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This page is out of date (v1.1.2).

This page contains many of the game's changelogs from the past couple of years. For older versions, please see the navigation at the very bottom of this page. Alternatively, changelogs for the most recent major/minor version only can be viewed at the Changelog page.

All information on this page is sourced from the official changelog.

Major Update - Township Rework - v1.1.2 (12th April 2023)

Township Rework

For the full details, please see here (in case I missed anything here): https://store.steampowered.com/news/app/1267910/view/3692428039467200814

When loading into the rework, your Town will automatically convert to the new system based on your current Township Skill Level.

Your Town will convert BEFORE offline progress calculations begin.

Passive “Town Update” System (Formerly known as Ticks)

  • Township now passively updates every 1 hour, up to a maximum of 24 hours while offline (like the standard offline time)
  • You no longer earn “ticks” to spend.
  • If you had ticks remaining prior to this update, they will be available to use as you please until they reach zero. Now referred to as “Legacy Ticks”.
  • Legacy Ticks have been converted to the new Town Update length of 1 hour. For every 12 ticks you had, you have been granted 1 Legacy Tick.
  • It is not possible to earn more Legacy Ticks.

General Township

  • Population now defines the XP you gain per Town Update. For example, 100K Population = 100K XP gained.
  • Happiness now increases your Population by (Happiness)%, and can go over 100%.
  • Education increases your resource production rates by (Education)%, and can go over 100%
  • The Max Skillcape now requires Township Level 99 to purchase and equip.

Removed systems

These systems have been removed from Township:

  • Map selection
  • Purchasing of Biome land. Everyone will get refunded the total GP spent purchasing land when loading into the update.
  • Citizen age
  • Citizen death
  • Workers and Jobs
  • Citizens menu
  • Trader GP limit
  • Food, coal and clothing usage per tick


  • Health directly affects Population.
  • Your population (after Happiness bonus) is then multiplied by (Health)%.
  • Health starts at 100%, and goes down by 1% each Town Update. This cannot go below 20%.
  • Spend Potions or Herbs to increase this back to 100%.


  • The Building system has been revamped. You now construct buildings up to a certain quantity until it upgrades.
  • Buildings now have “efficiency” that degrades over time and requires repairs (one button click). A building has a 25% chance to degrade by 1% per Town Update. The efficiency cannot be reduced below 20%.
  • Buildings contained within Biomes are now predefined and are the same for everyone.
  • All building costs and resource generation numbers have completely changed to accommodate for the rework.

New Feature - Seasons

  • There are now 4 standard Seasons in the game which last for 3 days each - Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter.
  • Each Season comes with their own unique Modifiers to the Town.
  • Some Worships provide access to rare and unique Seasons.

New Feature - Casual Tasks

  • You can now obtain a Casual Task to complete every 5 hours.
  • A maximum of 5 Casual Tasks can be stored to complete whenever you like.
  • These tasks provide XP, GP and Township Resources for completing.
  • They can be skipped for 10M GP.

New Task Category - Throne of the Herald

  • Only available for those who own the Throne of the Herald DLC
  • 20 new tasks are available to complete relating to the DLC.

New Worship - The Herald

  • The Herald is now available as a Worship selection when you defeat them in Combat (Throne of the Herald DLC)

General Worship Changes

  • All Worships have been changed. Details are listed in the Township Rework breakdown linked at the start.
  • You are able to change a Worship, but it will cost 50M GP, destroys your Worship buildings and reduces all building efficiency to 50%.

Reworked Trader

  • Trader is now available 24/7 as long as you have at least 1 Trading Post constructed.
  • The Trader no longer allows you to trade resources into Township.
  • The Trader no longer has raw resources available for trading out.

Trader Consumables and Items

  • The Trader has 30 unique Consumables that you can purchase, each providing some kind of benefits that will assist with your progression outside of Township. These are listed in the Township post linked at the start.

Consumable Upgrades

  • The Trader sells a Consumable Enhancer which allows you to update some consumables in the game.

Notifications v2 (BETA)

A new notification system has been added that you can enable from “Settings”. It is disabled by default for now.

This system is in Beta and will be continuously worked on to provide more options and customization. Most of its features are only available in English at this stage until it leaves Beta.

Breakdown of changes

  • Notifications have a fresh, new look.
  • Severely reduces the spam and performance hit of notifications.
  • You can change the position of where notifications appear.
  • Some notifications can be marked as “Important”, which means they remain on screen until you click to dismiss them.

See the full breakdown of changes here: https://www.reddit.com/r/MelvorIdle/comments/12i6jau/were_reworking_the_notification_system/

General Game

General Changes

  • Mastery Spend XP header is now sticky when scrolling.
  • Mastery Spend screen now displays the name of the mastery item so you don’t need to rely on tooltips.
  • Reworked cloud saving functionality to be more performant.

General Balance Changes (Base Game)

General Balance Changes (Throne of the Herald)

  • Increased Thorned Power Special Attack chance to 40%, up from 30%.
  • Increased Spectral Ice Blades special attack to deal 150% normal damage, up from 125%
  • Increased Large Lightning Strike special attack to deal 1,500 damage, up from 1,300.
  • Critical Strike Potions - Increased all tiers of potions critical strike chances by 10%.
  • Agility Elite Pillar of Conflict - % HP Regen reduced to 50%, down from 200%.
  • Polar Bear Freezing Roar special attack chance reduced to 20%, down from 30%.
  • Reduced The Herald’s passive healing to 2% Max HP every 2 Turns, down from 4%.
  • Agile Wings Rapier Special Attack reduced to 100%, 175%, 250% normal damage, down from 150%, 225%, 300%.
  • Meteor Shot special attack damage reduced to 25%, down from 33%.

Bug Fixes (Base Game)

  • Fixed the Shop buy limit text appearing multiple times (Issue #3141)
  • Fixed an issue where skill actions could not be started (Issue #2779)
  • Fixed Ent + Crow synergy consuming tablets when not making Staves (Issue #2780)
  • Fixed Crow + Devil synergy consuming tablets when not making elemental runes
  • Fixed Combat Area Select menus, Impending Darkness Menu, and Skill Progress Menu showing during Golbin Raid (Issue #2818)
  • Fixed Golbin Raid replacing the most recent history instead of the oldest (Issue #2886)
  • Fixed Agility course breakdown wrapping issue (Issue #2855)
  • Fixed Spirit Bag description missing information about rune cost reduction
  • Fixed Spirit Bags being consumed for Non-Alchemy Alt. Magic Spells and those that do not use Spirit Runes (Issue #2909)
  • Fixed an issue where users were unable to build Agility Obstacles (Issue #2980)
  • Fixed Shop Buy Quantity having no limit, allowing the UI to become stuck at very large numbers (Issue #2994)
  • Fixed planting crops in Farming not updating the chance to grow of the plot (Issue #3005)
  • Fixed Axe, Pickaxe and Fishing Rod tooltips showing the incorrect bonuses (Issue #3034)
  • Fixed chest opening dialogue having a rapidly changing scroll bar
  • Fixed opening chests with a full bank showing an endless spinner (Issue #3050)
  • Fixed Alt. Magic experience not updating when (un)equipping items (Issue #3064)
  • Fixed "None" worship in Township not having enough checkpoints causing a game crash (Issue #3143)
  • Fixed Agility blueprints showing costs in red when you own the exact amount of them (Issue #3173)
  • Fixed Adventure mode saves attempting to load into farming despite it being locked (Issue #3102)
  • Fixed Farming sidebar glow showing in Adventure mode when it is locked (Issue #2740)
  • Fixed completing the tutorial in Adventure mode leaving you on the page for a skill that became locked
  • Fixed time-based Golbin Raid statistics being set to values of 50 years or more. Save files will have invalid statistics reset to 0. (Issue #2821)
  • Fixed Cloud Saves in slot #6 being unable to be deleted (Issue #3044)
  • Fixed incorrect math formula for modifiers that affect Summoning non-shard costs #3255
  • Fixed incorrect item stats on (P) Divine Boots #3210
  • Fixed bug that caused Ahrenia's Into the Mist Special Attack to provide double the amount of healing than intended #3187
  • Fixed missing image for dead Farming crops #3153
  • Meteorite Spellcaster Ring and Meteorite Staff item synergy bonus should now affect the damage output of the Meteor Shower Archaic Spell #3133
  • Fixed Crow + Octopus Synergy not applying the base quantity increase prior to item doubling #3095
  • Fixed incorrect stats on Silver Sapphire Ring #3069
  • Removed secondary scroll bar in Summoning Tablet Creation menu #3068
  • Fixed missing details from some item images #3041
  • Fixed Arrow shaft recipe select appears under header on mobile #2991
  • Fixed icon for adventure mode not being centered #2887
  • Fix Shop quantity dropdown menu closing when clicking either side of the quantity text box #3289
  • Fix Cloudburst Staff special description #3284
  • Fix incorrect scaling on images in the "View Item Stats" popup #3281
  • Fix incorrect (P) Augite Platelegs image #3291
  • Lady Darkheart Curse of Torment special chance fixed to be 25%, not 35%
  • Fixed Minibar showing when clicking magic in the sidebar
  • Fixed feather tornado description not showing that it hits twice
  • Mining Gloves no longer consume charges when mining Essence or Gem nodes
  • All perfect items can now be downgraded to regular Food from the bank

Bug Fixes (Throne of the Herald)

Minor Updates & Hotfixes

?5835 (12th April 2023)

Township Hotfixes
  • Tier 2 buildings no longer require 200 Population to build. This is to ensure you can always build Herb/ Potion buildings.
  • Health now has a 25% chance to degrade by 1% per Town Update, instead of a 100% chance.
Other Fixes

?5838 (13th April 2023)

Township Hotfixes
  • Fixed an issue causing demo versions to not save correctly with the reworked Township

?5852 (13th April 2023)

Township Balancing
  • Town Halls will no longer degrade. If your Town Hall is below 100%, it will require repairing back to maximum. It will not degrade any more.
  • Fixed Grasslands Biome percentage not reaching 100% due to a non-existent building (Issue #3312)
  • Fixed Grasslands Biome showing building is available to construct even though there are no buildings left to construct.
  • Moved the Skip Task button to the right of the element so it is harder to accidentally (Issue #3325)
  • Fixed Trader percentage button selection remaining green regardless of what percentage was selected (Issue #3322)
  • Fixed Summoning Tablet Creation element scrolling outside of the main element (Issue #3319)
  • Fixed Gem Finder Scroll not consuming while Mining (Issue #3304)
  • Fixed Notification V2 elements displaying underneath Combat Minibar (Issue #3326)

?5855 (13th April 2023)

The game will now provide you with a "free death" upon loading if a recent change to the game causes your character to unequip items. This free death lasts for the duration of offline Combat calculations.

A free death means when dying in Combat, you will not lose any items and your Hardcore character will not be deleted.

?5858 (14th April 2023)

To help alleviate the reported issues of some Worships causing Rune Essence production to fall below manageable amounts, we have made the following changes to Magic Emporiums:

When all Magic Emporiums have been constructed, it is a 15-20% increase in total Rune Essence production.

Half of the production will come from the Snowlands Biome, which will alleviate Rune Essence production issues from negative Desert modifiers like Terran or Aeris Worships

?5875 (17th April 2023)

  • Removed the "All" button from Legacy Tick spend menu.
  • Adjusted Casual Task requirements slightly, making tasks that require the delivery of high level Items to not show up until a higher Township Level.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issue where the Trader will still deduct resources from your Town if the trade fails due to lack of Bank space (Issue #3355)
  • Fixed Mastery Pool XP display not matching received XP for Mining (Visual bug only) (Issue #3352)
  • Fixed issue where Summoning Tablet synergies that reduce Non-Shard cost was actually increasing the cost instead (Issue #3349)
  • Fixed issue where Decreased Trader Cost modifier from Trading Posts was not applying to Trader costs (Issue #3344)
  • Removed the mention of the Township Tutorial when starting a new save (Issue #3343)
  • Fixed issue where the Max Skillcape did not include the bonus provided from the Township Skillcape (Issue #3342)
  • Fixed Slayer Harvest Scroll not providing correct amount of Slayer Coins (Issue #3340)

?5890 (18th April 2023)

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issue where some active Casual Tasks were hidden due to recent requirement changes to the game, causing them to take up Casual Task slots without the ability to complete or skip them.
  • Fixed issue where Township Worship modifiers were not being doubled while in the correct season (#3359)
  • Fixed issue where Township Worship modifiers were not updating correctly after repairing buildings (Issue #3358)
  • Fixed issue where it was not possible to delete Cloud Saves from the character selection screen (#3360)
  • Fixed issue where Town resource and GP per update would not visually change when increasing your Town's Health (Issue #3361)
  • Fixed visual issue where Firemaking Mastery XP tooltip was showing incorrect values (Issue #3350)

?5907 (19th April 2023)

  • The GP cost to skip Casual Tasks now scales with your Township Skill Level. Cost to skip is capped at 10M GP.
  • It is now possible to skip Casual Tasks even if you are able to claim the rewards.
  • Adjusted the position of the skip Casual Task button.
  • Fixed issue where Adventure Mode characters would get Casual Tasks for Skills that are not unlocked. Please be aware that you will not receive Casual Tasks if you do not meet any requirements to get one. It is also not possible to get duplicate Casual Tasks. Specific scenarios in Adventure Mode will cause you to not receive Casual Tasks until further requirements are met.
  • Fixed issue where some Casual Tasks were impossible to complete due to missing Skill Level requirements.

Minor Update - Township Update #1 - v1.1.1 (?4891) (17th Nov 2022)

Hello everyone!

Thank you for your patience with us while we waited for translations to be completed for this update. This is the first of what I assume to be many updates to Township.

This update focuses on UI & Balance. We want to get Township to a point where we are okay with the power it provides, as well as what it looks like before we begin exploring concerns around other mechanics.

If you had concerns around the general mechanics of Township, then this update won't resolve that unfortunately. We are already hard at work on Township Update #2 which focuses on the general mechanics. It might take a bit of time until release as we will be doing a lot of play testing to see how it all feels.

Now, let's get into the patch notes.

Township UI Overhaul

We have updated the Township UI as a start of our process to provide you with more clarity and information when navigating the Skill.

New UI Features:

  • Biome selection for Town & Build menus are now vertically aligned on the left, and are populated with Biome icons.
  • Town menu has 3 Tabs - Biomes, Town Information & Show All. These menus provide extra information regarding your Town.
  • Build menu now has a Town resource selector to easily locate specific buildings you may be looking for. Selecting a resource will highlight what Biomes it can be located in, as well as the buildings themselves for easy navigation.
  • Hovering over a building in the Build menu will display an icon next to Biomes where that building can also be constructed.
  • Hovering over a Building in the Town menu will highlight Biomes where it is constructed, as well as display how many are contained inside.
  • Town information panel displays basic information about your Town.
  • Dead Storage now has its own UI element a the top will all other resources and information.
  • The tooltip within Population now displays how much Skill XP you gain per tick.

New Township Features

Resource Capping

  • You can now cap resources to a specified percent value of your maximum storage. This can be done in the Manage Storage menu (Used to be called Yeet Resources).
  • When a resource reaches its cap, it will adjust the colour of the resource amount.
  • Setting a cap on a resource that is already above the existing cap will automatically Yeet the excess on the next Tick.

Change Worship

It is now possible to change your Worship without restarting your Town.

Changing your Worship will cause major distress and riots within your Town. Due to this:

  • All of your existing Worship buildings will be destroyed.
  • 50% of your population will die.

Trader Changes

The Trader in its current state was beyond broken. The amount of Coins.svg GP that could be earned by Trading various resources was excessive, and it devalued GP entirely.

These changes are designed to allow the Trader to continue providing extra resources for the main game, while also being limited in how much they can actually provide.

Trader GP Value Limit

The Trader is no longer the richest person in the game, carrying billions of GP worth of items as they stop at your Town.

  • There is now a maximum GP Value Limit that can be traded during any visit. This limit is defined by the amount of Trading Posts you have constructed in your Town.
  • Each Trading Post will increase this limit by 500K per building, up to a maximum of 100M per visit.
  • Every time the Trader arrives in your Town, it will increase the GP Limit. There is no maximum threshold for the limit.
  • The GP Limit only affects trading resources from Township to your Bank. It does not affect trading items into your Town for resources.

New Item Trading Requirement

If you wish to Trade a resource out of Township, there is now an added requirement of locating 10,000 of the item first before you can trade for it.

The Trader is not meant to be a bypass for the main game by locating one of any item and then Trading it thereafter.

The UI of the Trader will display items that can and cannot be traded, as well as the remaining quantity required to begin trading it.

Tax Rate Changes

The existing implementation of Tax Rate provided GP to the Player without really needing to "earn" it (Other than increasing population).

These changes will bring Tax Rate in line with how they would actually be implemented into a Town, but also provides you with control over what the Tax Rate should be:

  • The Base Tax rate when starting a Town is now 0%
  • The Town Hall has been reworked:
  • Each Town Hall now provides +0.5% Tax Rate and -0.5% Happiness.
  • No longer provides Building Cost reduction.
  • Tax Rate is capped at 80%.

Adjusted Building Worker Counts

We have adjusted the amount of workers provided for upgraded buildings to help minimise the amount of available workers in the late stages of the Skill.

  • The 3rd and 4th upgrades of any building now has increased worker counts.
  • These buildings now have the same resource per worker generation amount as the 2nd upgrade.

The new Worker counts will allow you to assign Citizens to these buildings to return to the original resource generation values. When all Worker slots are filled, it works out to be a tiny buff in resource generation (Roughly 3-5%).

This will not affect early game Township as the resource generation and worker counts have remained the same.

Other Township Changes

  • Added x25 Build option.
  • Default Trader option is now "Take resources from Township".
  • Dead Storage now decays 1% every 1 hour of Ticks (Used to be 20% every 24 hours).
  • Citizens who die at the age of 100 will decay instantly.
  • Citizens who are over the age of 70 provide 2x more GP than under 70's.
  • Worship now has a 5% Checkpoint. We have moved some of the positive modifiers that are unlocked at the very beginning to this checkpoint.
  • Ragnar Worship - Removed +25% Tax Rate bonus from the "Always Active". The one at the 100% checkpoint still exists.
  • The Trader now trades raw Dragonhide instead of the final product for Clothing.
  • Increased the Town Hall build costs by 4x
  • Increased the Trading Post build cost to 7,500 Stone, 5,000 Bars, 5,000 Planks.
  • Buffed Libraries to provide +1% Education per building, up from 0.25%.
  • Capped "Decreased Township Food Usage" modifier to -80%.
  • Town & Build Biome selections are no longer independent. Selecting a Biome in one menu will update the other one as well.

New Additions

We have a new method of communicating Announcements to players in game. The changelog in game has a new look, and allows me to provide easy updates to everyone across all platforms.

There is also a development roadmap you can view at the top. Stay in the loop with what we're currently working on!

General Game Changes (Base Game)

  • Sailor's Top "Decreased Fishing Special Chance" is now -8%, changed from -3%.

General Game Changes (Throne of the Herald)

  • Increased chance to locate Stardust from Variel constellation has been buffed to +0.25% per upgrade, up from 0.05%.
  • Increased chance to locate Golden Stardust from Variel constellation has been buffed to +0.5% per upgrade, up from 0.05%.
  • Increased Bank Space from Rosaniya constellation has been buffed to +10 per upgrade, up from 1.
  • Superior Cape of Completion now sells for 100M, down from 250M.
  • Superior Skillcapes now sells for 10M, down from 250M
  • Allure Amulet now has a 5% chance to apply Sleep, down from 10%.
  • Minotaur + Siren Synergy now has a 5% chance to apply Sleep, down from 15%.
  • Centaur + Siren Synergy now has a 5% chance to apply Sleep, down from 10%.

Bug Fixes (Base Game)

  • Build X in Township now builds the maximum available buildings if your quantity is higher than the available space.
  • Fixed Maps in Township that did not have a total of 2,048 slots to build on (Maps 2, 4 & 8)
  • Fixed incorrect Citizens chance to die calculation that made Citizens immune until 100 years of age.
  • Fixed Township Starter Guide displaying multiple steps due to general Task completion.
  • Fixed Bane Worship negative happiness modifier providing an increase when it reaches -100%.
  • Fixed Potions generating a positive amount in Township due to a double negative.
  • Task menu in Township now remembers your last selection, instead of always
  • Increased Resource Production modifier not longer affects GP gained from Township.
  • Fixed Ring of Spirit Power not consuming Spirit Runes when the special attack activates.
  • Ace can now be Pet again.
  • The Mining Gloves now only works on Ore nodes as per its description.
  • Mastery Tokens now correctly drop from Farming.
  • Fixed various translations.

