12% Lightning Aura Helmet
Slayer Wizard Hat (Mythical)
Freezing Touch Body
Slayer Wizard Robes (Mythical)
Frost Walker Boots
Frostspark Boots
13% Mask of Despair
14% Vorloran Devastator Helmet Vorloran Devastator Platebody Vorloran Devastator Platelegs Vorloran Devastator Boots Vorloran Devastator Gauntlets

Other Damage Reduction Equipment

DR% Helmet Platelegs Gloves Shield Cape Amulet Ring
1% Green Party Hat
Purple Party Hat
Red Party Hat
Yellow Party Hat
Knight's Cape Christmas Wreath
Elite Amulet of Ranged
Silver Diamond Ring
2% Santa Hat Gold Crested Shield
Training Shield
Fire Cape Elite Amulet of Defence
Elite Amulet of Magic
Guardian Ring
Spiked Shell Ring
3% Absorbing Shield Bleed Burner Cape
Skull Cape
Weakness Exploiter Cape
Allure Amulet
Fury of the Elemental Zodiacs
4% Infernal Cape
5% Thieving Shorts Cape of Completion
10% Hood of Shade Summon Gloves of Greater Shade Summon Superior Cape of Completion