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This page is out of date (v1.2.1).

This page contains changelogs for the most recent major/minor version of the game. For all historical changelogs, see Full Changelog or the navigation at the very bottom of this page.

All information on this page is sourced from the official changelog.

Game Update - v1.2.1 (2nd October 2023)

Atlas of Discovery


  • Almost all Points of Interest in Cartography now provide some kind of reward. Rewards include Coins.svg  GP, Slayer Coins.svg  Slayer Coins, Items, and temporary bonuses for the next 10 travels.
    • If you have already discovered these Points of Interest, all new rewards except the temporary bonuses will be provided to you retroactively when loading a character.
  • The Monolith Point of Interest is now classed as an Active POI providing -5% Cartography Dig Site Map upgrade interval, +5% chance to preserve resources in Cartography, and +5% chance to preserve a Dig Site Map charge in Archaeology.


  • Reduced Ship Combat Overhaul shop upgrade item costs to 2,000 each, down from 10,000 each.
  • Decreased Master Crafting Relic in Ancient Relics mode chance to enchant urns to 90%, down from 100%. This is to stop the possibility of not being able to achieve 100% completion in the mode due to urns automatically enchanting.
  • Aranite Brush Shop Purchases now only requires 5 Aranite Brushes from a Dig Site to purchase, down from 25.
  • Crystal now sells for Coins.svg 100, down from Coins.svg 500.
  • Refined Pure Crystal now sells for Coins.svg 1,000, up from Coins.svg 500.
  • You now produce a base quantity of 2 Barrier Dust per craft in Crafting, up from 1.
  • You now produce a base quantity of 6 Barrier Dust per cast of the Barrier Dust Alt. Magic spell, up from 3.


  • Cartography will now automatically throttle the frame rate when you are on any page other than Cartography.
  • This is a general reminder to check the Settings page as there are some extra Cartography settings to assist with performance.


  • Fixed incorrectly calculated modifier for increased Slayer Coins.svg  Slayer Coins per poison damage in Ancient Relics mode.
  • Fixed issue where more than 1 divider was being consumed per Dig Site Map Refinement.
  • Fixed visual error with Prayer Relic 2 displaying the incorrect percent modifier.
  • 0 / 0 completions will now display as 100% progressed in the Completion log, instead of 0%. (You can see this with Thieving Mastery completion for AoD)
  • Fixed issue where Crystallization and Crystal Sanction could be applied to Monsters who are meant to have player debuff immunity.
  • Fixed missing Ranged Level requirement for Enchanted and Arcane Bolts.
  • Fixed incorrect Ranged Level requirement for Enchanted & Arcane Diamond Bolts.
  • Fixed incorrect Ranged Level requirement for Enchanted & Arcane Jadestone Bolts.
  • Fixed incorrect survey interval reduction on the Cape of Completion (Atlas of Discovery).

Base Game



  • Fixed setting to disable Birthday Event present drops.
  • Fixed issue where the increased GP Flat modifier was not working as intended in Thieving.
  • Fixed incorrect text listed on Stop Fishing Contest button.
  • Updated wording for Toggle Ignore Bank Full Setting.
  • Fixed bug where Artisan Skills would display you have no costs to continue, even though you do. This only occurred when the Skill stopped on a full Bank.
  • Fixed issue where increased flat GP modifiers were applying during certain Combat scenarios where you earned Coins.svg 0 (It should only apply if you earned at least Coins.svg 1 for the action).
  • Fixed issue where it was possible to lose Coins.svg  GP per Combat action if you managed to have negative GP modifiers active.
  • Fixed issue where equipment event assignments would continuously grow without being cleared after successful event revocation.

What's being worked on

  • Steam Client updates for Windows, MacOS & Linux (Including Steam Deck)
  • iOS App update (Delayed due to issues with iOS 17 release)
  • Performance improvements

Minor Updates and Bugfixes

?7958 (6th October 2023)

Atlas of Discovery
  • Fixed issue where Blessed Bone Offering shop upgrade was not applying its modifier correctly to buried bones.
  • Fixed issue where Mask of Weakening was not applying Weakening I correctly.
  • Fixed issue where Mask of Confusion was applying a more powerful version of Confusion than intended.
  • Fixed issue where Mask of Weakening & Confusion were applying the curse for the entire fight, instead of the intended 3 turns like the original curses.
  • Fixed issue where Ring of Deception's chance to receive no Combat drops was not applying to drops outside of Dungeons.
  • Also fixed an issue where the same modifier was not applying to Signet Ring drops.
  • Fixed issue where DOTs applied to the player would deal 0 damage while the enemy's Barrier was active.
Base Game
  • Skill XP notifications will now display a decimal amount if the XP earned is under 1 and over 0 (Usually occurs with low level Combat XP).
  • The completion log will now only display skills that are part of the respective expansion's completion. This means when AoD is set to visible, only Archaeology/ Cartography will display. If it is set to Base/ TotH, they will be hidden.
  • Fixed issue where Summoning tablet preservation was not working at all (my bad).
  • All Township repair costs are now floored to avoid fractions of Coins.svg  GP to be deducted.
  • Fixed issue where Skill XP notifications would display as red text if the XP gained was under 1 XP.
  • Added new Steam API functionality in preparation for Steam client updates.

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