Bug Fixes (Throne of the Herald)

  • Traps Potions now have the correct modifiers and charges, instead of all 4 tiers having the Tier 4 modifiers. These are:
    • T1: +20% GP from Agility, +2% Agility Skill XP & Mastery XP - 5 charges
    • T2: +30% GP from Agility, +3% Agility Skill XP & Mastery XP - 10 charges
    • T3: +40% GP from Agility, +4% Agility Skill XP & Mastery XP - 15 charges
    • T4: +50% GP from Agility, +5% Agility Skill XP & Mastery XP - 20 charges
  • Fox + Dragon Synergy now correctly applies its bonus to the total damage dealt by the burn, instead of applying it for each proc.
  • Fixed incorrect cost for final Allotment Farming Plot.
  • Fixed Elderwood Poison Special Attack not increasing the Enemy's Attack Interval.
  • Lava Lake and Forsaken Tundra now correctly have the requirement of beating Ancient Sanctuary dungeon to access.
  • Goliath Werewolf now correctly applies Rage to itself, rather than the Player.
  • Lightning Robes now correctly affect Slicing Maelstrom Archaic Spell.
  • Siren Tablet can now use Raw Magma Fish as a recipe.
  • Feather Storm Special Attack on Arctair is now correctly 30%, instead of 100%.
  • Portable Rations now consume a charge in Thieving.

Mod Manager

  • Added lifecycle hook "onInterfaceAvailable" which is executed after the in-game HTML is loaded from the server but before it's initialized for interactivity
  • Added ability to patch class getters + setters
  • Added ability to specify which sidebar category a skill is displayed under (previously hardcoded to Combat/Non-Combat)

Minor Updates & Hotfixes

?4902 (17th Nov 2022)

A hotfix has been released to address the following bugs:

  • Shop items that require Task completions cannot be purchased.
  • Destroying a Trading Post now correctly updates the Trader limit per visit.
  • Fixed issue where trading Rune Essence with 0 Trader GP would produce NaN values.
  • Fixed issue that caused screens to shake due to the new changelog.

We have also updated the size of the Changelog for Desktop viewers (It is now larger).

?4908 (17th Nov 2022)

Based on initial community feedback, we have pushed the following balance changes:

  • Trading Posts now provide +500K Trading Limit per building, up from +250K.
  • Town Halls now provide +0.5% Tax Rate, up from 0.25%.
    • The Happiness debuff for Town Halls has also moved to -0.5% (This will always equal the negative value of the GP Tax modifier).

We have updated the original changelogs to reflect this change as well.

?4928 (25th Nov 2022)

  • Added a descriptive hint to the Township Task that requires Tier I Potions, directing the player to use the Herblore Potion if they cannot create Tier I's naturally (Not really a fix though lol).

The Action interface (used by skills that implement a passiveTick or activeTick method, or just registering your own custom action), may now provide 3 optional methods that are called when changing pages:

  • onPageChange Called when changing to the actions page, but before the page is visible
  • onPageVisible Called when changing to the actions page, just after the page is visible
  • onPageLeave Called when changing from the actions page to another one, just after the page is no longer visible

The page for your action must have the action property set.


  • Fixed an issue with patching getter/setter properties on inheriting classes multiple times.
  • Improved class getter/setter property patching API.
  • Cleaned up the gigantic switch statement in changePage in accordance with the new methods listed above.
  • Fixed some missing image links for Mod Manager.

?4999 (21st Dec 2022)

Bug Fixes (Base Game)
  • Fixed item stat comparison in the Bank comparing to the currently active equipment set instead of the set selected to equip to. Issue #2653
  • Fixed Combat Runes being used not being highlighted on save load. Issue #2668
  • Fixed Firemaking menu showing the incorrect mastery XP and mastery pool XP. Issue #2746
  • Fixed Firemaking menu missing tooltips for XP, mastery XP and interval
  • Fixed Alchemist's Bags not being consumed when potion charges would be used. Issue #2778
  • Fixed being unable to read Lore Books from the bank. Issue #2783
  • Fixed Shop Purchases that do not allow buying more than one at a time showing their costs scaled by buy quantity. Issue #2903
  • Fixed Adventure mode saves exiting the tutorial when saving and loading a character. Issue #2952
Bug Fixes (Throne of the Herald)
  • Fixed Gem Gloves unintentionally working with Pure Essence #2720
  • Fixed Monkey + Ent synergy giving Iridium and Palladium necklaces. Issue #3026
  • Fixed Meteorite Bolts giving the Meteor Shot special attack when not using a ranged weapon. Issue #3087
Melvor Idle Version History (Current: v1.2)
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2023 v1.1.2 | v1.2

Major Update v1.1 - (18th October 2022)


Welcome to the Stage 1 release of the long-awaited Expansion update!

This update includes all of the free content mentioned in previous announcements which include Township, Official Cross-Platform Mod Support, and more!

A Special Thanks

Before we get into the release notes, I’d like to put out a massive thank you to those who made this expansion release possible. This was not a one-person achievement, and it was only made possible by a group of amazing people:

  • Prat (Game designer)
  • Coolrox (Developer)
  • Buttchouda (Developer - Official Mod Support)
  • Andrew & Lily (Freelance Artists)
  • Jagex (Localisation, Lore, Marketing material, and support)
  • All Patrons (Testing the expansion since July)

Throne of the Herald

This update does not include any of the Throne of the Herald DLC content (Level 120 Combat & Non-Combat). This will be released on 20 October 2022!

v1.1 Release Notes


It is incredibly important that you disable and remove every single pre-expansion mod or script you have installed before loading the update.


New Skill - Township

A brand new Town Management Simulator built directly into Melvor.

The general goal of this new Skill is to create a Town that becomes a passive resource generating machine in the late game. An ideal Town is one you can ignore at later stages of the game, and using the Trading mechanic is can provide resources to you.

Key Features:

  • Build a Town that will become a passive resource generating machine that will assist with all aspects of the game.
  • Manage resources that your town needs to grow (These are unique to Township and do not require Bank space).
  • 50+ unique buildings to help your Town expand.
  • Keep track of your Citizens and their Health, Happiness, Education and age.
  • Select a Map to build on with unique Biomes to manage.
  • Choose a God to Worship (or none) and receive unique Township bonuses.
  • This is a passive Skill, meaning you can progress without interrupting other Skills.
  • Ability to Trade with your Town by either giving bank materials to it, or collect items from your Town.
  • Integrated Task system with some fantastic rewards for all players at any stage of the game.
  • Brand new Shop items that can be purchased after certain conditions have been met. These unique items will assist with the general game.
  • There’s no time waste with this Skill - You can ignore it and continue to earn Offline time to catch up at any time. Complete this skill at your own pace!

Important Mechanics:

  • Buildings that generate resources require Workers (your population). Each time you Tick, your population will move in to a Job and being that production.
  • Keep your Food production in the positives! As soon as you run out, the Town will begin to die at a high rate every Tick.
  • Pay attention to Biomes and how buildings are affected in them. Some Biomes require consistent resources to upkeep.
  • Don't be afraid to fail and kill your Town a few times. You can start again and give it another go.

It is important to note that this Skill is not designed to be hard focused to the max level. It is designed to be adjusted when needed, and to assist with passive resource and GP generation for the main game.

This is not a simple Skill to digest. There is a lot of information to take in with Township. Please take it slow, explore the options you have available, and don’t be afraid to restart your Town if something doesn’t go right!

Good Starting Place for Township

When you first enter the Skill, you will be greeted with a Map & Worship selection. You can have a browse here but feel free to leave the options as default and continue.

When you enter the Skill, have a browse of all the menu items and different options made available to you. There is a lot here, so take your time.

When you're ready, head over to the Tasks menu and begin with the Getting Started Guide.

Township in Adventure Mode

Since we announced that Township would be unlocked by default in Adventure Mode, plans have unfortunately changed leading up to release.

Township will no longer be unlocked by default in Adventure Mode.

The reason behind this change is that Township is too powerful of a Skill to have unlocked in the beginning. The amount of bonuses, items, and GP you can obtain from this Skill is substantial so it didn't make sense to leave it unlocked at the start of Adventure Mode.

We apologize if you were looking forward to jumping in straight away in Adventure Mode.

Official Cross-Platform Mod Support

Melvor Idle now has Official Mod support which is available on all platforms of the game! This is made possible by utilizing Mod.IO to host and manage Mods for the game.

If you wish to use this feature, be sure to enable it in the Settings page!

In-Game Mod Browser:

  • Explore available Mods within the game with a handy browser tool.
  • Search, filter and find Mods that spark your interest.
  • Subscribe and install mods which synchronize on all Platforms using your Cloud account.
  • View more information about how to create Mods from the handy guides found within the browser.

Modding API

We have worked hard to make modding for Melvor Idle easier by providing an API that you can use to take control of the entire game as you please.

Key features:

  • Add game objects, such as skills, items, recipes, combat and slayer areas, custom gamemodes, and much more.
  • Hooking into the game life cycle for more control over when your mod performs actions.
  • Define player-configurable settings for your mod.
  • Storing and retrieving free-form data to and from a character or player account.
  • Hooking into or patching game functions.

There’s no limit to what you can achieve with Mod Support. We very much look forward to seeing what the community can create!

Important: Unfortunately Mod.IO is not available in China. There’s currently no ETA on when it will be made available, but we will update you when the time comes.

Astrology Rework

We have adjusted the Skill by completely removing the RNG aspect of rerolling modifiers.

Here is a breakdown on the changes:

  • Stars inside constellations now have a predefined modifier. This is the same for everyone (some Stars have 2 modifiers in 1 star).
  • All modifiers start at 0%, and are leveled up using Stardust or Golden Stardust. This is a set cost and there is a maximum limit of upgrades on all Stars.
  • The modifiers you level up are permanent and are always applied to your character.

Stars inside constellations are still locked behind Mastery level.

These changes will allow you to "complete" Astrology. There’s no need to reroll anymore, or rely on RNG for a modifier you’re hoping to achieve.

You will receive a very generous Stardust refund when loading into the game. Don’t forget to go straight into the Skill and spend it to get bonuses back.

New Quality of Life Features

New Consumable Equipment Slot

When loading into the update, you will be greeted with a brand new Equipment Slot - the "Consumables" Slot. This new slot will now be home to all equippable consumable items that are not classed as Ranged Ammunition.

Now, you are no longer required to sacrifice Ranged Ammunition for a Consumable.

Combat Quick-Equip

We have designed a new system to enable an easier gear-swapping experience for everyone.

When clicking on an equipment Slot in Combat, you will be greeted with a new “Quick-Equip” menu. Here you will be able to set up to 3 different pieces of equipment for that specific slot, enabling you to quickly switch between these items without the requirement of opening your Bank.

These slots are unique to their respective Equipment Set. This means you can have different sets of items in each Equipment Set.

Agility Blueprints

A common suggestion we have received is the ability to make Agility Obstacle switching less tedious. With the introduction of the Throne of the Herald expansion (which brings even more Obstacles), we felt now was the right time to introduce something to assist with this.

An Agility Blueprint is a fancy name we have given to what is essentially an Agility Loadout or Agility Set. It provides the ability to Save and Load predefined Agility Obstacles as you please.

When setting up an Obstacle Course, you can save that course as a Blueprint. At any given time, you may load that Blueprint to quickly build the Obstacle Course again. You can even apply a custom name to these Blueprints.

This feature is super helpful for those who would like to switch from a Combat-based course to a Skilling-based course.

It is important to note that a Blueprint does not make the Obstacles free. You are still required to front up items and GP equal to whatever it would have cost to manually switch back.

Core Framework Changes (boring but important)

  • Game data structure has completely changed to allow for easier Expansion and Mod development. This will break all pre-expansion Mods. It is important to disable them before loading the update.
  • The game now handles all loading tasks before showing you the character selection screen. This includes Cloud authentication, language and data loading, mod loading and auto updating.
  • Melvor Cloud authentication has changed. It should be faster to authenticate with the Cloud on load now. Your game should automatically convert your session to the new version on load (can take up to a minute or so, this only occurs once).
  • The game now asks you to log in on load (with a fancy new login screen). This can be skipped if you wish to play without the Cloud.
  • Completion is now separated into Base Game and Expansion content (if you own the expansion). There is also a True completion progress.

Other New things

Firemaking Additions

  • Added a new item - Generous Fire Spirit. This is a random drop which can be opened to obtain 1 of 4 new Firemaking Amulets.
  • Added a new item - Ashes. Obtained by burning any Log and is used to create Urns (see general new items below).
  • You can now receive Stardust while burning Magic Logs.

New Items (not including above Firemaking items)

  • Ultima Godsword - A brand new Godsword that can be created by upgrading all four base Godswords.
  • Added Small & Medium Urns which can be created in Crafting using Ashes from Firemaking. These can then be enchanted in Alt. Magic for Prayer Points.
  • Added Skilling Outfits for many non-combat Skills. These provide bonuses to Skill XP and Mastery XP. Requirements include Township Skill Level and Task completions.
  • Added many new Hats to the Shop in the Township section. These provide various bonuses for the general game.

New Pets

  • Added a Skilling Pet for Township.
  • Added many cute Cats that can be purchased in the Shop (has Township requirements).

Base Game Balancing


  • Farming - Multiplied all Tree Skill XP by 5x.
  • Farming - Reduced harvest quantity multiplier for Allotments and Herbs from 3x -> 2x.
  • Farming - Increased harvest quantity multiplier for Trees from 7x -> 20x.
  • Runecrafting - Mastery now also reduces rune costs by 5% per 10 Mastery Levels to create gear/weapons in Runecrafting. +15% Cost Reduction at 99.
  • Summoning - Increased max Mark level to 6. You still only need level 4 in the base game for all the Synergies. This is just a change for the upcoming expansion where Level 6 Marks are required.
  • Summoning - Adjusted drop rates for Marks. It is now faster to get from Level 1 -> 4 Marks.




Agility Obstacles

Rebalanced Combat Stances to standardize their bonuses

Other Game Changes

  • Equipment Sets now save what Prayer and Spell was selected.
  • Lore now has its own Sidebar item. You can read the Story of Melvor here.
  • Tutorial Island will no longer take you through Skills only available in the Full Version if you are playing the Demo.
  • Compacted the Character selection screen.
  • Updated the UI messaging around the Demo, Full Game and Expansion content.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed major performance issues with popup notifications.
  • Fixed issue where purchase verification would not synchronize to your Cloud account.
  • Fixed issue where Cloud Saves would not delete when the option was selected.
  • Fixed rendering issues with Summoning Marks.
  • Fixed incorrect descriptions and translations in many areas.
  • Fixed issue where minimizing the non-combat Skill list makes it disappear entirely.
  • Fixed issues where Mastery bonuses in Summoning did not apply correctly.
  • Fixed rendering issue with Agility where the progress bar would continue without actually training the skill.
  • Fixed incorrect Summoning Mark being unlocked in rare situations.
  • Firemaking should now show the correct amount of XP and MXP awarded per action.
  • Fixed rare issue where offline Skill data was not clearing, causing the game to become unplayable.
  • Fixed issue where some Tutorial Island steps would get "softlocked". It was still possible to progress past this point but it required prior game knowledge to do so.
  • Firemaking Log Mastery should now update dynamically.
  • Fixed some milestones that were incorrect.
  • Fixed incorrect stat descriptions on some items.
  • Fixed rendering issues with the Minibar when loading into the game.
  • Fixed many rendering issues throughout the game relating to UI elements.
  • Fixed missing sale price for Crafting Potions.


We hope you enjoy Stage 1 of the Expansion release!

Be sure to join our Discord or Reddit if you have any questions. Our amazing community is always happy to help!

I'll see you again on the 20th October :D

- Malcs

Minor Update - v1.1 (?4673)

Hey everyone!

This is a Minor Update to the game which details recent hotfixes, minor changes as well as another Stardust Refund.

Township Updates

We’re working hard behind the scenes on some big Township changes. I hope to have more information for you soon. It’s very close to being ready for release.

Another Stardust Refund

When loading into this update, those who started their characters prior to Midnight 18 October 2022 (GMT) will receive another airdrop of Stardust.

  • We have decided to base this refund on your total Mastery Level. Here’s what you will receive:

Although there’s a high chance a lot of you have continued the Astrology grind since release resulting in higher Mastery levels, we wanted to make things right with the extra refund.

Minor Changes

  • Township - Citizens will now continue to move into Town, regardless of how much Food you have. Prior to this, citizens used to not move into Town if you had 0 Food.
  • Township - Buffed Bane Worship 100% modifier to -50% Food usage (up from -25%).
  • Buffed Hunters Journal to +0.01% chance to receive Thieving Area Unique Item (up from 0.0025%).
  • Buffed Astro Pet bonus to 1% (up from 0.1%).
  • Replaced the -5% Agility Interval from T12 Forest Jog with -5% Agility Build Costs.


Note: This list details hotfixes applied to the game prior to this update. These fixes were already active.

  • Updated and fixed many translations.
  • Prevented save files that contain Full Version or Throne of the Herald content from being loaded if the respective expansions are not installed. This should prevent accidental save data loss when loading these saves without the expansions installed. If you still wish to load these saves at risk of data loss, you may select the Force Load option in the save settings.
  • Fixed Cloud tokens expiring every 24 hours. They should now automatically refresh.
  • Fixed some Township buildings not showing negative Happiness values.
  • Fixed Change password form.
  • Fixed incorrect ordering of Township Buildings when assigning workers for resource generating calculations. This resulted in incorrect resource calculations.
  • Fixed Cape of Completion having the incorrect description.
  • Fixed the refresh cloud save button not functioning.
  • Fixed the Agility blueprint name input textbox having white on white text in light mode.
  • Fixed the Ancient Ring of Skills not granting bonus Township experience.
  • Fixed the display of Bank slot cost in Hardcore Mode increasing past the purchase cap.
  • Fixed items used up in the Consumable Slot not being shown in the offline modal.
  • Fixed pet Ace having a duplicate Combat Doubling Chance on top of the global chance.
  • Added the appropriate level 99 skill requirements to normal Skillcapes.
  • Added Discord Rich Presence message for Golbin raid and Modded Actions.
  • Fixed skipping the Township tutorial after completing some tasks temporarily doubling task completions.
  • Fixed pet Ace artwork showing up as a question mark in the shop.
  • Fixed pet Ty having the hint of Woodcutting instead of Mastery.
  • Fixed standard Spell runes being consumed twice on the hits after the first one for multi-hit special attacks. (e.g. Cloudburst Staff’s Magic Ray). This also fixes a game crash when running out of runes in this circumstance.
  • Fixed Curse spell runes being used every attack instead of just when the curse is applied.
  • Fixed Confetti Crossbow not giving GP when doing damage.
  • Fixed the Explorers Map only being consumed on Melee attacks.
  • Fixed Area Control Potions showing the incorrect description.
  • Fixed pet Harold having 0.2ms of monster respawn timer decrease instead of the intended 200ms.
  • Fixed pet Harold and Elite Pillar of Expertise having a duplicate Combat Doubling Chance on top of the global chance.
  • Locked Mining Rocks and Woodcutting Trees now highlight the shop and level requirements green if they have been met, but the other has not.
  • Added the appropriate level 120 skill requirements to Superior Skillcapes.
  • Fixed Palladium Pot providing +2% Cooking interval instead of -2%.
  • Fixed Devil + Eagle synergy consuming tablets on Thieving actions instead of Agility actions.
  • Fixed expansion monsters showing up in the Into the Mist dungeon.
  • Fixed Discord Rich presence showing level cap as 99.

Update v1.0.5 - (5th July 2022)


Hello everyone!

With 100% of development is focused on the upcoming Expansion 1, I come bringing a small surprise update for everyone to enjoy while you wait.

As a thank you for the support so far on the Cool Rock Plushie sales I have decided to release a new temporary custom Game Mode for you all to enjoy.

We’re currently at 80% of our funding goal for the Cool Rock Plushies with only under one week to go to reach our sales target! If you would like to help us reach that 100% target, you can do so here.

Nonetheless, even if we don’t reach that target, I believe everyone deserves something as a thank you from us to show our appreciation to the community that continues to support us through and through.

New Temporary Custom Game Mode

Say hello to Internal Suffering Speedrun Mode!

Available until: August 31 23:59:59 GMT

We took the concept of the previous Hardcore Adventure Speedrun Mode and turned it up to 11. The idea here is to bring a fresh take on how the game is played, and really make you think about your next actions moving forward.

This Game Mode will test your strategic decision making, forcing you to slowly disable Skills the further you progress. You will need to make the call as to what skills you can do without, and what will help you defeat the final boss.

And yes, this is super fast again.

So, what exactly does this game mode entail? Read carefully as there are quite a few important mechanics to keep in mind.

