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Item ID: melvorD:Bones
Category: Misc
Type: Bones
Sells For: 5
Prayer Points: 1
Item Sources:
  • Killing: Black Knight,Giant Crab,Tentacle,Seagull,Confused Pirate,Frozen Archer,Wet Monster,Moist Monster,Sweaty Monster,Golbin,Ranged Golbin,Chicken,Cow,Ice Monster,Zombie Hand,Zombie,Ghost,Junior Farmer,Adult Farmer,Master Farmer,Wizard,Steel Knight,Mithril Knight,Adamant Knight,Rune Knight,Bandit Trainee,Bandit,Master Wizard,Skeleton,Leech,Elerine Archer,Elerine Warrior,Elerine Mage,Mummy,Statue,Stone Snake,Undead Werewolf,Vampire,Fierce Devil,Many Eyed Monster,Strange Eyed Monster,Lots of Eyes,Eyes,Goo Monster,Green Goo Monster,Purple Goo Monster,Scattered Goo Monster,Druid,Thief,Shaman,Necromancer,Elementalist,Turkul Riders,Turkul Archers,Turkul Throwers,Turkul General,Cursed Maiden,Bounty Hunter,Wandering Bard,Superior Eyed Monster,Eye of Fear,Guardian of the Herald,Blind Warrior,Blind Archer,Blind Mage,Blind Ghost,Vampiric Bat,Cult Imp,Lich,Poison Leecher,Poison Roamer,Poison Slime,Poison Bloater
  • Opening: Stack of Bones,Stack of Small Bones
  • Pickpocketing: Necromancer
  • Casting: Bone Offering
  • Cartography Level 1
  • Tasks
Item Uses:
Part of 100% Completion: Yes

Item Sources


Bone Offering
Requirements Magic Level 18
Runes 1 Nature Rune, 1 Earth Rune
Base Quantity 3
Base XP 12
Cast Time 2s




Task Requirements Rewards
Easy 100 Bones
25 Skeleton
GP 5,000
SC 1,000
Normal 300 Bones
300 Big Bones
300 Holy Dust
GP 25,000
300 Magic Bones
Elite 10,000 Bones
10,000 Big Bones
10,000 Dragon Bones
10,000 Magic Bones
GP 10,000,000
25,000 Bones
25,000 Big Bones
25,000 Dragon Bones
25,000 Magic Bones
Throne of the Herald 100 Guardian of the Herald GP 25,000,000
SC 2,500,000
20,000 Bones
20,000 Big Bones
20,000 Magic Bones
20,000 Dragon Bones

POI Discovery Rewards

Point of InterestXYRequirementsDiscovery Rewards
The Abandoned Temple32Cartography Level 8025,000 Bones
The Restless Sanctum1314Cartography Level 101,000 Bones