  • As usual, the goal is to defeat the final boss as fast as you can.
  • This is a safe game mode. No character loss on death.
  • Uses the Hardcore Combat Triangle.
  • However, the combat triangle has been reversed! This means Melee now beats Magic, Ranged beats Melee, and Magic beats Ranged. Check the numbers inside the small triangle tooltip next to your Max Hit and Damage Reduction numbers to see the exact numbers.
  • All skills except Firemaking and Farming are available to you at the start.
  • Your skill level is capped at level 10. This cap can be increased at any time by permanently disabling any non-combat skill. This can be done from the new menu item in the sidebar.
  • For each skill you disable, not including Firemaking or Farming, the skill level cap will increase by 10. This means you need to disable 10 non-combat skills to be able to reach level 99.
  • You can continue training skills when you reach the level cap, you will just earn no further skill XP.
  • Accessing the final boss requires level 99 in all Combat skills to access.

On top of the above unique mechanics, we have made similar adjustments to the intervals as the previous custom game mode:

  • -80% Attack intervals for you and the enemies.
  • -80% Skill intervals (This now also reduces Thieving stun intervals).
  • +800% Global Mastery XP.
  • -2s Monster respawn timer.

You will also notice this game mode uses larger numbers. This is purely visual and provides no real benefit to the game. It is simply done to make the game mode look a bit different.

Other Changes

Firstly, to accommodate for the new game modeI have added another save slot for everyone to use and enjoy!

A month or so ago I posted a thread to Reddit asking the community for feedback on the UI of the game, and requested information on everyone’s biggest UI pet-peeve.

You can view this thread here.

I plan to resolve as many of these UI issues as possible, especially for the release of the expansion.

For now, I took the top comment and adjusted the UI for Firemaking, Fishing and Mining to now display Skill XP, Mastery XP, and mastery pool XP you can gain per action ( Woodcutting already shows this during the action).

Farming and Summoning UI adjustments to show extra information will be coming at a later date! Alongside resolutions for other UI pet-peeves mentioned.

In the future, I plan to ask more questions similar to this so I can gauge an understanding of what everyone is thinking, and what I can do to address the potential concerns or suggestions mentioned.

It’s something I’ve valued since I began development on Melvor Idle, and I want to continue this level of communication moving forward!

Another Expansion 1 Live Stream

In case you missed the news, we have another live stream happening to discuss expansion 1 in more detail. There’s also a live Q&A happening on this stream, so be sure to tune in to get an inside into all things Melvor Idle!

Live Stream Details


Progress on Expansion 1 is looking fantastic. We’re excited to share more information with you all and take a closer look at what can be expected from the update!

I hope you all enjoy the new custom gamemode. Be sure to check out the live stream as there will be some information you won’t want to miss!

Update v1.0.4 - (25th May 2022)

This update introduces a new Save Slot UI to hopefully assist current and future players with their understanding of how the save system in Melvor works.

Our full focus at this stage is on Expansion 1, and progress is looking great! We will have a lot more news to share soon as we delve closer to the release.

New Save Slot UI

There are no functional changes to how the system works, this is just a visual update to provide clarity around the system that is currently present in the game.

You can read about the new Save Slot UI in detail here.

Note: Your characters are already stored inside a Save Slot (The little number to the left of the save). This is the Save Slot the game will use for this update.

Here’s a breakdown of the changes:

  • The game will now display all Save Slots available to you, instead of hiding empty ones.
  • Slightly adjusted the UI of Save Slots to provide clarity around what slot your save is in.
  • The Settings button has moved to a dropdown menu in the top right corner of each Save Slot.
  • An empty save slot will now warn you if an existing Cloud save has been detected in that slot.
  • When attempting to load or import a save, the game will now display exact details of what save will be overwritten in the popup.
  • You can now delete Cloud Saves from the Settings menu dropdown.
  • Cloud saves can now be refreshed inside the game by using the new Refresh icon sitting next to the “Show Cloud/Local Saves” button.
  • If a save produces an error, it will no longer stop the entire game from loading. Instead it will adjust the UI of the save slot to show the save is corrupted. This will help us debug issues you may run into.
  • Downloading a save now includes the Date & Time of the download in the filename.

Update on adding more Save Slots

I can confirm that new Save Slots are on the way for those that have been asking.

Firstly, I want to ensure this new UI is up to par and reduces the issues that have been faced significantly before I go ahead and add more Slots.

If this new UI indeed succeeds in reducing the issues, more save slots (and temporary gamemodes) won’t be far away at all!

Discord RPC

This update adds Discord RPC for Windows clients only.

A small Steam client update was released not too long ago is required for Discord RPC to function. You do not need to update the client to access the general game.

This RPC will display information about:

  • Your current gamemode and total level.
  • What non-combat skill you are training, the action you are performing and the level of that skill.
  • What Enemy you are fighting, and the area/dungeon you are active in.

Changed Features

  • Locked Summoning Synergies in the search UI now displays the Marks and Levels required to unlock that Synergy. This is also colour coded: Green = requirement met, Orange = Requirement not met. If you have not found the first Mark yet, the name will display as “???”.
  • When clicking into the Summoning Synergy search from the minibar, it will default to only showing Synergies for that respective Skill.
  • You can now double click Bones to quickly bury them in the Bank. Only works if the item is not locked.
  • You can now double click Chests to quickly open them in the Bank.
  • You can now click the Slayer Task image to see detailed stats, special attacks and passive of that enemy.
  • Perfect Fish can now be used to create Pig and Wolf Summoning Tablets.
  • You can now downgrade Perfect Fish into normal Fish at a 1:1 ratio. This is just a temporary addition as I will soon be implementing a feature that allows Agility obstacles that cost normal Fish to accept Perfect Fish as well.
  • Slightly updated the UI for buttons in Thieving and Artisan skills.
  • [Mobile only] When selecting a recipe category or item in an Artisan skill, the UI will now automatically scroll to the respective area.


  • The issue that causes offline progress to get stuck (and produce a timestamp error) will no longer cause the game to become unplayable without a save fix. This doesn’t fix the bug itself (which we are still looking into). Please report offline progress issues if you do run into them after this update.
  • Fixed an issue that caused an error during a cloud save (Cloud save still worked as intended even with this error).
  • Fixed Pet Log completion number not updating automatically.
  • Fixed issue where connecting your Mobile Device for push notifications would get stuck on the loading spinner.
  • When wearing the Bone Necklace, the first item in the Loot container will no longer hold its place.
  • Quick Buy modal no longer appears under the Cooking recipe selection modal.
  • During Sell/Move Item mode in the Bank, the borders of selected items will no longer be removed when moving items to new tabs or positions.
  • Modifiers that affect Enemies now function correctly in the Golbin Raid.
  • Levelling up the Mastery of a Rune in Runecrafting now dynamically updates the UI to show changes.
  • Adjusted the text on the “Render Combat Progress” to now mention it disables Non-combat progress bars as well.
  • Fixed incorrect styling to popup buttons in some circumstances.
  • You can no longer sell the Basic Magic Wand during the Tutorial (which bricks tutorial progress).
  • Fixed undefined translation in Thieving Game Guide.
  • New Adventure Mode characters now correctly start with 100% HP, instead of only 10%.
  • Fixed issue that breaks the save settings function due to there being an apostrophe present in the character name.
  • Astrology Mastery token is now named correctly, and now has its description.
  • Fixed Golbin Raid shop purchases disappearing after 1 purchase.
  • Fixed visual issues that cause dropdowns to extend above available screen space.
  • Dragonfire Shield now has its original description restored.
  • Quick Equip menu now closes when closing the Skilling Minibar on mobile.
  • Corrupted saves no longer break the game, and instead are isolated to their save slot only.
  • Fixed incorrect Milestone for Normal Shortbows.
  • The Bank Sorting method now correctly displays your current sorting method on load.
  • Fixed typos in some special attacks.
  • Ragnar Godsword and Terran Godsword now display their correct special attack description.
  • Adjusted the wording on the 50% Firemaking Mastery checkpoint to correctly reflect the actual mechanic.
  • Adjusted item description loading for Artisan skills that should hopefully reduce some CPU usage (It used to reload every action, now it only loads once).
  • Corrected grammar for Ancient Magic locked tooltip.
  • Fixed incorrect description of the Ranged Game Guide.
  • The Venom special attack can now miss.
  • Gems now appear correctly in the bank when searching “Gem” or “Gems”.

Update v1.0.3 - (28th February 2022)

This update brings a bunch of much requested quality of life updates, as well as finalizing the transition to the new tick-based system for Skills.

The transition to a tick-based was done over 6 months, and involved rewriting every single Skill from the ground up. Now that it has been completed, this will allow for more efficient updates including efficient implementation of new content.

A note on upcoming new content

Although these latest updates have not introduced anything new for you to try, we can confirm that we have indeed been working on new content behind the scenes at the same time.

There is a massive pipeline of new content on the way, including the much anticipated Expansion 1. This expansion aims to roughly double the amount of content you see in the game, and it has been in planning for quite some time.

Now that the transition to the tick-based system is complete, we can now work efficiently towards Expansion 1 as well as everything in between. Let’s see what’s new inside the February 2022 update.

New Features

Customisable Minibar

  • There is a new “Quick-Equip Menu” for the Minibar (the menu in the bottom right of Skills). This new menu allows you to quickly equip items for the respective Skill. The GEAR icon represents the quick equip.
  • You can customize what items display in this menu for each Skill. This can be done by selecting any equipable item within the Bank, navigating to the Gear icon, and then enabling/disabling this item for each Skill.
  • The order of these items can be adjusted to your liking by dragging and dropping them from within the Quick-Equip Menu.
  • Existing default items from before this update are enabled by default inside this new menu.

Updated Combat Minibar

  • The Combat Minibar that displays during Combat has some new features and functionality.
  • The Enemy HP & Attack Bar has been added above your own, so you can see the progress of the fight more clearly.
  • Your own attack bar has been added below your HP bar.
  • You can now change your Equipment Set from the minibar.
  • New Settings have been added to the Settings Page to enable or disable the visibility of Enemy HP/Attack Bar & Equipment Set Selection.

Click & Hold to Eat

  • You are now able to Click (or tap) & Hold to eat within Combat or Thieving. This will spam eat Food for you.
  • Doing this will not consume more Food than is required.
  • The button will turn green to confirm you are “spam eating”.
  • This works on Mobile versions as well.

This kind of functionality is great if you feel like attempting content before you are prepared enough to idle it.

Other New Additions

  • You can now toggle the visibility of Fishing & Thieving Areas by clicking/tapping the header area where the new “Eyecon” is. This visibility setting is saved for that character.
  • You are now able to “Destroy Loot” by selecting the corresponding button located on the bottom of the Loot Container. This will destroy the Loot if for some reason you do not wish to actually Loot it.

Changed Features

  • The UI for the Skills & Mastery section of the Completion Log has been updated to be much less stressful on the eyes, using distinguished colours to separate each Skill.
  • You can now see the Special Attack & relevant descriptions of Items within the “View Item Stats” & “Upgrade Item” popups. Now you will know exactly what the item does that you are trying to Craft or Upgrade into.
  • Removed the “Pause Skills when Minimized” setting from Mobile. This setting now defaults to “enabled” as there is no reason for this to be turned off on Mobile.
  • Farming is now unlocked on the Demo Version on Mobile.

Tick-Based Skills

These Skills have now transitioned to the new tick-based system:

This marks the end of the transition to tick-based for Skills, and will now allow us to develop a lot more efficiently in general for the game.


  • We have been working to address issues with Offline Progress on Mobile. With the transition to tick-based and most affected Skills being rewritten, we hope to have squashed this bug. However, if you experience it again please let us know so we can look into it further.
  • Synergy unlocks now activate as soon as they unlock while training Offline, and will provide the benefit to you immediately.
  • Fixed issues with dropdowns hiding options underneath the game’s header area.
  • Offline progress now accurately accounts for preservation change for all Skills.
  • Auto-equip food now works as intended when training Offline.
  • Fixed crashing issues when you run out of Runes during Combat.
  • Fixed potential memory leak issues for most Skills. Please report further memory leaks if you notice them.
  • Fixed issue where Pig & Mole Synergy would not work while training online.
  • Fixed issues with Salamander & Bear Synergy.
  • Fixed issues with Octopus & Crow Synergy.
  • Fixed issues with the Leprechaun & Pig Synergy.
  • Fixed issues with Mole & Octopus Synergy.
  • Fixed issues with Witch & Cyclops Synergy.
  • Fixed rare issues where Cooking or Fletching would not progress.
  • Artisan Skills should now update the information panel dynamically when game data changes (Like quantities and percentages).
  • Astrology now correctly updates the “Show All Active Modifiers” panel to display all active modifiers, and those from newly unlocked slots.
  • Fixed rare instances where individual Astrology modifiers could exceed 5%.
  • Fixed visual error with Astrology Mastery progress bars not adjusting their colour to correspond to maximum Mastery level.
  • Fixed Crafting Armour Doubling chance Astrology modifier.
  • Elemental Potion output is now correctly considered while Runecrafting offline for subsequent crafts.
  • The game should now correctly stop skills offline when running out of materials, or when your bank becomes full.
  • Fixed rare issues that would not allow you to start Actively Cooking.
  • Fixed missing default items that display on the Minibar.
  • Cooking double chance now stacks correctly, taking into account all doubling bonuses (this bug was visual only).
  • Fixed rounding errors for equipped Summoning Tablets.
  • Level up popups now display correctly for Astrology.
  • Fixed visual error that causes an infinite scrolling effect when a scroll bar appears.
  • Fletching Mastery levels should now update dynamically.


I will be announcing some details about upcoming content next month! Stay tuned for those details.

Remember your saves are compatible on all versions on the game (Steam, iOS, Android), and all platforms receive the exact same updates at the exact same time!

Speak soon!

- Malcs

Update v1.0.2 - (30th January 2022)

Please note that updates do not require a Client Update. Simply restart your game for the update to be applied.

If you have Extensions or Scripts enabled, please disable them when loading into a new update just in case they are not compatible with new content. Before reporting them as a bug, please make sure they are disabled and that the bug occurs without Mods active. Thank you in advance :)

New Astrology Icons

I forgot the show this during the update Sneak Peek. This update includes a refreshing new look for Astrology with custom Constellation images. Massive thanks to our artist for putting together these amazing images.

New astrology icons.png

Newly Added

  • You can now set custom Icons for each Bank Tab, using the Item Settings to do so.
  • You can now see the value of each Bank Tab.
  • You can now quickly "Sell All" items within a Bank Tab.
  • You can now lock and unlock all Items within a Tab. There is a confirmation popup for this.
  • You can now lock and unlock all Items in the entire Bank. Use with caution, but there are confirmation popups to get through just in case.
  • New Astrology Icons have been added for each Constellation.

Newly Added (Golbin Raid)

  • You can now Pause and Resume Raids.
  • Added a difficulty selection to Raid. You can choose from Easy, Medium or Hard.
  • Added a new Random Modifier system to Golbin Raid, where you select permanent modifiers prior to beginning the Raid.
  • Added over 30 custom items exclusive to the Golbin Raid. These can be added to your selection pool by finding them inside the new Golbin Crate inside the Golbin Raid Shop.
  • Removed many useless items from the Passive Item selection pool.

These Skills have transitioned to the new tick-based system

Adjustments to Items

Summary of Bug Fixes

  • When leveling up Herblore Mastery Offline, it will now automatically start creating the new Tier of potion. This means Potions Tiers will no longer be skipped over during offline training.
  • Fixed Ring of Spirit Power being obtainable in Golbin Raid, but being unable to get Spirit Runes to use it.
  • Alt. Magic should no longer stop the action when returning from an Offline session.
  • Smithing Category Selection on Mobile should now be fixed.
  • Golbin Raid Coins in Raid History now display correctly.
  • Fixed issues where Multi-Tree Woodcutting would prevent task switching.
  • Fixed display issues for Lethal Toxins, Hinder and Famished Potions in Herblore.
  • Fixed grammar issue with Generous Resupply.
  • Astrology actions should no longer stop on full Bank when you have "Ignore Full Bank" enabled.
  • Fixed display issues with Herblore Mastery.
  • Golbin Raid progress will no longer stop when closing the game. It will be paused instead, allowing you to resume. This will remove the risk of random lost progress.
  • Fixed display issues with Woodcutting Axe on the Woodcutting Page.
  • Corrected display issues with recipe requirements in Smithing.
  • Pressing Escape at the 'Select New Equipment' modal will no longer end a Golbin Raid.
  • Offline Woodcutting now uses the correct amount of Summoning Tablets.
  • Fixed rare case that Woodcutting level ups were not reported during Offline Progress breakdown.
  • Item Alchemy III should now produce correct values consistently.
  • Fixed missing Secret Stardust Potion image in Herblore.
  • Fixed Impending Darkness Event showing up after running from Golbin Raid.
  • Fixed rare cases where the game would not allow you to continue any action until restarting the game.

Update v1.0.1 - (22nd December 2021)


Welcome to the Melvor Idle Holiday 2021 Event!

Thank you to everyone who has offered us such incredible support over the last two years. It has been an amazing journey, and I’m so excited for all the fun that lies ahead!

With the full release out the way, I thought it would be a great idea to celebrate the Holiday Season with a small event for everyone. It may be tiny, but it has some cool rewards for you to collect!

Holiday Event 2021

Santa Chio has been involved in a rather unfortunate accident, and seems to have lost its Christmas Presents! Can you help recover them? You’ll be rewarded for your time and effort if you do…

Head to the Holiday Event 2021 page to find out what must be done!

Event Rewards

In total there are five Event Rewards for helping Santa Chio. All are cosmetic and provide no bonuses. There are also some other items available for you to collect, and you could potentially find a lot of them!

Note: Event Rewards are not required for 100% game completion, and do not appear in the Item Log unless you find one.

Mobile Premium Unlock

Purchasing the Full Version of Melvor Idle on Mobile will now unlock the Full version on other mobile versions, and the web version.

To enable this - log into your Cloud account on a Mobile Device with a valid active purchase. This will enable the Full Version on your Cloud account.

It is not possible to unlock the Steam version if you purchase on Mobile.

New Save Export and Import Setting

There is a new method to export your save and share with others!

From the your character settings on the welcome screen, you can now Create Save Link to export your save. This will generate a unique URL for your save.

This unique URL can be pasted into the Import Save box to import it into the game. You can also visit the link the see the raw save string if you wish. These save URLs do not expire.

General Patch Notes

Along with the Holiday Event, we have a bunch of changes, quality of life, and bug fixes that I’m sure you will appreciate!

Newly Added

  • You can now buy multi-buy Bank Spaces.
  • You can now buy multi-buy Slayer Resupply packs from the shop.
  • You can now set the Default Page on Load to your Active Skill. If no Skill is being trained, this will default to the Farming Page if you have crops ready to harvest. If no crops are ready to harvest, it will default to the Bank.
  • Everyone has been provided with an extra 2 Bank Tabs.
  • There is now a confirmation popup when attempting to reroll a 5% Astrology Modifier. This can be disabled in settings. This is enabled by default.
  • There is now a confirmation popup when attempting to destroy a Farming crop. This can be disabled in settings. This is enabled by default.
  • Farming crops will now display the chance to grow on the specific patch.
  • Searching "Food" in the bank will display all edible items.
  • XP, MXP, MPXP, Interval icons now show "Inclusive of modifiers" in their tooltip.
  • Item tooltips now also display how many are currently in your bank. This can be disabled in Settings.
  • [STEAM] Added Toggle Fullscreen button in Settings.

Adjustments to Items


  • Converted all Monster Images to PNG format. This should increase performance substantially when viewing the Monster Log. It should also increase performance where Monster images used to be displayed, like in Combat.
  • You can now disable Slayer Coin notifications.
  • You can now disable Item Preservation notifications.

Summary of Bug Fixes

  • Food now has a minimum healing amount of 1 HP.
  • Fixed Steam Zoom setting causing issues with Tooltips, Sliders, and other UI artifacts. This fix will result in your Zoom setting being reset on load.
  • It should no longer be possible to brick yourself on Tutorial Island if you created a Normal Shortbow before the tutorial asked you to do so.
  • All missing translations should now be rectified.
  • Fixed many incorrect translations.
  • PlayFab errors while loading the game should no longer cause the game to stop loading.


  • Issues revolving around Mining and progress randomly stopping has been fixed.
  • Fixed incorrect item doubling calculation for Astrology.
  • Fixed new Astrology bonuses not applying automatically when leveling up the Mastery of a constellation, either naturally or via the Mastery Pool.
  • Fixed aspect ratio for Slayer Task images being incorrect.
  • Fixed incorrect colouring of Monster and Pet log completion % at 100%.
  • Barbarian Fishing now provides Strength XP when catching a Special Item.
  • Fixed grammar issue for name of Mastery Token (Astrology).
  • Fixed Monkey + Salamander Crafting Synergy not working for new Crafting Rings.
  • Fixed Mastery Pool visual rounding errors.
  • Fixed incorrect grammar on locked Ancient Magicks clear count tooltip.
  • Fixed layout issue for Astrology Skill XP.
  • Fixed many minor layout and text colouring issues.
  • Fixed many issues with missing translations.
  • Reinstated missing Statistic - GP Stolen from NPCs.
  • Aorpheat's Signet Ring now applies its bonus to the 25% Mastery Checkpoint in Firemaking.
  • Summoning Familiars should now respect the Sleep/Stun status of Enemies so they no longer miss.
  • Superheat Coal requirements now display accurately.
  • Fixed visual issues with the equip section in the Bank.
  • Adjusted scaling on Slayer Task Enemy images.
  • [STEAM] Fixed issue where game was not closing correctly.
  • Fixed present drop rate calculations.
  • Fixed issues relating to new bank tabs.
  • Fixed issues relating to the cost of new Bank Slots.
  • Fixed Cooking freezing on offline load.
  • Fixed incorrect Setting check for quantity display in item notifications.
  • Updated the Astrology Modifiers UI by separating Standard and Unique Modifiers into their own sections for easier monitoring of rerolls.
  • View All Astrology Modifiers button now displays the total value of each modifier, instead of individually listing them.
  • Adjusted the update UI functions for Smithing, Crafting, Fletching, Runecrafting, Herblore and Summoning. It should now use less device resources per action than previously.
  • Translation and wording fixes.

Public Beta v1.0 - (10th November 2021)


Welcome to the absolutely massive Public Beta 1.0 update for Melvor Idle!

This update introduces most of the promised Major Features from the roadmap, plus a lot of other goodies to go with it.

The Public Beta is a symbol of an almost complete game. This is an achievement I never thought I would ever reach when I started this journey in September 2019.

To be able to finally declare the game is finished is an unbelievable feeling. But we aren’t there just yet. Full Release is on November 18, and this Public Beta is here to give you the content early, and also spend time focusing on bug fixes from here on until the launch.

Important: This update is the full 1.0. When the game launches on November 18, you will not see any new inclusions other than localisation.

The next 8 days for me are dedicated to fixing as many reported bugs as possible, so I can ensure the full launch on November 18 is as smooth as possible.

This changelog is MASSIVE, so please take the time to read everything that changed, and everything that was added. There’s some amazing stuff in here and I don’t want you to miss it.

Endgame Content Pt. 3


The time has finally come to introduce the last piece of the Combat puzzle.

Endgame Content Pt.3 introduces the final boss for Melvor Idle, as well as a lot of new Monsters, Items and balance changes across Combat.

It has been a very long time coming, and the inclusion this brings is one of the largest additions to the game we have ever done. I’ll do my best to break down exactly what we added, and what has changed.

Impending Darkness Event

The Final Boss is hidden deep inside an “ Event”. Your task is to slay various Monsters who have succumbed to the final boss’ mysterious mist and eventually defeat him when the chance arises.

Event Mechanics

The event requires Level 99 in all Skills, and access to all Slayer areas.

Upon beginning the Event, all Combat content will be locked and will remain locked until the Event is either finished, ended, or you die.

Upon starting the Event, you will be greeted with a popup asking you to select a random modifier combination from a selection of 3. The modifiers you select will apply to every single Monster you face during the event.

After this, your task is to trawl through the hardest Slayer Areas in the game, defeating a random number of Monsters (5-8) within that area until it has been cleared. The final monster you face within the respective areas will be a “Boss” version of one of the Monsters.

Upon clearing all of the Slayer Areas, the Final Boss will appear to try and stop you in your tracks. You must defeat him to continue to the next part of the event.

Event Cycles

The Event occurs for a total of 5 cycles. One cycle is completed after defeating the Final Boss, in which you will then begin the next cycle, repeating the above Mechanics.

The completion of a cycle will provide you with a set reward for your efforts. This reward is always the same, depending on what cycle you just completed.

When beginning a new cycle, you will be asked to select another modifier combination. This Combination you select is then added to all previous Modifiers you selected. This means by cycle 5, you will have 5 different Modifier combinations active at the same time, so choose wisely.

The very last Monster you face at the end of Cycle 5 is the true Final Boss. Good luck, you will need it.

Important Information

There’s some very important information you need to know about the event, so please read this as it will clear a lot of confusion about how the Event works:

  • The Event takes roughly 2 hours to complete, assuming you don’t die and are well prepared.
  • You only need to complete the event once for all possible rewards.
  • All Combat content is locked during the event. You cannot do any Combat outside of what the Event provides.
  • Yes, you are able to train Non-Combat Skills during the event (Just not at the same time of course).
  • Your event progress will be saved, and the only way to reset the event is to either manually end it with the provided button, or by dying. Closing the game or training a Non-Combat Skill will not reset the event.
  • Running in Combat during the event will not reset the event. If something is too hard, you may Run from Combat and attempt it again.
  • This is a safe Event for Hardcore Characters. Dying in here will not result in the loss of your character.

New Combat and Slayer Areas

Endgame Content Pt.3 introduces new Monsters for you to tackle.

Combat Area: Elerine Battlegrounds
Slayer Area: Toxic Swamps
  • Toxic Swamps is unlocked at Slayer Level 65.
  • Area has an effect that allows the monsters within to poison you.
  • Contains 3 new very hard to elite monsters.
  • Monsters drop unique poison themed weapons and materials that can be used to upgrade equipment.
Slayer Area: Unhallowed Wasteland
  • Unhallowed Wasteland is unlocked at Slayer Level 95.
  • Area has an effect that heals Monsters every 2 turns
  • Requires a new Slayer Shop purchase to access, costing 3,000,000 Slayer Coins.
  • Contains 4 new very challenging Monsters.
  • Monsters drop materials that can be used to upgrade equipment from the God Dungeons.
  • New equipment has unique Set Bonuses, which provide an extra bonus as long as the mentioned items are equipped at the same time.

New Combat Potions

We have added 3 brand new Combat Potions that you can create in Herblore.

Buffs to Combat Potions

  • Melee Evasion Potion: Now provides +10% chance to ignore Stuns and Freezes, on top of its original bonuses.
  • Ranged Assistance Potion: Now provides +10% chance to ignore poison, on top of its original bonuses.
  • Magic Assistance Potion: Now provides +10% chance to ignore burn and +10% chance to ignore Frostburn, on top of its original bonuses.

New Rings from Crafting

We have also added 3 new Combat Rings that can be created within Crafting. They all require Crafting Level 90, and are crafted using the Sigils obtained via Thieving.

Each Ring provides a Special Attack that replaces your Normal Attacks.

There is a Ring for each of the Combat types: Melee, Ranged, and Magic.

New Prayers

Remember that Prayer Skill? Yeah, we decided to beef it up and add 5 new Prayers for you to explore!

  • Safeguard: +1% Damage Reduction. Costs 1 Prayer Point per Enemy attack. Prayer Level 28
  • Rejuvenation: +20 Flat Hitpoints Regeneration. Costs 5 Prayer Points per Regeneration. Prayer Level 62
  • Sharp Vision: +25% Ranged Accuracy Rating, +25% Ranged Evasion and +15% Ranged Max Hit. Costs 5 Prayer Points per Player attack. Prayer Level 71
  • Mystic Mastery: +20% Magic Accuracy Rating, +20% Magic Evasion and +10% Magic Max Hit. Costs 5 Prayer Points per Player attack. Prayer Level 76
  • Battleheart: +35% Global Evasion, +15% of Max Hit added to Min Hit and enemies have -5% Damage Reduction. Costs 8 Prayer Points per Player attack. Prayer Level 95

Adjustments to Prayers

  • Reduced the rate at which Prayer XP is earned by 2/3rds.
  • Mystic Might: Now provides +5% Magic Max Hit on top of its original effect.
  • Thick Skin: Increased to +10% Melee Evasion (up from 5%).
  • Clarity of Thought: Increased to +10% Melee Accuracy Rating (up from 5%).
  • Sharp Eye: Increased to +10% Ranged Accuracy Rating and +10% Ranged Evasion (up from just +5% Ranged Accuracy Rating).
  • Rock Skin: Increased to +20% Melee Evasion (up from 10%).
  • Improved Reflexes: Increased to +20% Melee Accuracy Rating (up from 10%).
  • Rapid Heal: Changed to +10 Flat Hitpoints Regeneration (previously +100% Hitpoint Regeneration).
  • Hawk Eye: Increased to +15% Ranged Accuracy Rating, +15% Ranged Evasion and +5% Ranged Max Hit (up from just +10% Ranged Accuracy Rating).
  • Steel Skin: Increased to +25% Melee Evasion (up from 15%).
  • Incredible Reflexes Increased to +25% Melee Accuracy Rating (up from 15%).
  • "Protect" Prayers: Reduced to 80% evasion (down from 85%).
  • Eagle Eye: Increased to +20% Ranged Accuracy Rating, +20% Ranged Evasion and +10% Ranged Max Hit (up from just +15% Ranged Accuracy Rating).
  • Redemption: Changed to +20% Auto Eat Hitpoints Limit (previously Heal +20% HP when your hitpoints fall below 10%).
  • Chivalry: Increased to +30% Melee Accuracy Rating (up from 15%), +30% Melee Evasion (up from 15%), +15% Melee Max Hit (no change).
  • Piety: Changed to +15% Melee Accuracy Rating and +25% Melee Max Hit (previously +18% Melee Accuracy Rating, +12% Melee Max Hit and +18% Melee Evasion).
  • Rigour: Changed to +15% Ranged Accuracy Rating and +20% Ranged Max Hit (previously +20% Ranged Accuracy Rating, +23% Ranged Max Hit and +25% Ranged Evasion).
  • Augury: +15% Magic Accuracy Rating and +15% Magic Max Hit (previously +25% Magic Accuracy Rating, +10% Magic Max Hit and +25% Magic Evasion).
Changes to Prayer Level Requirements

The level requirement of Prayers have never really made sense, and the scaling and progression falls off around the Prayer Level 70 mark. These changes are made to even out the Prayer progression and make it feel like you are always unlocking something new.

Combat Balance Changes

With the inclusion of a lot of new Content, we took the time to go through Combat and make necessary balance changes.

Adjustments to Monsters

Higher level monsters have been given Damage Reduction depending on their Combat Level. Boss Monsters at the end of Dungeons have been given a minimum of 20% Damage Deduction.

  • Combat Level between 100-200: 5% Damage Reduction
  • Combat Level between 201-300: 10% Damage Reduction
  • Combat Level between 301-400: 15% Damage Reduction
  • Combat Level between 401-500: 20% Damage Reduction
  • Combat Level above 501: 25% Damage Reduction
New Monster Special Attacks & Passives
  • Dark Horned Elite now has a special attack: Ram (30%) - The enemy rams into you for 100% of the enemy's normal damage. On a hit inflicts a bleed that deals 100% of the damage dealt as damage over 10 second.
  • Furious Horned Elite now has a special attack: Horn Shots (30%) - Fires 3 small horns in rapid succession dealing 60% of the enemy's normal damage each (avoidable).
  • Pegasus now has a Passive: Fleeting Defence: Evasion Ratings are multiplied by 1.3 times current Hitpoints percent.
New Monster Item Drops
Misc Monster Changes
Buffs to Combat Styles
  • Using the Stab Melee Style now provides +6 Attack Levels (Hidden)
  • Using the Defensive Magic Style now provides +6 Defence Levels (Hidden)
  • The Accurate Ranged Style now provides +6 Ranged Levels (Hidden), up from 3.
Adjustments to Existing Equipment
  • Green Wizard Robes now provide +1% Damage Reduction and +2% Magic Damage Bonus on top of their original stats.
  • Blue Wizard Robes now provide +2% Damage Reduction and +3% Magic Damage Bonus on top of their original stats.
  • Red Wizard Robes now provide +3% Damage Reduction and +4% Magic Damage Bonus on top of their original stats.
  • Black Wizard Robes now provide +4% Damage Reduction and +5% Magic Damage Bonus on top of their original stats.
  • Ancient Wizard Robes now provide +6% Magic Max Hit and +6% Magic Accuracy Rating when using Surge spells on top of their original stats.
  • Basic Elemental Staves now provide +5% Magic Damage Bonus.
  • Elemental Battlestaves now provide +10% Magic Damage Bonus.
  • Priest Hat now provides +10% chance to preserve Prayer Points on top of its existing bonuses.
  • Silver Emerald Ring now provides +8 Ranged Attack Bonus on top of its original stats.

Weapon Special Attack Changes

  • Big ol Ron special changed to: For every 2000 base Max Hitpoints the enemy has (Capped at 10000): +8% Melee Strength Bonus from Equipment, +3% of Maximum Hit added to Minimum Hit and +1% Damage Reduction. Bonus is doubled if fighting a boss (previously: Gain +50% Melee Strength Bonus when fighting a Boss).
  • Ragnar Godsword special changed to: Perform 3 unavoidable attacks that deal 75% of your normal damage on the 1st attack, 125% of your normal damage on the 2nd attack and 175% of your normal damage on the 3rd attack (previously: Perform 3 unavoidable attacks).
  • Aeris Godsword special changed to: Attack 5 times for 50% of your normal damage (avoidable). Gain +20% Max Hit each time you successfully hit, stacking up to 5 times. Stacks reset on a miss (previously: Attack 5 times for 50% of your normal damage. Attacks can miss).
  • Ancient 2H Sword special changed to: Perform 2 attacks that deal 50% of your normal damage on the 1st attack and 200% of your normal damage on the 2nd attack (previously: Perform an attack that does 200% of your normal damage).
  • Terran Godsword special changed to: Perform an unavoidable attack that does 200% of your max hit multiplied by your current Hitpoints percent damage (previously: Perform an unavoidable attack that does 100% of your max hit).
  • Twin Exiles special attack damage increased from 70% to 75%.
  • Tidal Edge special attack damage increased from 500 to 600.
  • Ocean Song special attack reduced to -50% Attack Interval for 2 turns (previously: -60% Attack Interval for 3 turns).
Fury of the Elemental Zodiacs
  • The stats of Fury of the Elemental Zodiacs have been increased:
    • Melee Strength Bonus: 20 -> 30
    • Melee Attack Bonuses: 20 -> 30
    • Ranged Attack Bonus: 30 -> 45
    • Ranged Strength Bonus: 10 -> 15
    • Magic Attack Bonus: 18 -> 27
    • Magic Damage Bonus: 3% -> 5%
    • Melee Defence Bonus: 15 -> 22
    • Damage Reduction: 2% -> 3%
    • Ranged Defence Bonus: 15 -> 22
    • Magic Defence Bonus: 18 -> 27
Silver Jewellery
  • Silver Topaz Ring now provides +12 Stab Attack Bonus (previously +5 Melee Attack Bonuses).
  • Silver Sapphire Ring now provides +6 Block Attack Bonus and +12 Melee Defence Bonus (previously +8 Melee Defence Bonus).
  • Silver Ruby Ring now provides +6 Slash Attack Bonus and +3 Melee Strength bonus (previously +5 Melee Strength Bonus).
  • Silver Topaz Necklace is now a Passive item and provides +12 Hidden Attack Levels (previously +6 Melee Attack Bonuses).
  • Silver Sapphire Necklace is now a Passive item and provides +10 Magic Attack Bonus, +3% Magic Damage Bonus and +3% Magic Lifesteal (previously +6 Melee Defence Bonus).
  • Silver Ruby Necklace is now a Passive item and provides +6 Hidden Strength Levels (previously +5 Melee Strength Bonus).
  • Silver Emerald Necklace is now a Passive item and provides +6 Hidden Ranged Levels and +5% increased Ammo Preservation (previously +8 Ranged Strength Bonus).
  • Silver Diamond Necklace is now a Passive item and provides +10% of Maximum Hit added to Minimum Hit when using a 2H Melee weapon (previously +2% Damage Reduction).
Gold Jewellery
  • Gold Ruby Ring now provides +3 Flat Hitpoints Regeneration (previously +10% Hitpoint Regeneration).
  • Gold Emerald Ring XP bonus reduced from 7% to 4%.
  • Gold Diamond Ring now makes the Protect Item Prayer cost nothing. Previously it automatically stopped combat when your Hitpoints were below 10%.
  • Gold Topaz Necklace is now a Passive item and provides +10% GP from Monsters and +50 GP from Monsters (previously +6 Ranged Attack Bonus).
  • Gold Sapphire Necklace is now a Passive item and provides +30 Ranged Defence Bonus and +1% Damage Reduction when fighting Ranged enemies with Melee (previously +8 Ranged Defence Bonus).
  • Gold Ruby Necklace is now a Passive item and provides -2s Hitpoint Regeneration Interval and +20% Hitpoint Regeneration (previously +4 Ranged Attack Bonus and +4 Ranged Strength Bonus).
  • Gold Emerald Necklace is now a Passive item and provides +30 Magic Defence Bonus and +1% Damage Reduction when fighting Magic enemies with Ranged (previously +2 Melee Attack Bonuses and +8 Melee Defence Bonus).
  • Gold Diamond Necklace is now a Passive item and provides +30 Melee Defence Bonus and +1% Damage Reduction when fighting Melee enemies with Magic (previously +5 Melee Attack Bonuses, +5 Melee Strength Bonus and +5 Melee Defence Bonus).

Miscellaneous Equipment Changes

  • Obsidian Cape now provides +1 Melee Defence Bonus for every Defence Level you have and +1 Ranged Defence Bonus for every Ranged level you have (previously +9 Melee Defence Bonus and +9 Ranged Defence Bonus).
  • Mystic Elemental Staves Magic Damage Bonus increased from +5% to +20%.
  • All Elemental Staff rune reduction quantity increased by 2.
  • All Battleaxe Slash and Block Attack Bonuses reduced by 50%.
  • All Battleaxe Melee Strength Bonuses increased by 75%.
  • Attack Skillcape Melee Attack Bonuses increased from 10 to 30.
  • Strength Skillcape Melee Strength Bonus increased from 10 to 15.
  • Defence Skillcape Defense Bonuses increased from 49 to 80.

Adjustments to Standard Magic Spells

  • Doubled the Air Rune cost of all Air spells.
  • Increased the base damage of all Water spells by 5.
  • Increased the base damage of all Earth spells by 10.
  • Increased the base damage of all Fire spells by 15.

Due to changes to Standard Spells some Magic Monsters have had minor changes to their Max Hits:

Monster Old Max Hit New Max Hit
The Eye 139 140
Wizard 119 118
Dark Wizard 209 210
Master Wizard 168 169
Water Guard 367 366
Water Golem 565 564
Glacia 778 777
Fire Golem 577 576
Pyra 743 746
Ragnar 793 796
Miolite Monarch 184 183
Elementalist 239 240
Cursed Maiden 449 450
Wicked Greater Dragon 476 477
Ku-tul 765 763
Priest 212 213
Fearful Eye 235 236
Phoenix 370 371

Adjustments to the Combat Triangle

  • Lowered the Melee vs. Magic Damage Reduction penalty from 0.5x to 0.75x in Standard Mode.
  • Lowered the Melee vs. Magic Damage Reduction penalty from 0.25 to 0.5x in Hardcore and Adventure Mode

Adjustments to Slayer Area Effects

  • Penumbra now has the effect: -10% Accuracy Rating.
  • Strange Cave now has the effect: -15% Global Evasion.
  • High Lands now has the effect: Enemies heal 20% of their current Hitpoints every 5 turns.
  • Holy Isles now has the effect: +20% Prayer Point Cost.
  • Forest of Goo now has the effect: +10% Attack Interval.
  • Desolate Plains now has the effect: -100% Hitpoint Regeneration.
  • Runic Ruins effect has been increased to -50% Magic Evasion if your Attack Style is not Magic (up from -40%).
  • Arid Plains effect has been decreased to -30% Food Efficiency (down from -40%).
  • Perilous Peaks effect has been increased to -60% Evasion Ratings (up from -40%).
  • Changed the phrasing of the Dark Waters effect to be more consistent with other game terminology.

New Skill: Astrology


Astrology is the final Skill to be added to Melvor Idle for v1.0.

Now, ignore all the modern day Horoscope nonsense and let me take you back to medieval times where Melvor Idle is set.

Astrology is all about discovery of the Stars, or “constellations” as they are referred to in Melvor Idle. Utilising your knowledge of these constellations to empower your character with bonuses in almost every Skill in the game.

The idea behind Astrology was to go back to the complete basics of Melvor Idle and implement a Skill that provides nothing but bonuses to you. There are no external GP Costs, Item Costs, Level requirements or anything within this Skill. It is something that can be solely trained alone without the help of another external Skill.

Everything you need to level up and unlock new bonuses comes from Astrology itself.

At heart Astrology is a “gathering” Skill. A Skill that can be trained all the way until Level 99 without requiring anything else. It’s a breath of fresh air from the complexity the game has to offer with the recent Skills added to the game.


There are 11 unique constellations for you to study, each assigned two different Skills that can be boosted.

You are able to study these constellations to earn Skill XP, unlocking their benefits as you continue to progress. Studying any constellation will provide a chance for two new resources to be acquired automatically - Stardust and Golden Stardust.

Within each constellation you will find 6 different Stars that each grants a random modifier. The modifier that is applied to these stars can be rolled by you at a cost of Stardust or Golden Stardust, and are chosen from a predetermined list of modifiers that are visible within the constellations themselves.

The Modifiers you roll are active at all times, and will remain active until you decide to reroll it for a new one.

Standard and Unique Modifiers

The modifiers you are able to roll are separated into two distinct categories - Standard Modifiers and Unique Modifiers.

Standard Modifiers are largely the same within all constellations, depending on whether the Skill they benefit is Combat related or not. Each constellation houses 3 stars that can contain one Standard Modifier each. These are rerolled at the cost of Stardust.

Unique Modifiers provide bonuses unique to that constellation only, and are generally great modifiers to have active throughout the game. Each constellation houses 3 stars that can contain one Unique Modifier each. These are enrolled at the cost of Golden Stardust. But be careful, Golden Stardust is quite rare to come by.


Although Astrology is simple in terms of its mechanics and purpose in the game, it has been designed with future expansion in mind. This skill opens up a lot of different avenues for the game, and will eventually provide a lot of unique mechanics to the game which will be quite noticeable in the Level 120 Content Expansion.

Right now, the Skill is all about giving you nothing but bonuses. In the future, it will be the doorway to new mechanics and pathways when leveling up a character.

Astrology will also help you with the challenges to come in Endgame Content Pt.3 and beyond.

4th Equipment Set

With the introduction of Astrology being the final Skill added to the game, it’s time to finally give you one of the most requested additions.

You are now able to purchase a 4th Extra Equipment Set from the Shop. It requires Astrology Level 99 and Coins.svg 100,000,000 to unlock. This will be fantastic for a Skilling setup.

New Potion

We have added a Secret Stardust Potion to Herblore which will greatly assist in your Astrology training, even well beyond Level 99.

Statistics 2.0

It’s been a long time coming, but I can finally introduce you to the new Statistics 2.0 that has been included in this update.

The aim for this rework wasn’t necessarily to provide you with every single stat imaginable, but it was more to rework the whole system behind the scenes that will allow for very easy implementation of new stats in the future.

With this rework, many stats have either been reset or are sitting at 0. This is due to it not being possible to track statistics that were never tracked in the first place.

Of course, we have added more stats for more Skills alongside this.

We have added statistics for the following:

All non-Combat skills now have these additional stats:

  • Total actions performed
  • Time spent in Skill
  • Total items created
  • Total resources used
  • Total resources preserved

Some new notable Stat additions:

  • Account Age (Not retroactive)
  • Signet Ring Halves Missed

You will continue to see many new Statistics over coming updates and Expansions.

Updated Completion Log

The Completion Log has finally received its well overdue facelift!

This update brings in new UI enhancements, and some lovely celebration animations so you can party with yourself for achieving a massive Milestone in a single player game.

New Completion Log UI

The Completion Log has moved to its own page, where you can select the Completion Category you wish to view, as well as see a total completion progress bar at the top!

Updated Item Log

  • The Item Log now as some minor UI changes to make it look nicer.
  • You can now search for items within the Item Log.
  • Hovering/tapping on a hidden item will now tell you the name of the Item that is yet to be discovered.
  • There’s a few new Item Log filtering options - Show All, Show Discovered Items, Show Undiscovered Items.

Updated Monster & Pet Log

  • Minor UI facelift of the Monster & Pet Log, increasing the size of the images.
  • Monster Log is now separated into Normal Monsters and Dungeon Bosses at the bottom.

New Milestone Celebration Animations

Upon reaching a Milestone, you will now be greeted with a lovely fireworks display to congratulate you on your achievement.

Milestones that activate the animation
  • Reaching Level 99 in any Skill
  • Achieving 100% Completion
  • Achieving 100% Mastery
  • Achieving 100% Items
  • Achieving 100% Monsters
  • Achieving 100% Pets

Updated Popup UI for Milestones

Some Milestones have received a new UI to better communicate the achievement you reached:

  • Leveling up any Skill now has a nice popup at the top of the screen.
  • Achieving Level 99 Mastery for any item will provide a similar popup at the top of the screen.
  • Fireworks :D

Tutorial Island

This is well overdue, but we finally got there in the end!

Tutorial Island has been added to the game which will guide new players through the basic mechanics and Skills that Melvor Idle has to offer.

Upon beginning a new Character, you will drop into Tutorial Island and be required to complete basic tasks. It’s quite similar to how Old School RuneScape does it, and it should provide the player with enough basic knowledge to get going on their adventure.

If you do not want to do the Tutorial, you can skip it with the required button.

I hope the addition of Tutorial Island will assist players with the initial overwhelming feeling you generally receive when first loading up the game. It takes roughly 10-20 minutes to complete.

Tick-Based Skills

We promised a little while ago that eventually all Skills will transition to a Tick-Based system, just like Combat and Thieving currently are.

The benefits of Tick-Based Skills means you can progress through a Skill at an identical rate online as you can offline. It also means development of skills is a lot easier for us because we do not need to manage two separate code bases for online and offline functionality.

Tick-Based Skills also provide the benefit of Mastery bonuses applying at the exact time you level up, meaning you do not need to log in to the game to activate Mastery bonuses.

This update transitions two Skills to the new Tick-Based System:

The transition to Tick-Based also means the Controlled Heat & Perfect Swing Potions now work offline!

Mining also received a minor QoL update in the process:

  • Mining nodes now passively regenerate 1 HP every 10 seconds.
  • Depleting a node will still act the same as before and restore it to full HP after a set time period.

A lot of reported Mining bugs were also rectified in this transition. We will detail those below in the Bug Fix change list.

Offline Time Cap Increase

Now that the game is finally complete, and we have a total of 23 Skills for you to train, I was now able to look at the whole picture and see what changes would benefit the player the most.

The Offline Time Cap of 12 hours is reasonable, up until a certain point. I solely believe that as more content is added to the game, this time cap should gradually increase alongside it.

The Offline Time Cap has been increased to 18 hours for all players.

Now, this does not mean every content update will come with an increase. It simply means that it is an area I consider upon updating the game. Nothing is always set in stone, and I’m always listening to feedback around to game in areas like this.

New Farming Plant Option (QoL)

The addition of Passive Cooking and utilisation of multiple Farming ingredients made it clear that Farming needed a slight adjustment to help with your crop management.

This update comes equipped with a new “Plant All Selected” Farming option.

You can now assign any seed to a plot in the respective seed category, and the game will plant that seed in that plot when you press this button.

This means you are now able to grow many different crops at the same time with the click of a single button.

The new planting option is unlocked for everyone, there is no shop upgrade required to activate it.

Looting QoL

This is one of the most discussed and suggested changes Melvor Idle has ever seen. I don’t think there is a day that goes by where a suggestion to do something about the Looting mechanic, especially for late game players.

As the development of the game progressed, and the content you faced became harder, it became clear that the absolute requirement to have the Amulet of Looting equipped for your grinds was not a good mechanic to have.

In general, it is okay to use it for part of the game, but not for everything you face after acquiring it.

These changes aim to make Looting a bit better for all players, and also open up an Amulet slot for late game players taking on harder content.

  • Running from Combat will now automatically loot everything in the Loot container. No more accidental lost loot.
  • Loot Container Stacking Shop Upgrade - Unlocks the ability for all items to Stack within the Loot Container.
  • Increased the Loot Container to 100 slots, up from 16. This should allow for a majority of items to stay inside the loot container with the stacking shop upgrade unlocked.

These 3 changes when combined should provide a much better looting experience for all.

New Melvor Idle Logo & Branding

As you have already noticed, Melvor Idle has a brand new logo!

This is something I have always wanted to explore, and now with 1.0 just around the corner, it was the perfect time to get it done.

I am absolutely in love with how the logo turned out, and I believe it really shows the personality Melvor Idle has to offer.

Alongside the new logo, I have many new assets and artwork to use on various platforms to keep everything consistent and in line with the game’s design principles.


Important Note: Localisation will not be activated until 1.0 is officially released on November 18.

Melvor Idle will now be localised in the following 13 different languages:

  • English
  • French
  • Italian
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Turkish
  • Traditional Chinese
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Korean
  • Japanese

This will hopefully open up the game to many new players around the world, and will allow for more people to enjoy the game in their native language.

Every update, including changelogs and store pages, will be localised in the same 13 languages.

Other Changes

Here is a list of other new things and changes that did not fit in the above categories.


  • Equipment that provides bonuses based on other items being equipped now have colour matching borders around them to indicate that the bonus is active
  • The effects of a monster being Afflicted during the Into the Mist dungeon is now viewable as an Enemy Passive.
  • If you missed it above, the Controlled Heat & Perfect Swing Potions now work Offline.


  • A large amount of code related to the game's interface has been changed in preparation of localizing the game. You hopefully won't notice any changes (if you do please let us know), but this may break Scripts/Extensions.
  • Increased the quantity of Bones from Bone Offering from 2 to 3.
  • Increased the quantity of Holy Dust from Blessed Offering from 2 to 3.
  • Slayer Area effects now visually update based on your current amount of Slayer Area Effect Negation
  • You can now receive the Leech, Ice Monster, Skeleton, Zombie Hand, Zombie and Ghost as Slayer tasks.

Bug Fixes

What good is a Major Update without a lot of bug fixes? Here is the list so far:

  • Fixed Mining Rock respawn/HP/Damage not calculating correctly.
  • Fixed issues with Mining calculations while offline, usually resulting in less progress when training Offline.
  • Fixed issue where Mining Nodes would not respawn on rare occasions.
  • Fixed issue where Mining would switch the ore you are training on when exiting the game.
  • Fixed broken current pickaxe banner.
  • Fixed Offline Mining not providing Mastery pool XP.
  • Fixed issue where you were not able to start another skill after depleting a rock in Mining until it respawns.
  • It is no longer possible to apply debuffs from attacks to enemies that are immune to an attack type.
  • Ancient Magick tooltips no longer show negative numbers of dungeon clears left
  • Fixed "Magic Weapon required" text showing up when a magic weapon was equipped (and vice versa).
  • Fixed Corrupted Golbin Raid history causing the game to crash.
  • Fixed Offline Progress after Golbin Raid not working for Combat or Thieving.
  • Fixed issue where player attack bar was rendering incorrectly after manually eating during a special attack.
  • Fixed issue where Combat Triangle tooltips would not update on player attack type change.
  • Fixed Decay/Confusion applying more than once per attack turn.
  • Fixed issue where Damage Over Time effects (e.g. Burn, Bleed) could get stuck.
  • Fixed the View Monster Drops button showing drops when not in combat.
  • Fixed the View Monster Drops button showing that bones/items dropped from monsters in dungeons when they don't.
  • Added padding to the bottom of the UI for Mobile layouts, fixing issues with overlaying UI elements like the Combat Minibar..
  • Fixed being able to start casting Alt. Magic spells with no item selected.
  • Fixed Alt. Magic interface not updating properly after offline Alt. Magic progress.
  • Mastery completion should now update without requiring a game refresh.
  • Fixed Github issue #1535: Alt. Magic Displays Incorrect Sale Price.
  • Fixed Github issue #595: Christmas Cracker button 'Find a Friend' activates last read item.
  • Fixed Github issue #1089: Crow + Bear synergy doesn't function as written.
  • Fixed Github issue #660: Opening chests resets number. Also fixed other item quantity sliders in the bank resetting their positions.
  • Fixed Github issue #1188: Broken current pickaxe banner.
  • Fixed Github issue #1144: Seed counts in Farming 0 while doing Golbin Raid.
  • Fixed Github issue #1257: Purchasing Compost or Weird Gloop through Farming icons doesn't update counter.
  • Fixed Github issue #1159: Offline Mysterious Stone calculation is wrong.
  • Fixed Github issue #1314: Mole + Octopus Synergy is consumed every Fishing action.
  • Fixed Github issue #1369: Ent + Monkey synergy not using Monkey tablets while Woodcutting online.
  • Fixed Github issue #1438: No Steel Bar recipe option for Salamander Familiar.
  • Fixed Github issue #1466: Witch tablet used when doing Alt. Magic.
  • Fixed Github issue #1483: Number input can go below 0 when selling
  • Fixed issues with purchase requirements not updating when receiving items, GP, or Slayer Coins while on the shop page or in a quick buy menu.
  • Fixed Github issue #1490: Plants with 2 seeds aren't shown with seed pouch.
  • Fixed Github issue #1487: Cooking Gloves increase success chance by 20 and not 10.
  • Fixed Github issue #1445: Mole + Pig Cooking Synergy consuming 4-5 familiar charges per Cooking action.
  • Fixed Github issue #1168: Leprechaun + Salamander synergy does not yield Steel Bars.
  • Fixed Github issue #493: Navigation panel on left disappears and won't reappear.
  • Fixed Adventure Mode XP notices not being removed on combat level increase.
  • Fixed Adventure Mode XP notices not rendering on game load.
  • Fixed Adventure Mode XP notices not showing up for tick based skills.
  • Fixed Github issue #372: Signet Ring Half (a) cannot be obtained from Farming.
  • Fixed Github issue #524: View Item Stats in the bank compares to current equipment set and not the set selected to equip to.
  • Fixed Github issue #1393: Passive Cooking doesn't need available ingredients.
  • Fixed issues with Skill Glove purchasing failing to give gloves/charges in some cases.

Alpha v0.22.1 - (6th October 2021)

New Features

  • Added visual interval indicators to both Active and Passive Cooking buttons.
  • The Cloud is currently auto-saving on a 4 hour interval.

Changed Features

Bug Fixes

Alpha v0.22 - (29th September 2021)

Thieving Rework

Thieving has always been one of the most lacklustre Skills in the game. Providing no real benefits to the game apart from a few items, as well as having no purpose late game other than to pickpocket the Farmer was a sure enough factor to rework the Skill.

The aim of this rework is to transition the Skill into an early to mid-game Skill while providing unique bonuses and content that you cannot find anywhere else. We also wanted to ensure Thieving remained viable and somewhat important late-game by the use of consumable items you can only obtain via this Skill.

Due to the nature of this rework, it was not possible to award any Thieving Offline Progress if you were doing so when the update dropped. You will be greeted with some flavour text upon your return.

New NPCs and Unique Drops

We have introduced 15 brand new helpless NPCs for you to pickpocket, many of which are home to unique items that can only be found in Thieving.

NPCs also now reside in different areas or locations (kind of like Fishing). Alongside the unique drops from the NPC themselves, you are also able to find unique "area" items which only drop from NPCs within the respective location.

Some of the new drops provide bonuses to Skills or Combat, while others are simply worth a good amount of GP when you sell it.

You may even find some exotic crafting materials, which can be used to make special pouches and bags to aid in your adventures even more.

The Art of Stealth

This rework introduces two new mechanics known as Stealth and Perception.

Perception is a measure of how difficult an NPC is to steal from, while Stealth is how good you are at stealing. Your Stealth competes against an NPC's Perception.

  • Your success rate is determined by: [math]\displaystyle{ 100 \times \tfrac{100 + \text{Stealth}}{100 + \text{Perception}}\% }[/math]
  • Your chance to double items is increased by: [math]\displaystyle{ 25 \times \tfrac{\text{Stealth}}{\text{Perception}}\% }[/math]
  • Your chance to receive an NPC's unique item is: [math]\displaystyle{ \tfrac{100 + \text{Stealth}}{100 \times \text{Perception}}\% }[/math]

Stealth can be increased in a number of ways.

Balance Changes

Thieving has been completely rebalanced. The old NPCs have had their level requirements and XP amounts readjusted. Combining this with the addition of new NPCs, leveling Thieving should now be much smoother, and make a decent amount of GP along the way.

Unchanged Reduced Increased

Furthermore, anything that used to provide bonuses to Thieving success rate or success rate cap have been changed to provide increases to Stealth or other bonuses.

Interface Overhaul

The interface for Thieving has been completely redone.

NPCs are now displayed in areas, similar to Fishing. Information, such as doubling chance and Thieving interval, are now also shown, similar to Smithing or Fletching.

A "Show Drops" button has been added. This allows you to see your GP gains, as well as potential loot drops from an NPC. Drops are hidden by the use of a question mark until you find them at least once.

Thieving is Now Tick Based

Thieving has now been transitioned to be tick-based system, just like Combat. This has resulted in the following benefits:

  • Thieving now has the same resistance to browser throttling that Combat has
  • Offline and Online Thieving are now consistent with each other as they use the same codebase
  • Mastery now levels up offline and provides the benefits immediately, instead of using the fixed Mastery level you had when you went offline
  • Food is now consumed while Thieving offline
  • You can now perform offline Thieving even if your success rate isn't 100%; however, it is now also possible to die

Cooking Rework

The long awaiting Cooking Rework is here!

The aim of this rework is to provide a large rebalance to the use of Food throughout the game, while also providing more options to the Player in what they wish to produce.

Some much requested Quality of Life features have been added, alongside a new “Passive Cooking” mechanic that should provide an extra pair of hands throughout your Melvor journey.

Offline Progress will be awarded for those who were Cooking Offline when the update dropped. Your Offline Progress will be subject to the changes and new mechanics listed.

Cooking Furnace and Cooking Pot

Alongside the Cooking Fire, we have now introduced the Cooking Furnace and Cooking Pot.

These new Cooking Utilities (that's what I call them) unlock a wide range of new unique multi-ingredient products you can cook and use in Combat or Thieving.

They act the same way as the Cooking Fire does, while also providing their own unique bonuses within Cooking itself.

Each Cooking Utility is home to different types Food for you to Cook that can only be obtained by using the respective Fire, Furnace or Pot.

These are required to be purchased from within the Shop prior to being able to use them.

Active Cooking and Passive Cooking

A new mechanic you will notice straight away is the Active Cooking and Passive Cooking buttons implemented into the Cooking UI for each Cooking utility.

Active Cooking

This is your standard way to Cook Food. This will provide you with Skill XP, Mastery XP, Mastery Pool XP and all relevant bonuses relating to the Food you are Cooking.

Only one product can be Actively Cooked at any given time.

Passive Cooking

A brand-new way to Cook Food which will assist with your progression throughout the game.

Passive Cooking is a method of food production that can be done alongside the food you are Actively Cooking, at the same time.

Any Cooking utility that is not being used can perform Passive Cooking as long as you are Actively Cooking something on a different Cooking Utility.

For example: You can be Actively Cooking Fish and can start Passively Cooking Food on the Furnace and Pot at the same time.

Passively Cooked Food is added to something called a “Stockpile”. There is one Stockpile for each Cooking Utility, and this Stockpile can only house one type of Food until it is collected by you. The game will not let you Passively Cook anything if the item sitting in the Stockpile is different from the one your are attempting to produce.

Passive Cooking comes with some very important mechanics that you need to be aware of:

  • No Skill XP, Mastery XP, Mastery Pool XP or Bonuses are provided to Passively Cooked Food. This is solely a Food production mechanic.
  • It takes 5 times as long to Passively Cook a Product than it does to Actively Cook (subject to balance during Test).
  • Recipe costs are the same.
  • Passive Cooks do not count as an "action", therefore they cannot roll for Pets, Mastery Tokens, or other Global Rare Items.

Passive Cooking does work Offline, and your Passively Cooked Food will be stored in your Stockpile. The Offline Progress notification will tell you what has been stored in the stockpile.

In the event you stop Actively Cooking something, all items you are Passively Cooking will also stop. You cannot Passively Cook until you are Actively Cooking something.

Perfect Cook

Perfect Cook is a new mechanic that produces an upgraded version of the base product you are Cooking, providing extra Food Healing values as well as a much higher base Sale Price.

Each Active Cook action has a chance to provide a Perfect product. This chance can be increased using Mastery and other means. It is possible to acquire 100% Perfect Cook chance at later stages of the game.

Perfect Cook is classed as a bonus; therefore, it is not possible to produce a Perfect product using the Passive Cook mechanic.

There is a Setting on the Cooking Page and also in the Settings Page to enable or disable Perfect Cooking. If you do not wish to receive Perfect Items, you can simply toggle it off.

Successful Cook and the removal of Burnt Items

One thing we discussed during the planning process was the use that burnt food provides to the game.

We were quick to decide that burnt products add literally no benefit to the game. This led to the decision that burnt products will no longer be obtainable as we transition to a Successful Cook mechanic.

Now, products that fail to cook will be yeeted into oblivion, providing nothing for your efforts to Cook something delicious.

For those concerned about a specific item that requires Burnt Cave Fish to obtain – take a look at the drop table for the Tentacle Monster in Sandy Shores.

This also means all Burnt Food, except the Burnt Cave Fish, is no longer required for 100% item completion (they are also worth Coins.svg 0 now).

New Shop Upgrades

Along with the rework, we have two new Shop upgrades for you to purchase.

These are Quality of Life upgrades that will help streamline your progression.

  • Cooking Upgrade 1 - Automatically equip Food that is Actively Cooked if that Food is already equipped, or an empty Food slot is available. This can be toggled on or off.
  • Cooking Upgrade 2 - When running out of Food in Combat, automatically swap to a different Food Slot that contains food. This can be toggled on or off.

Food Source & Usage Rebalancing

Along with all the new content added within this rework, we need to address another part of the update.

This rework gave us the opportunity to look at the whole picture in terms of Food and how it is used throughout the game and come to a solution to balance this to our expectations of the game.

Here are the main points for the rebalance (details below in changelog):

  • Healing value for all Farming products has been nerfed quite a lot, in favour of using these products in Cooked Products.
  • The base interval for Cooking Carps, Sharks, Cave Fish, Manta Rays and Whales has been increased.
  • The base sale price for above-mentioned Fish has been increased to accommodate for the increased intervals.
  • The minimum base interval in Fishing for all Cookable Fish has been increased. Maximum base interval remains unchanged. This means on average they will take longer to catch.

It's all well and good to address the Food itself, but we also took the opportunity to address food usage within Combat which will also provide some interesting new mechanics throughout the Combat Areas:

  • All Monsters within the Spider Forest Dungeon now have a Special Attack which introduces the brand new Poison mechanic.
  • All Monsters within the Icy Hills Combat Area, and Frozen Cove Dungeon now have a Special Attack, introducing the brand new Frostburn ailment.
  • All Monsters within the Dragon Valley Combat Area now have a Dragonbreath Special Attack (weaker than existing ones). This also means these Monsters that appear in the Dragons Den also contain the new Special Attack.
  • All Monsters within the Arid Plains Slayer Area now have a Lesser Sandstorm Special Attack. The Sand Beast keeps its existing Sandstorm Special Attack.
  • The Elementalist now has 4 different Special Attacks. All with a low chance to proc, they will either inflict Stun, Burn, Freeze or Frostburn upon you.
  • The Bandit Leader in the Bandit Base Dungeon has a new Special Attack.
  • The Elder Dragon in the Dragons Den also has a Special Attack now.
Nerfed Buffed

New Agility Obstacles

  • Tier 3 - Burning Coals - +3% Cooking Skill XP, +5% Successful Cook Chance, -5% Damage to all Monsters.
  • Tier 5 - Rooftop Run - +3% Thieving Skill XP, +20% GP gained via Thieving, -0.2s Thieving Interval, +35 Stealth, -10% Damage to All Monsters.
  • Tier 8 - Sweltering Pools - +3% Mastery XP in Cooking, -3% Cooking Interval, +10% Healing Value for Food, +10% Auto Eat Efficiency, -20% Global Preservation Chance.

New Potion UI

The Potion UI has got a massive facelift, bringing a brand new design and functionality to help guide you through your Potion hoarding issues.

The brand new Potion UI comes equipped with:

  • Brand new UI inside of a popup that is much more pleasing to look at, with a layout that can fit more Potions on one screen.
  • You can now disable an active Potion by clicking the "Cancel" button.
  • You can now toggle "Auto Re-use Potion" on a per Skill basis from the new UI. This is no longer a Global Setting (remember, Combat is still classed as one Skill).
  • Added new filter settings to hide selected Potion Tiers. Your active Potion will always show.

Ancient Sword Rework

Something I wanted to highlight was the changes made to the Ancient Sword. It was a very lacklustre weapon, and was always overlooked in favour of other weapon choices. This rework aims to address the issues and give it a unique place in the game.

The Ancient Sword now:

  • Provides +20% Damage to all Monsters when you have 100% HP.
  • Has a Special Attack chance of 100%, meaning it will always proc.
  • Is roughly 2 times more common to obtain from the Pirate Booty chest.
  • Has a reduced Special Attack Lifesteal bonus of 20%, down from 25%.

Hopefully these changes make the weapon a viable choice for those around the mid-game.


New Features

  • Added 15 new Cooking Products that can be Cooked.
  • Added a "Perfect Cook" version for all products that can be Cooked. These items have 10% more HP Healing Value and 50% more Item Sale Price than their originals.
  • Added 2 new Cooking Utilities - Furnace & Pot (obtained via the Shop).
  • Added 3 new Cooking Ingredients to the Materials section of the Shop.
  • Added new Farming Allotment - Cherries (and Cherry Seeds).
  • Added new Farming Tree - Apples (and Apple Tree Seeds).
  • Added 15 New Thieving NPCs.
  • Added 54 New Unique Items to Thieving.
  • Added 3 New Agility Obstacles (listed above).
  • Added 8 New Shop upgrades for Cooking.
  • Added 4 New Crafting Recipes for Skilling Bags.
  • Added a Fletching Recipe for Jadestone Bolts. Jadestones can be acquired via Thieving only.
  • Cooking Upgrade 1 - Automatically equip Food that is Actively Cooked if that Food is already equipped, or an empty Food slot is available. This can be toggled on or off.
  • Cooking Upgrade 2 - When running out of Food in Combat, automatically swap to a different Food Slot that contains food. This can be toggled on or off.
  • The Potion UI has been reworked and updated, now giving you nicer filtering options as well as more settings for Potions.
  • You can now enable/disable Auto Reuse Potions from the new Potion UI for each individual Skill. This is no longer a global setting.
  • Cherry Seeds can now be obtained from Bird Nests.
  • New Special Attack Debuff - Poison - Deal 10% of max HP as damage over 10 seconds.
  • All Monsters within the Spider Forest Dungeon now have a Special Attack - Venom (25%) - Applies Poison on hit.
  • All Monsters within the Icy Hills Combat Area and Frozen Cove Dungeon now have a Special Attack, introducing the brand new Frostburn ailment - 30% chance when Enemy hits you applies Frostburn which slows you for 10% for 3 turns and deals 3% of your Current HP as damage (in addition to existing damage) for each of the turns.
  • All Monsters within the Dragon Valley Combat Area now have a Dragonbreath Special Attack (weaker than existing ones). It also has a chance to apply Burn to you. This also means these Monsters that appear in the Dragons Den also contain the new Special Attack.
  • All Monsters within the Arid Plains Slayer Area now have a Lesser Sandstorm Special Attack. The Sand Beast keeps its existing Sandstorm Special Attack.
  • The Elementalist now has 4 different Special Attacks. Each with a 5% to proc, they will either inflict Stun, Burn, Freeze or Frostburn upon you.
  • The Bandit Leader in the Bandit Base Dungeon has a new Special Attack - Rapid Fire (20%) - Buffs Enemy Attack Interval by +10% for 2 turns and fires a volley doing 2 normal hits.
  • The Elder Dragon in the Dragons Den also has a Special Attack now - Burning Fireball (40%) - Shoots a fireball dealing 450 damage and applies Burns if hit, avoidable.
  • Chickens now also drop up to 4 Raw Chickens (don't ask me how).
  • Egg Chest from the Chicken Coop Dungeon now drops up to 40 Raw Chickens (50% chance).
  • Cows now also drop up to 4 Raw Beef.
  • Added new Skilling Items to their respective Skilling Minibars.
  • The mini sidebar option in the Settings is now saved.
  • Added a Level 50 Thieving Mastery Bonus: -0.2s Thieving Interval.
  • Added Monster -0.2s Respawn Timer to Agility Combat Pillar.
  • Quantities for Item Recipes in crafting-related skills now display their exact quantity on mouse hover / tap.
  • Added a loot table to the Golbin Thieving NPC.
  • The Book of Occults now also provides +20% Summoning Max Hit.
  • The icons for costs within the Shop now have tooltips.
  • Added +10% Agility GP Gain to Agility Skillcape as an additional bonus to the existing one.
  • Steam Only - Added Zoom Levels for 110%, 120% and 130% in Settings.

Changed Features

  • The Setting menu has been revamped to use toggles and dropdowns.
  • Improved the contrast of damage splashes, and made them appear on the HP bar at the point that damage was taken.
  • The Spend Mastery XP screen is now sorted for Agility, Thieving and Farming.
  • Chickens now have a 50% chance to drop Feathers due to Raw Chicken drop, down from 100%.
  • Chickens can now drop up to 90 Feathers, up from 45 to accommodate for the Raw Chicken drop inclusion.
  • Cows now have a 50% chance to drop Leather due to Raw Beef drop, down from 100%.
  • Cows can now drop up to 6 Leather, up from 3 to accommodate for the Raw Beef drop inclusion.
  • Egg Chest now has a 50% chance to drop Feathers to accommodate for the Raw Chicken drop inclusion.
  • Increased Feather drops from Egg Chest to 1,000 , up from 400 .
  • The Plant now drops up to 3 Potatoes, up from 1 .
  • The Plant now has a 100% chance to drop an item on death, up from 75%.
  • Changed the bonus of Thieving Gloves to +75 Thieving Stealth.
  • The Ancient Sword now additionally provides +20% Damage to all Monsters when you have 100% HP.
  • The Ancient Sword special attack now has a 100% chance (up from 20%). The lifesteal of the attack has been decreased to 20% (down from 25%).
  • The Ancient Sword is now roughly 2 times more common from Pirate Booty.
  • Changed the bonus of the Thieving Skillcape to -0.5s Thieving Interval, +100% GP from Thieving and +150 Thieving Stealth.
  • Buffed Regeneration Potions. They now provide +[30, 60, 100, 150]% Hitpoints Regeneration (up from +[3, 5, 8, 12]%) and have [15, 25, 40, 60] charges (up from [5, 8, 10, 15]).
  • Changed the bonus of Gentle Hands Potions to +[15, 30, 50, 75] Thieving Stealth.
  • Changed the increased Thieving success rate of Gloves of Silence to +50 Thieving Stealth and -0.1s Thieving Interval.
  • The Thieving Game Guide has been rewritten with information on the new mechanics.
  • Renamed the Farmer NPC to Bob the Farmer.
  • Adjusted the loot tables of the Lumberjack, Fisherman, Chef, Miner and Knight NPCs.
  • Refactored the Shop menu. It should have improved performance and now update more consistently.
  • Reduced the base GP values of all Agility obstacles by 20%.
  • Changed the 10% Thieving Mastery Pool Checkpoint Bonus to +30 Thieving Stealth, +3% increased Thieving XP.
  • Changed the 25% Thieving Mastery Pool Checkpoint Bonus to -0.2s Decreased Thieving Interval, +3% increased Thieving Mastery XP.
  • Changed the 50% Thieving Mastery Pool Checkpoint Bonus to +100% increased gold from Thieving.
  • Changed the 95% Thieving Mastery Pool Checkpoint Bonus to +100 Thieving Stealth, chance to gain unique area items from Thieving is tripled.
  • Changed the level scaling Thieving Mastery Bonus to: +1 Thieving Stealth per Mastery Level, +1% GP from Thieving per Mastery Level.
  • Changed the level 99 Thieving Mastery Bonus to: +75 Thieving Stealth.
  • Changed the drop rate of Chapeau Noir from 1 in 10000 to 1 in 20000.
  • Cris, the Cooking Pet, now provides +5% chance to double items in Cooking. Nothing changed other than the wording to accommodate for the inclusion of non-Fish Food.
  • Cooking Gloves from the Shop now provides +10% chance to successfully Cook an item, instead of "Never burn an item".
  • Increased Bank Slot Shop purchase limit on Hardcore Characters to 88, up from 78.
  • Changed the Leprechaun + Monkey Synergy to: Upon receiving a Common Drop from Thieving, automatically sell it for 1500% of its base sale price.
  • Changed the Pig + Mole Synergy to: Cooking Success Rate is capped at 75%. Grants 100 Coal Ore when failing to Cook Food.

Bug Fixes

This list is quite small due to the amount of bugs that were hotfixed over the last few weeks.

  • Fixed display of Agility modifiers on 99 Mastery obstacles.
  • Fixed skill gloves being unbuyable from the shop when lost from dying or Alt. Magic.
  • Fixed issue where popups would sometimes replace the Welcome Back from Offline popup.
  • Dismissing the Offline Combat Disabled message (without enabling it) will now keep that notice dismissed on reload for that character only (you need to dismiss it once per character per device).
  • Fixed actions that interrupt your attack (e.g. manually eating) not resetting multi-hit special attacks.
  • Fixed game using wrong Combat Triangle in Adventure and Hardcore mode.
  • Fixed global player object being reassigned when viewing equipment stats in Golbin Raid (this fixes a number of issues with the bank showing raid equipment, and burying Bones not giving Prayer points).
  • Fix Dragon + Minotaur Synergy removing modifiers from player when player burn DOT was removed while enemy was spawning.
  • Fix DOTs not saving correctly.
  • Fix Dragon + Minotaur Synergy not being applied when loading the game.
  • Fix Unicorn + Wolf Synergy giving only 1% Bleed lifesteal. It now provides the correct 50%.
  • Fixed bank sort order of (G) Dragon Helmet and Hard Leather Gloves.
  • Fixed Skilling minibar not updating when gaining an item that belongs on it.
  • Fixed Bones selected in bank showing that they grant 0 Prayer Points.
  • Fixed Smithing Gloves tooltip on Smithing Page.
  • Fixed Pet Master Achievements on Steam requiring pets that don't count for completion.
  • Fixed Finn, the Cat's description on Adventure mode.
  • Fixed Summoning Milestones using the old images for familiars.
  • Fixed Alt. Magic not highlighting in sidebar when casting Alt. Magic spells.
  • Fixed Alt. Magic spells not unlocking when returning from offline progress or tabbing out.
  • Fixed typo in Mole + Salamander synergy (verion -> version).
  • Fixed async bugs with offline pause feature. This should fix the "null" errors that popped up frequently.
  • Fixed multiple offline progress modals from tabbing out not working correctly.
  • Development Roadmap & Privacy Policy link on character selection should now work.
  • IOS Only - Potentially fixed issue causing App to crash on load when connected to WiFi.
  • Steam Only - Zoom Level from Settings will remember its value and default to it on load of a Character.

Alpha v0.21 - (13th August 2021)


This Major Update is a lot different than all previous ones released. It focuses on providing an extremely important feature to the game, as well as fixing a lot of issues that have been present.

The lack of new content or changes to explore in this update might be disappointing to some, but I hope what it does provide is the functionality and stability you have been looking for in Melvor Idle.

I also want to point out that pretty much all credit for this update must be handed over to Coolrox95. He was the one who developed the Combat Rewrite and Offline Combat portion of this update. It has allowed for easier growth and scalability within the game, and also enabled one of the most important and highly requested features of the game to become a reality.

I ask that you pass on all thanks to him for this, as this update is not mine to take any credit for.

Combat Rewrite

It was well overdue, but the complete rewrite of Combat has been done. This rewrite will allow for faster development, as well as cleaning up many inconsistencies that exist throughout the previous Combat system.

What has Changed?

Most of the rework focused on the back-end side of things, changing the way Combat itself works and operates behind the scenes.

From a general player perspective, you won't notice much of a change at all. There are a few new QoL additions which are detailed below.

The most important change is that Combat has been transitioned to a tick-based system. What this means is that Combat performs its operations every 50ms, allowing for accurate calculations as well as increasing general performance.

New Stuff & QoL

There's a few new features and QoL that you will enjoy:

  • All buffs and debuffs will now display as an icon next to your HP (as well as the Enemy's). They also contain a tooltip detailing their effects and a number showing how many turns are remaining on the debuff.
  • Improved Damage Splashes allow for better visualization of when players/enemies are damaged and healed, and what source the damage is from.
  • Special Attack descriptions that contain buffs/debuffs will now highlight the buff/debuff in a different text colour.
  • Hot-swapping equipment is now possible, which means you can swap gear with a full bank and not have to worry about clearing a slot to unequip something if it is a direct swap.
  • Equipping a two-handed weapon, Javelins or Throwing Knives will now display that same weapon within the 2nd slot it takes up (slightly faded image).
  • There is now a Setting to disable Combat Progress bars if they are causing performance issues.
  • Due to the tick-based functionality, the new Combat system will mitigate browser throttling automatically by comparing timestamps and awarding you the correct progress if a large enough difference is detected.

There has also been some changes to Player Stat Calculations which will make them consistent across the board.

Changes to Player Stat Calculations

Several formulas for player stat calculations have been tweaked slightly to make them consistent with the stat calculations of enemies, as well as correcting some inconsistencies between the different ranged, magic and melee calculations. Overall these changes have resulted in a slight buff to players in combat. Outlined below are the changes to each of the core stats.

Melee & Ranged Max Hits

The base calculation for Melee and Ranged max hit has remained the same and is as follows:

[math]\displaystyle{ \text{Mat Hit} = \left \lfloor \text{Gamemode Multiplier} \times \left (1.3 + \frac{\text{Effective Strength Level}}{10} + \frac{\text{Strength Bonus}}{80} + \frac{\text{Effective Strength Level} \times \text{Strength Bonus}}{640} \right ) \right \rfloor }[/math]

Strength bonus refers to the bonus provided by equipment. Gamemode Multiplier refers to the multiplier to all HP related values for a gamemode. This is 10 for Standard and Hardcore mode, and 100 for Adventure mode. Effective Strength Level is calculated from the player's skill levels and any hidden levels. This calculation has been changed for players to be consistent with enemies as follows:

Effective Melee Strength Level

Old: [math]\displaystyle{ \text{Strength Level} + \text{Hidden Strength Levels} + 8 }[/math]

New: [math]\displaystyle{ \text{Strength Level} + \text{Hidden Strength Levels} + 9 }[/math]

Effective Ranged Strength Level

Old: [math]\displaystyle{ \text{Ranged Level} + \text{Hidden Ranged Levels} + \text{Style Bonus} }[/math]

New: [math]\displaystyle{ \text{Ranged Level} + \text{Hidden Ranged Levels} + 9 }[/math]

Note: The style bonus for the Accurate style has been changed to just provide +3 Hidden Ranged Levels. Overall this change increases the Effective Ranged Strength level by +9.

Magic Max Hits

The base calculation for magic max hit as remained the same for players:

[math]\displaystyle{ \text{Max Hit} = \left \lfloor \text{Gamemode Multiplier} \times \text{Spell Max Hit} \times \left ( 1 + \frac{\text{Magic Damage Bonus}}{100} \right ) \left ( 1 + \frac{\text{Magic Level} + \text{Hidden Magic Levels} + 1}{200} \right ) \right \rfloor }[/math]

Magic Damage Bonus is the percent bonus provided by equipment.

Enemies have been changed to use the same formula as players, and have had their spell selection and magic damage bonuses adjusted to produce similar max hits as before, resulting in slightly lower values overall.

Evasion Ratings

The base calculation for evasion ratings is as follows:

[math]\displaystyle{ \text{Evasion Rating} = \text{Effective Defence Level} \times \left ( \text{Defence Bonus} + 64 \right ) }[/math]

Melee Evasion

The effective Defence level calculation has been changed to be consistent with Ranged and Magic Evasion.

Old: [math]\displaystyle{ \text{Defence Level} + \text{Hidden Defence Levels} + 8 }[/math]

New: [math]\displaystyle{ \text{Defence Level} + \text{Hidden Defence Levels} + 9 }[/math]

Ranged Evasion

The effective Defence level calculation has remained the same as:

Effective Defence Level: [math]\displaystyle{ \text{Defence Level} + \text{Hidden Defence Levels} + 9 }[/math]

Magic Evasion

The effective Defence level calculation has remained the same as:

Effective Defence Level: [math]\displaystyle{ 0.7 \times \left ( \text{Magic Level} + \text{Hidden Magic Levels} \right ) + 0.3 \times \left ( \text{Defence Level} + \text{Hidden Defence Levels} + 9 \right ) }[/math]

Accuracy Ratings

The base calculation for accuracy rating is as follows:

[math]\displaystyle{ \text{Accuracy Rating} = \text{Effective Attack Level} \times \left ( \text{Attack Bonus} + 64 \right ) }[/math]

The attack bonus is the bonus provided by equipment.

Melee Accuracy

The effective Attack level calculation has been changed:

Old: [math]\displaystyle{ \text{Attack Level} + \text{Hidden Attack Levels} + 8 }[/math]

New: [math]\displaystyle{ \text{Attack Level} + \text{Hidden Attack Levels} + 9 }[/math]

Ranged Accuracy

The effective Attack level calculation has been changed:

Old: [math]\displaystyle{ \text{Ranged Level} + \text{Hidden Ranged Levels} + \text{Style Bonus} }[/math]

New: [math]\displaystyle{ \text{Ranged Level} + \text{Hidden Ranged Levels} + 9 }[/math]

Note: The style bonus for the Accuracy style has been changed to just provide +3 Hidden Ranged Levels. Overall this change increases the Effective Attack Level by +1.

Magic Accuracy

The effective Attack level calculation has been changed:

Old: [math]\displaystyle{ \text{Magic Level} + \text{Hidden Magic Levels} + 8 }[/math]

New: [math]\displaystyle{ \text{Magic Level} + \text{Hidden Magic Levels} + 9 }[/math]

Summoning Max Hit

Summoning max hit has been changed to combine the values of both Summons. Previously it was the largest value of both Summons.

Offline Combat

Along with the rewrite, Offline Combat has also been added.

Offline Combat follows the same rules and functionality of all other Skills in the game. There is a 12 hour Offline cap, and you will be provided with your experience and items upon returning to the game.

The benefit of a tick-based system really shows here, allowing for players to log back into the game at the exact moment they would be if they were training Online.

Here is a breakdown of general Offline Combat features:

  • Offline Combat is calculated exactly as it would be if you were training Online.
  • Returning from an Offline Session will continue exactly where you would be if you were training Online. This includes the progress of a Dungeon, the HP of you or the Monster, and also how far into an Attack you are.
  • All dynamic modifiers to players and enemies are taken into account while Offline, including temporary modifiers from special attacks.
  • All Combat content can be completed Offline, with the exception of Into the Mist where you will return to the game at the start of the first boss fight (due to the Dungeon Pause mechanic).
  • Auto Slayer works Offline, and follows the same rules as Online does when selecting a new Monster to fight.
  • Amulet of Looting works Offline and will collect all Loot, as long as you have the available Bank space. Training without this Amulet will cause your loot to fill up the loot container (max 16 slots).
  • Bone Necklace works Offline and will bury all Bones that are dropped automatically.
  • All Combat Summoning Familiars and their respective Synergies work Offline.
  • Offline Progress popup will display relevant XP gained, Monsters killed, food consumed, Prayer Points Used, Runes & Arrow consumption, Slayer Coins earned, Summoning Tablet usage, number of Slayer Tasks completed.
  • Yes, it is possible to die Offline (more details about this below).

Dying Offline

As mentioned above, it is possible to die while Offline in Combat.

Dying while Offline will result in the same consequences as dying Online. This means losing an Item for Standard/ Adventure Characters and losing your Character entirely for Hardcore Characters.

If you die Offline, Combat will not progress. There is also no way of the game notifying you that you died while away due to the nature of the game.

To help mitigate the risk of accidental deaths, these have been added to the game:

  • Offline Combat is disabled by default, and must be enabled by the Player.
  • Attempting to enable Offline Combat will display a large warning screen, where a Player must agree to the listed points before being able to turn it on.
  • Offline Combat can be disabled at any time. Re-enabling will require the same points as above to be agreed upon again.
  • You can now view the stats and special attacks of Monsters you have killed from the Monster log.

Offline Combat is DISABLED by default for all Characters. You will be required to enable it for each Character if you wish to use it (you won't miss the notification in game). This can be enabled/disabled as you please from the Settings page.


New Features

  • Combat has been completely rewritten from the ground-up, transitioning to a tick-based system in the process.
  • Offline Combat has been introduced, allowing for all Combat content to be completed Offline in the exact same manner as it would be done Online.
  • Offline Combat can be enabled/disabled, which comes with a warning popup that must be agreed to every time you wish to enable Offline Combat.
  • Returning to the game during an Offline Combat session will continue exactly where it would be if you were training Online.
  • Combat now performs all required calculations every 50ms instead of set intervals, allowing for more accurate gameplay as well as increased performance.
  • Added icons for Buffs and Debuffs to the game that display next to HP values within Combat. These icons contain a Tooltip detailing their effects as well as a number showing how many turns are remaining until it disappears.
  • Improved Damage Splashes allow for better visualization of when players/enemies are damaged and healed, and what source the damage is from.
  • Hot-swapping equipment is now possible, which means you can swap gear with a full bank and not have to worry about clearing a slot to unequip something if it is a direct swap.
  • Special Attack descriptions that contain buffs/debuffs will now highlight the buff/debuff in a different text colour.
  • Equipping a two-handed weapon, Javelins or Throwing Knives will now display that same weapon within the 2nd slot it takes up (slightly faded image).
  • New Setting has been added to disable Combat Progress Bars.
  • New Setting has been added to disable Combat Damage Splashes.
  • New Setting has been added to disable Preservation notifications.
  • A button has been added to the Marks Page within Summoning, allowing you to jump to the Create Familiar screen relating to that Mark.
  • Quick buying of items from the Shop has been added. Items within crafting-related Skills now contain a small Shop icon in the top left corner can be clicked to quickly buy more of that item via a small popup window. This functionality has also been added to Compost and Weird Gloop within the Farming Page.
  • You can now see which Agility Obstacle is currently built within the "Build Agility Obstacle" window.
  • A small tick now displays on the Skilling Minibar to represent if that particular item is currently equipped in your active Equipment Set.
  • The Max Skillcape will now display on the Skilling Minibar, alongside the button for the Skill's respective Skillcape. This will only display once you have purchased at least 1 Max Skillcape.
  • Added a "View Monster Stats" window to the game, allowing you to view the stats and Special Attacks/Passive of Monsters you have killed. This can be accessed by clicking the Monster's image in the Monster Log.
  • Search Summoning Synergies page now contains an icon of the Skill relating to the Familiar in the top left corner.
  • The new Combat system will now attempt to mitigate browser throttling automatically by comparing timestamps and awarding you the correct progress if a large enough time difference is detected.
  • A large popup will now display if your Force Save to the Cloud does not succeed for whatever reason.
  • There is also a nice new notification confirming if the Cloud Save was successful.
  • The confirmation popup when attempting to load a Save while connected to the Cloud will now also display the save's timestamp.

Changed Features

  • Player Stats such as Max Hit, Evasion Rating and Accuracy Ratings have been adjusted as per the above breakdown.
  • Increased the amount of Bank Slots a Hardcore Character can buy to 78, up from 68.
  • All images for Items have been converted to PNG format (they were previously SVG). This should drastically increase performance throughout the bank, specifically with banks that contain over 100 items.
  • "Attack Speed" is now known as "Attack Interval" throughout the entire game to allow for clear descriptions of Modifiers.
  • Ku-tul now has a Max Hit for Normal Attacks of 765, up from 10.
  • Reduced Glacia's Magic Damage Bonus to 8, down from 17. This is due to the above stat changes to ensure her Max Hit does not increase above her intended Max.
  • Reduced Malcs, the Leader of Dragons' Strength Level to 669, down from 700. Due to the above stat calculation changes, his Max Hit has increased by 1.
  • Buff - Burn DOT Effect - Now deals damage equal to 15% of Current HP over 2.5s (up from 15% Current HP over 5s). "Current HP" refers to the HP of the Player/Enemy the Burn effect is applied to.
  • Buff - Pig + Ent Synergy - +15% chance to receive +1 Cooked Food in Cooking. Cannot be doubled (up from 1%).
  • Buff - Wolf + Unicorn Synergy - +50% Lifesteal from Bleed damage (up from 1%).
  • Buff - Ent + Monkey Synergy - In Woodcutting, +30% chance for a random Silver or Gold Jewellery to drop instead of a Bird Nest (up from 1%).
  • Buff - Mole + Leprechaun Synergy - When successfully pick pocketing the Miner in Thieving, +20% chance to get a random Gem (up from 10%).
  • Buff - Pig + Leprechaun Synergy - The Chef in Thieving now deals no damage to you. Now also Grants +1 Base Items from the Chef.
  • Cloudburst Staff - New Special Attack Name & Description (still works the same, no mechanical changes) - Magic Ray (100%) Converts your selected Standard Magic Spell into a Magic Ray, dealing up to 40% of your normal damage 5 times over 1.6s. On a hit, gives the enemy +15% Attack Interval for 2 of the enemy's turns. Consumes Runes per hit.
  • Sandstorm Ring - Special Attack is now Melee Only and cannot be used if you are using a Ranged or Magic Attack Type. It will not display in the Special Attack list if it cannot be used. Now requires Attack Level 50 to equip. Special Attack chance is now 15%, down from 20%. Damage dealt is now 1% - 15% of Current Player HP, down from 5 - 15%.
  • Sand Beast's Sandstorm Special Attack - Damage dealt is now 1% - 15% of Current Enemy HP, down from 5 - 15%
  • The format in which Local Saves are stored has changed. Local Saves now only store the compressed string into Local Storage. It no longer stores each individual save item. Old save formats are automatically converted to the new format upon loading. Old saves are still compatible with this version.


  • "Most Recent Save" banner on the character selection screen now displays accurately (this was hotfixed roughly 6 weeks ago).
  • Smithing Gloves now correctly provide +50% Smithing Skill XP (additive).
  • Merged Coal Ore drops from Mining Skillcape and general Mining on the Welcome Back screen.
  • Offline Progress spinner on the Welcome Back popup no longer causes a scroll bar to appear and disappear rapidly.
  • Inconsistencies with mouse icon on horizontal menu items in crafting-related skills has been fixed.
  • Issues loading into the game from Offline Progress that cause errors have mostly been rectified.
  • Activating Offline Thieving by switching tab or minimizing the game will now consistently activate the Offline session, gaining the correct amount of XP.
  • Skilled Fletching Potion III no longer provides a 10% bonus instead of the intended 15% bonus.
  • Burning status icon in Combat is no longer displayed on Player permanently, without taking burn damage.
  • Ranged Strength is no longer calculated twice if Throwing Knives/Javelins are equipped (was only a visual bug).
  • Fixed comma notation on the Runecrafting Screen for currently selected item.
  • Rare issues of Auto Eat using more food than intended should be fixed.
  • Priest Hat no longer increases Prayer Costs by 1.
  • Offline Woodcutting now correctly provides double log bonuses.
  • Max Skillcape and Cape of Completion no longer provide a larger HP regen bonus than intended.
  • Summoning now correctly applies the cost reduction bonus obtained at Level 99 Mastery.
  • Slayer Platebody (Elite) no longer provides +15% Slayer XP Bonus instead of the intended +30%.
  • Double clicking loot will give both the clicked loot and the loot to the right without removing the right side loot allowing infinite duplication.
  • Issue that caused the "Sell x" textbox in the Bank to lag considerably during long play sessions when changing the value has been rectified.
  • Performance around equipping and unequipping items have been greatly improved.
  • Tooltips within the Bank no longer have a slight delay when displaying due to high item counts.
  • Very rare occurance of dying twice within the Fire God Dungeon has been fixed.
  • Memory Leak issues should be mostly eliminated for Steam users.
  • Slayer 'Cancel' New Task selection button no longer disappears when Monsters respawn.
  • Slayer Sidebar Menu item is now highlighted while training, instead of Thieving.
  • Fixed rare occurrence of dungeons icons not working while fighting the second+ Monster.
  • Dropped Loot tooltips now correctly show item descriptions, special attacks or healing value.
  • Hitpoints label is no longer unhighlighted after equip/burying something from the bank or changing attack style.
  • Runic Ruins Magic Evasion debuff is now applied correctly while using Magic.
  • Rare occurrence of super fast attack interval within the Golbin Raid should be fixed.
  • Combat Skill Progress Bars should be fixed and no longer show incorrect progress.
  • Golbin Raid should now correctly set your character unlocks back to the intended values when leaving or dying within the Raid. This includes Prayers and Magic Spells.
  • Activating Prayers now correctly turns the text of Prayer in the Sidebar green.
  • Special Attacks persisting after weapon swapping in Golbin Raid should be fixed.
  • Rare occurrence of fluctuating damage values for the Tidal Edge should be fixed.
  • Lack of description on Summoning Attack Bar tooltip within Combat is now fixed.
  • Summon attacks that miss in Combat now correctly display a Miss indicator.
  • Finding the Red Herring within the Golbin Raid will no longer break everything.
  • CPU usage due to progress bars within Combat should now use much less CPU.
  • Issue with Crafting unintentionally using Combat Doubling Chance has been fixed.
  • Ancient Magicks tooltip displaying how many clears are remaining should no longer go into negatives.
  • Mud Runes are now inside the Combination Runes array.
  • Ent + Monkey Synergy no longer only uses charges on Bird Nest drop Online.
  • Ent + Bear Synergy no longer uses charges when the potion is inactive.
  • Octopus + Bear Synergy no longer uses charges when the potion is inactive Online.
  • Octopus + Bear Synergy now properly uses charges Offline.
  • Devil + Bear Synergy no longer uses charges when the potion is inactive.
  • Pig + Bear Synergy no longer uses charges when the potion is inactive.
  • Pig + Devil Synergy now properly uses charges in Cooking Online.
  • Mole + Octopus Synergy no longer only uses charges on gem drop.
  • Mole + Salamander Synergy no longer uses charges even when Mining Ores with no smeltable output.
  • Mole + Bear Synergy no longer uses charges when the potion is inactive.
  • Salamander + Ent Synergy charges no longer use the incorrect interval resulting in inaccurate Summoning XP provided Offline.
  • Salamander + Octopus Synergy no longer uses the incorrect interval resulting in inaccurate Summoning XP provided.
  • Salamander + Pig Synergy no longer uses charges at the start of the interval.
  • Salamander + Pig Synergy now properly uses charges Offline.
  • Salamander + Crow Synergy no longer uses the incorrect interval resulting in inaccurate Summoning XP provided Offline.
  • Salamander + Bear Synergy no longer uses charges when Smithing Gold Bars even though it didn't use the potion.
  • Salamander + Bear Synergy no longer uses the incorrect interval resulting in inaccurate Summoning XP provided Offline.
  • Salamander + Devil Synergy no longer uses charges when Smithing items without Coal requirements.
  • Leprechaun + Octopus Synergy actually halved the interval, instead of doubling it for Fisherman in Thieving lol.
  • Leprechaun + Pig Synergy no longer only uses charges when you fail the pickpocket while Online.
  • Leprechaun + Devil Synergy no longer incorrectly rolls the RNG value, resulting in inaccurate bonuses provided Online.
  • Monkey + Pig Synergy now properly uses charges Offline.
  • Monkey + Pig Synergy now properly uses charges when preserving resources.
  • Monkey + Bear Synergy no longer uses charges when the potion is inactive.
  • Crow + Salamander Synergy no longer uses the incorrect interval resulting in inaccurate Summoning XP provided Offline.
  • Crow + Bear Synergy no longer uses charges when the potion is inactive.

Alpha v0.20 - (11th June 2021)



Summoning is one of the largest and most in-depth Skills to have been released to date. It plays a large role in the world of Melvor, cementing its dark and rich history waiting to be uncovered by you.

This Skill requires you to utilize almost every single other Skill in the game in order to progress and unlock more content. As you continue to level up, you will unlock more powerful and unique benefits to give you that extra edge throughout the game.

Below outlines the basic mechanics of the Skill, and also provides an insight in what to expect from Summoning.


Discovering the existence of Summoning has provided you with the knowledge of a dark magic only told in tales.

You are given the ability to equip not only one, but TWO Familiars to aid you in your journey throughout Melvor.

There is a selection of 20 different Familiars, each one providing you with a unique passive bonus. They also use charges (just like Ranged Ammo), and are consumed every time and action is taken relating to the passive of your Familiar.

However, great power like this must be earned, and is only given to those who take the time to learn about the Familiar's respective Mark.

Combat Familiars

Half of the Familiars are classed as "Combat Familiars" and provide general benefits to assist within Combat.

On top of this, Combat Familiars also have the ability to attack enemies. They attack every 3 seconds, and have a pre-defined Max Hit (which is visible during Combat). Their accuracy/chance to hit is the same as yours.

And no, they cannot be hit or attacked by the Enemy :)


Hidden throughout the world of Melvor are the secrets that contain the true power of Summoning, granting the dark magic to those who discover them.

Upon discovering a Mark, you will be able to harness its power by creating Summoning Tablets based on respective Familiars, allowing you to utilize their benefits on your adventure.

These Marks can be further researched and leveled up to unlock even greater power relating to your Familiar in the form of Synergies.

If you happen to have the respective Familiar equipped while searching for further Marks, then the drop rate of the Marks will be doubled.

For those wondering - leveling up all the Marks to the maximum Level (4) is required for 100% completion. This is due to a new Pet that is being introduced (named Mark) that is unlocked once you achieve this goal.


Tales tell of an ancient bond that can be formed between two different Familiars. Although this has never been witnessed, it takes true knowledge to be able to achieve such a thing.

By leveling up your Marks, you will unlock Synergies between Familiars that grants an extra unique passive that is active as long as both Familiars are equipped. These passives are unique in what they provide, and can assist greatly during your training.

Synergies are unlocked when their respective Mark levels meet the requirements. Higher level Marks unlock higher tier Synergies.

There are roughly 90 Synergies to unlock and discover.

To make it easier for you, there is also an integrated Synergy Search function within the game that allows you to search for any unlocked Synergy with ease. This search functionality also allows you to equip this Synergy directly from the search results.


Shards are the core ingredient for Summoning Tablet creation, and can be obtained only from the Shop at a cost of GP.

All Summoning Tablets use a variety of Shards in their creation, and there are 6 different coloured Shards to utilize.

Tablet Creation

Tablet Creation is very similar to all other crafting related Skills in the game.

However, Summoning adds another element to this process in the form of "Alternate Recipes". You will find that many of the Summoning Tablets you can create have multiple recipes to select from. Some even have up to 20 different recipes!

The quantity of items required within the recipes are weighted against the base sale price of the item.

There is a recipe for every stage of the game you're at, but not all of them will be efficient.

Leveling the Skill

As is the theme of this Skill, leveling it is a little bit different than all the others.

There are two ways to earn Skill XP:

  • Creating Summoning Tablets
  • Using Tablet charges, by equipping the Familiar and using them in the game

The Summoning Skill XP you earn while using charges is weighted against the interval of your action, as well as the Summoning Level required to unlock that Familiar. Generally this means that using a high level Summoning will give you more XP.

NOTE: Mastery XP can only be earned via Summoning Tablet Creation.

New Items and Content

With the introduction of a new Skill, there is also new items and content that come along with it. This includes:

Woodcutting Changes

Woodcutting has been causing some serious balance issues for the game, as well as any new content planning to be added. Specifically, it is the Multi-Tree upgrade you can purchase from the Shop that is causing these issues.

Multi-Tree allowed you to cut two trees simultaneously. This means each tree was running on its own timer and was rolling rare items for each of these actions. The result of this "double action" meant Woodcutting was always the go-to Skill for any rare items such as Mysterious Stones, Pets (like Ty, and future global Pets), Signet Ring Half (a), and was also the go-to for the Summoning content during testing (gaining upwards of 2,000,000 XP/hr).

The upgrade was one of the very first Shop items you could buy in the very early days of Melvor Idle (when there were only 5 Skills in total). It has stuck around since, and I'm actually surprised it lasted this long. The fact that no similar mechanics exist in other Skills should provide some evidence as to how I feel about this kind of mechanic in general.

Instead of leaving it as is and balancing around it or applying exceptions to Woodcutting only for current and future content, now was the right time to adjust the mechanics and bring the Skill back in line with the general feel of the game. However, I have done this in a way that retains the original purpose of the Multi-Tree Upgrade.

Summarized Changes to Woodcutting

  • Multi-Tree is now being combined into one single action.
  • Your action's interval is determined by the highest interval out of both trees you are cutting.
  • The XP you earn is weighted against the interval stated above. This means XP rates have not actually changed, and are staying the same.
  • Logs are provided in the same way XP is. However, the amount is rounded down as it is not possible to receive half of an item in this game.
  • Rare Items in the game roll on a per action basis. Combining Multi-Tree into a single action means you will only be provided with one roll per action, even though you're cutting two trees.
  • A complete visual representation on exactly what quantity of Items and XP you are receiving per action has been added.

Rare Item Drop Rates

In the initial Announcement, I mentioned drop rates for rare items were not changing. After testing this change on the Test Server for the last few weeks, and gathering data and feedback from players, I have decided to adjust drop rates for some rare items. At the end of the day, it was only fair that the entire game benefits off of a change like this.

Switching Woodcutting to a single action now allows me to buff global rare items without worrying about further snowballing the effects of the old Multi-Tree upgrade.

  • Increased global drop rate for Signet Ring Half (a) to [math]\displaystyle{ \frac{Level Req}{16,500,000} }[/math], up from [math]\displaystyle{ \frac{Level Req}{19,800,000} }[/math].
  • Increased global drop rate for all Mastery Tokens to [math]\displaystyle{ \dfrac{1}{\dfrac{18,500}{Milestones Unlocked}} }[/math] up from [math]\displaystyle{ \dfrac{1}{\dfrac{20,000}{Milestones Unlocked}} }[/math]
  • Increased global drop rate for Mysterious Stones to 0.025% per action, up from 0.015%.

Important Combat Adjustments

For those who may or may not know, there is a mechanic in the game where Players and Enemies can deal extra damage to one another depending on an existing status effect (like being Stunned).

There was a lot of confusion around the consistency with this mechanic, and how it should actually work. With this update, we have finalised the general mechanics around these status effects.

When the enemy inflicts one of the below status effects on you, a very noticeable popup will briefly display to let you know. This notification can also be disabled in Settings.

It is very important that you read what they do, as you may die unexpectedly if you do not.

  • Stunned/Frozen - The Enemy deals 30% extra Damage while you are stunned
  • Sleep - The Enemy deals 20% extra Damage while you are sleeping

Combat Triangle Changes

The Combat Triangle for all gamemodes has received some minor adjustments to the damage values. Below are the changes.

Player Style Game Mode VS Melee VS Ranged VS Magic
Old New Old New Old New
Melee Standard +0% +0% +10% +10% -10% -15%
Hardcore & Adventure +0% +0% +10% +10% -20% -25%
Ranged Standard -10% -15% +0% +0% +10% +10%
Hardcore & Adventure -20% -25% +0% +0% +10% +10%
Magic Standard +10% +10% -10% -15% +0% +0%
Hardcore & Adventure +10% +10% -20% -25% +0% +0%

Artisan Skill UI Updates

This update includes the start of the transition to a more clear and consistent UI throughout the game.

Starting with most Artisan Skills ( Smithing, Fletching, Crafting, Runecrafting, Herblore & Summoning), the UI will be moved to an icon-based layout that will provide all necessary information you seek.

Included in these UI changes is the ability to see your Preservation & Item Doubling chances, as well as how much Skill XP, Mastery XP and Mastery Pool XP you will earn for that action.

These changes will feed into the rest of the game in some way or another.

Please note that Skills will still retain their unique design. I am simply referring to the icon and image usage when talking about transitioning this to the rest of the game.

New Pets

  • Tim the Wolf (Summoning Pet): -1 Shard Cost when creating Familiars in Summoning
  • Mark (Level up all Summoning Marks to Level 4): +10% Chance to preserve Summoning Charges

New Monsters

New Features

  • Added Summoning to the game.
  • Added 20 Summoning Familiars (and their respective Tablets, which are items) to the game, all which can be created in Summoning.
  • Added 90 Synergies between Familiars, ready for you to unlock via leveling up Marks.
  • Added 20 Summoning Marks ready to be discovered by you, which unlock the Familiar's respective Tablets to create when found. NOTE: These are not items.
  • Added 6 Summoning Shards to the Shop, under the Materials section.
  • Tim the Wolf (Summoning Pet): -1 Shard Cost when creating Familiars in Summoning.
  • Mark (Level up all Summoning Marks to Level 4): +10% Chance to preserve Summoning Charges.
  • Superior Eyed Monster - Found in Strange Cave Slayer Area.
  • Eye of Fear - Found in Strange Cave Slayer Area.
  • New Item - Summoning Skillcape - +10% Chance to preserve Summoning Charges. +20% Chance to Preserve Resources in Summoning. +10 Base Quantity for Summoning Tablet Creation.
  • New Item - Mastery Token (Summoning)
  • New Item - Necromancer Potion - +1/2/3/5 Base Summoning Tablets created.
  • New Items - Necromancer Hat, Robes Bottoms, and Boots - Found in Slayer Shop - Passive: +2 Base Quantity for Summoning Tablet Creation. +2% Summoning Skill XP.
  • Added Summoning Synergy Search page links to the Combat Screen and Minibar. From here, you can search synergies and equip them by clicking on them (assuming you have the Synergy unlocked).
  • Smithing, Crafting, Fletching, Herblore & Runecrafting all have brand new layouts.
  • You can now search for Bank Items using their DESCRIPTION. This also means searching "Passive" will display passive slot compatible items.
  • New background image added to the game.
  • You can now claim Mastery Tokens directly from the Spend Mastery Pool XP screen.
  • Mastery Page now has progress bars.
  • Notifications now show for all GP related changes.
  • Items sitting in the loot container now have descriptive tooltips.
  • Cloud Saves now save in irregular intervals, starting at 15 minutes on all devices and increasing its interval every save if you are inactive/idle during that time.
  • The game no longer refreshes when selecting a character.

Changed Features

  • Slightly Adjusted Combat Triangle - You now deal 5% less damage than before if versus an Enemy with the opposing attack style.
  • Multi-Tree has been reworked to be combined into 1 action.
  • Reworked the contents of the Treasure Chest gained from Fishing. You can now get junk from this chest.
  • Buffed Otto & Peri drop rate to 1 in 7,500, changed from 1 in 10,000.
  • Adjusted loot tables for Eye monsters.
  • Dragons now drop more Dragonhide.
  • Ice Jump Agility Obstacle now requires 5,000 Crabs to build, instead of 5,000 Cave Fish.
  • Pillar of Combat in Agility - Increased Minimum Hit based on Max hit upped to 5%, up from 3%.
  • Pillar of Combat in Agility - Hitpoint regeneration is now a flat +50 (+500 for Adventure Mode) instead of +2%.
  • Pillar of Generosity - New bonus - +5% chance to preserve Summoning Charges.
  • Increased drop rate for Signet Ring Half (a) to [math]\displaystyle{ \frac{Level Req}{16,500,000} }[/math], up from [math]\displaystyle{ \frac{Level Req}{19,800,000} }[/math].
  • Increased drop rate for Mastery Tokens to [math]\displaystyle{ \dfrac{1}{\dfrac{18,500}{Milestones Unlocked}} }[/math] up from [math]\displaystyle{ \dfrac{1}{\dfrac{20,000}{Milestones Unlocked}} }[/math]
  • Increased the drop rate for Mysterious Stones to 0.025% per action, up from 0.015%.
  • New Cloudburst Staff Special Attack: Freeze Ray has changed: Now deals up to 40% damage 10 times over 2 seconds which always applies a slow, avoidable.
  • Cloudburst Staff - Increased Magic Attack Bonus to 45, up from 28.
  • Cloudburst Staff - Increased Magic Damage Bonus to 30%, up from 0%.
  • Ocean Song - Reduced chance to 35% and lowered damage to 1,350.
  • Increased Slash and Block Bonus for all 4 Godswords to 145, up from 125.
  • Ice Armour - All pieces now have 3% Damage Reduction.
  • Ice Shortbow - New special: 50% chance Frozen Shots: Deals a bonus 90 damage on top of hit and slows enemy by 10% for 3 turns.
  • Frozen Wind - Special Attack chance increased to 20%.
  • Sunset Rapier - Stab bonus increased to 72.
  • Warlock Amulet - Lowered spell heal to 10%.
  • Almighty Lute - Lowered GP% gain to 200%.
  • Bob's Rake - Passive increased to 50% chance.
  • Confetti Crossbow - Reduced price to 250,000 Slayer Coins.
  • Tormented Ring - All bonuses increased by 10. Defence lowered by 10.
  • Fighter Ring - Increased all existing bonuses to 18, up from 12.
  • Eyeballs are now worth Coins.svg 60 each.
  • Dragon Bones are now worth Coins.svg 200 each.
  • Magic Bones are now worth Coins.svg 300 each.
  • Enemy Special Attack - Confusion - Increased damage to 75% of listed max hit.
  • Enemy Special Attack - Chaotic Slam - Damage increased by 50.
  • Enemy Special Attack - Agility - Damage increased by 50.
  • Enemy Special Attack - Curse of Fear - Damage increased by 200 and is now avoidable.
  • Enemy Special Attack - Sandstorm - Now deals 1-15% of Enemy current HP as damage, up from 1-5%.
  • Enemy Special Attack - Whirlwind - Damage reduced to 550, down from 650.
  • Enemy Special Attack - Frigid Waves - Damage reduced to 780, down from 900.
  • Enemy Special Attack - Icy Chill - Chance reduced to 5%, down from 10%.
  • Enemy Special Attack - Ice Break - Damage increased to 360, up from 325.
  • Enemy Special Attack - Ice Break - Removed "Damage is doubled if you are frozen/stunned".
  • Enemy Special Attack - Meteor Shower - Damage reduced to 850, down from 900.
  • Enemy Special Attack - Tail Whip - Damage reduced to 690, down from 750.
  • Enemy Special Attack - Penetrating Claws - Damage reduced to 640, down from 700.
  • Water Monster - Reduced Melee Strength Bonus to 18, down from 35.
  • Murtia - Reduced Strength Level to 430, down from 525.
  • Murtia - Reduced Melee Strength Bonus to 0, down from 22.
  • All the new Monsters from v0.18 that had no GP drops now have GP drops lol
  • Amulet of Looting will no longer yeet items if your bank is full. Instead, it will drop the failed loot into the loot container.
  • The number of dungeon completions required to unlock respective Ancient Magick spells will now update the count dynamically with how many are remaining.
  • Magic Logs are now worth Coins.svg 400, up from Coins.svg 300.
  • Removed the item notifications that display when returning an offline session. The popup tells you what you got, no need to double dip and output notifications as well. This saves on performance as well when loading in.


  • Corrected some combat functions using the incorrect damage value dealt to enemies.
  • It's no longer possible to accidentally equip an item by double clicking it while using the Move Item or Sell Item toggles in the Bank.
  • Fixed issue where Agility Obstacle GP costs would not display the correct value due to number formatting.
  • Fix offline Woodcutting Skill XP, Mastery XP, item count and Bird Nest issues.
  • Bank hover tooltips now show correct sale price.
  • Background image now sizes correctly based on screen resolution.
  • Fixed Slayer Platebody (Elite) providing lower benefit than intended.
  • Fixed damage reduction still not capping on Combat Triangle modifiers.
  • Optimized a lot of loading functions.
  • Side menu no longer opens when dragging items in bank.
  • Locked logs in the Firemaking dropdown menu are no longer white in dark mode.
  • The Sandstorm Ring can no longer turn into an ALT item in Golbin Raid.
  • Golbin Raid Prayer Menu does not reset after finishing a Raid.
  • Golbin Raid Prayers no longer stay active when dying in the Raid.
  • Book of Occults Passive now works correctly.
  • Pet & Monster Completion Steam Achievement no longer unlock before 100%.
  • Mastery 99 Production Skills no longer turn white upon spending mastery points.
  • Enemy attacks no longer deal 1 extra damage than listed.
  • Non-Combat tab in sidebar no longer disappears completely when minimised using the eye icon.
  • Skull Cape no longer provides its bonus to Alt. Magic.
  • Switching tabs back and forth with offline Fishing no longer allows you to catch at least 1 fish every time, regardless of interval.
  • Cape of Completion now correctly provides the Slayer Area Negation bonus.
  • Fixed Cape of Completion visual error with Mastery Checkpoints.
  • Sandstorm Ring special attack no longer uses any Runes or Prayer Points.
  • Passive Slot item not showing in "View Equipment Stats" modal.
  • Alt. Magic no longer deselects an item when returning from Offline Session.
  • Total Raid Coins stat in Golbin Raid now displays correctly.
  • (G) Mithril Shield now correctly requires 250 Gold Bars to upgrade, down from 500 Gold Bars.
  • Fixed issue where Offline Cooking was producing higher Skill XP & Mastery XP than intended based on preservation chance.
  • Gentle Hands Potion now applies correctly.
  • Auto Eat icon no longer sticks around when leaving Golbin Raid if you don't have it unlocked yet.
  • Increased Damage To Dungeon Monsters now works correctly when the monster is present in Slayer/Combat areas.
  • Mastery XP no longer goes from 0 to 1 when loading the game.
  • New Characters now correctly start with Hitpoints Level 10, instead of Hitpoints Level 9
  • All items can now be upgraded with the x10, x100, x1000 and xAll options.
  • Ancient Magicks should now unlock after dungeon completions.
  • Darksteel Dagger now correctly applies extra flat bleed damage.
  • The "Select your Food" menu in Cooking now has a scroll bar to access all Food.

Alpha v0.19.2 - (1st April 2021)

April Fools Event

Welcome to the next Event Update for Melvor Idle!!

This update celebrates Melvor Idle's 2nd favourite day of the year - April Fools!

This year, we've decided to turn it up a bit and provide you with something fun and chaotic to enjoy for a few weeks.


CHAOS MODE is an all new limited gamemode for you to try! Coming equipped with an array of fun mechanics and features for you to mess around with.

The idea behind Chaos Mode is to get as far as you can in the shortest amount of time. I personally won't track the time, but the Gamemode will only be playable for a few weeks.

The rules of CHAOS MODE are simple:

  • Item Corruption is unlocked
  • 25% Interval Reduction on all Skills and Attack Speeds (Including Enemy)
  • All Enemies you face will have at least 1 random Passive
  • All equipped items are lost on Death
  • Same Combat Triangle as Hardcore & Adventure Mode
  • Golbin Raid is not available
  • Don't fight a Chicken

Item Corruption

Item Corruption is only available in CHAOS MODE.

You are given the power to use the Weapons & Gear you make or find, and turn them into completely random modifiers that either benefit you, or make your adventure a living hell.

Item Corruptions are applied to a Combat Equipment Slot, and are permanent as long as you don't roll another modifier. This means you have 10 "slots" to add random corruptions to.

These Item Corruptions cost GP to perform, equal to the value of the Item. There is a chance for the item to be destroyed, because why not? Corruptions are also based on a tier system, where the higher tier modifiers provide larger bonuses, as well as having more modifiers active at once.

Here is the tier list:

  • Tier 1 - Base Item Values < 200 GP - 1 Random Modifier - Low Modifier Value Range (+/-30) - 40% Chance to Destroy the Item
  • Tier 2 - Base Item Values < 10K GP - 2 Random Modifiers - Medium Modifier Value Range (+/-50) - 30% Chance to Destroy the Item
  • Tier 3 - Base Item Values < 400K GP - 3 Random Modifiers - High Modifier Value Range (+/-75) - 20% Chance to Destroy the Item
  • Tier 4 - Base Item Values >= 400K GP - 4 Random Modifiers - Very High Modifier Value Range (+/-99) - 10% Chance to Destroy the Item

The item must be equipped to the respective Equipment Slot for a corruption to be applied. You don't need to keep the item in that slot to keep the Corruption though.

Other Silly Nonsense

In true April Fools fashion, there is a bunch of other silly nonsense through the game. Have fun with this!

New Features

  • Enemy Special Attack descriptions now display the damage value based on your Damage Reduction, instead of the base damage.
  • Your listed Max Hit now includes values from your Damage Modifiers (Not including Special Attacks).

Changed Features

  • Adjusted the styling of Character selection to display the Gamemode Icon more prominently, as well as making the Mobile design less "squished".
  • Cloud Saving has a new save format, reducing the Cloud Save file size by roughly 50% on average. You will see no changes on your end, and local saves are still saved the same as before. Massive thanks to Coolrox95 for his work on getting the file size down by this much.


  • It is now possible to purchase the Cape of Completion from the Shop again.
  • Glove charges now display again in the Shop.
  • Fixed issue where stun damage multipliers would be added twice on to an enemy.
  • Fixed incorrect Cloudburst Staff description in Adventure Mode.
  • Cleaned up back-end unused variables and functions.
  • Item statistic for "Damage Taken" is no longer added to "Damage Dealt".
  • Greater Dragonbreath no longer displays wrong damage value in description.
  • Divine Potion no longer provides double the intended effect.
  • Combat stat tracking no longer occurs for empty equipment slots.
  • Cloudburst Staff icon is no longer missing in Milestones.
  • Cleaned up Ranged Milestones.
  • Weird Gloop now provides the +10% Harvest Bonus correctly.

Alpha v0.19.1 - (18th March 2021)

Mobile Push Notifications

Introducing Mobile Push Notifications!

If you are a Mobile Player, or also use your Mobile Device to continue progress while away from the PC then you'll be happy about this.

You will now receive Push Notifications when you reach the Offline Time cap, or your crops in Farming are ready to grow!

Be sure to have Push Notifications enabled for your Mobile Device for these to work.

Link your Mobile Device

Within the Settings of the game, you can link your Mobile Device to your Cloud Account. This will allow the Desktop version of the game to schedule Push Notifications for you if you decide to close the game.

Just note that this can only be setup from the App itself on your Mobile Device.

New Features

  • Mobile Push Notifications have been introduced! Currently only active for Offline Time cap and Farming Timers.
  • New Settings to enable/disable Push Notifications.
  • New Setting to connect your Mobile Device to your Cloud Account, enabling the scheduling of Push Notifications to your Mobile Device if playing on a Desktop Version.

Changed Features

  • Herblore Potions have been mostly transitioned to the new Modifiers system.
  • Due to the Herblore Potion transition, multiplicative bonuses are now additive bonuses which means some numbers have changed. Below details the changes.
  • Melee Accuracy Potion - Now +[8, 12, 15, 25]% Increased Melee Accuracy Rating (additive) instead of [10, 15, 20, 30]% Increased Melee Accuracy Rating (multiplicative).
  • Melee Strength Potion - Now +[1, 3, 6, 10]% Increased Melee Strength (additive) instead of [2, 4, 8, 12]% Increased Melee Strength (multiplicative).
  • Melee Evasion Potion - Now +[8, 12, 15, 25]% Increased Melee Evasion Rating (additive) instead of [10, 15, 20, 30]% Increased Melee Evasion Rating (multiplicative).
  • Ranged Assistance Potion - Now +[4, 8, 12, 20]% Increased Ranged Accuracy & Evasion Rating (additive) instead of [5, 10, 15, 25]% Increased Ranged Accuracy & Evasion Rating (multiplicative).
  • Magic Assistance Potion - Now +[4, 8, 12, 20]% Increased Magic Accuracy & Evasion Rating (additive) instead of [5, 10, 15, 25]% Increased Magic Accuracy & Evasion Rating (multiplicative).
  • Magic Damage Potion - Now +[1, 5, 10, 15]% Increased Magic Damage (additive) instead of [2, 5, 9, 16]% Increased Magic Damage (multiplicative).
  • Crafting Potion has changed entirely - Now +[5, 10, 15, 25]% chance to double Items in Crafting instead of [5, 8, 10, 15]% chance for Double Crafting Skill XP.
  • Enemy Special Attack Descriptions now tell you about the "Normal Hit" mechanic. If the special attack buff is already active, enemy deals a NORMAL Attack. This is only a mechanic for special attacks that deal 0 damage, and simply buff the enemy for x turns.
  • Updated the Settings Page layout for Mobile / Narrow Screen Resolutions.
  • Most Special Attacks that alter Player Stats have been transitioned to the new Modifiers system. Some still need to be transitioned (like stacking debuffs and other unique ones) but its a start.


  • Ancient Ring of Skills now correctly applies bonus XP to Alt. Magic.
  • Gold Emerald Ring was providing bonuses Skill XP to Alt. Magic, when it shouldn't have.
  • Combat Loot drops now correctly roll the required Doubling Modifiers.
  • Scorching Ray Special Attack description displaying incorrect damage values.
  • Frozen / Stun damage increase not applying to enemies.
  • Crafting and Fletching not calculating skill interval incorrectly and inconsistency relating to the Mastery Pool bonus.
  • Almighty Lute providing more GP than intended.
  • Confetti Crossbow providing 10x the amount of intended GP in Adventure Mode.
  • Simultaneous death of Enemy and Player in combat now kills player.
  • Incorrect Damage Descriptions for Magic Gear providing increased Minimum Spell Damage.
  • Some Enemies are no longer able to activate a Normal Attack when they shouldn't be able to (e.g. Aeris)
  • Corrected the description for Gunter.
  • Prayer Points are no longer deducted upon activating/deactivating a Prayer.
  • Ty now rolls correctly online for Agility.
  • Ku-tul's "Curse of the Deep" is now avoidable, matching its description.
  • Mobile Ad Free versions have the minibar and notifications are no longer elevated too high.
  • Pirate's Lost Ring no longer provides an inconsistent Skill XP bonus.
  • Getting set to 0 HP by the first hit of a multi-hit enemy special attack now kills the player.
  • "View All Global Active Passives from Agility" now updates obstacle reductions based on Level 99 Mastery Bonus.
  • Longrange Attack Style now properly provides Hidden Defence Levels.
  • Cleaned up a lot of back-end code.

Alpha v0.19 - (4th March 2021)


It's been a while, but now is the perfect time to introduce our next Skill into the game.


Classed as a "Gathering" Skill, Agility is designed to provide numerous "Global Active Passives" to your character that can assist with pretty much all areas of the game. Almost all numbers can be affected by Agility in one way or another.

You are given the task of constructing your very own Agility Obstacle Course, with each obstacle you build coming equipped with different Agility XP rates, GP Rates, time to complete (Obstacle Interval) and Global Active Passives attached to it.

Starting at the very first obstacle, your character will complete each Obstacle in their respective order until a lap is complete. Upon completing a lap, you will restart the Obstacle Course and go again. You cannot choose which obstacle to start it, it is always the first.

Strategic planning and thinking will come into effect with this Skill, and how you utilise the various Obstacles is entirely up to you.


For every 10 Agility Levels, you will be provided with an empty spot to construct an Obstacle of your choosing. All obstacles are categorized to suit their respective position within your Agility Course, meaning you can't place an Obstacle anywhere you like. In total, there are roughly 43 Obstacles to build, each with individual Masteries to complete.

These Obstacles, as mentioned above, come equipped with various benefits, buffs and debuffs. It is up to you to make a decision as to which Obstacle is best suits your current needs.

Building an Obstacle is not free. There is always a GP cost attached to it, and some later obstacles require various extra Items to build.

Active & Inactive Obstacles

When building an Obstacle, the Global Active Passives provided are always active in most circumstances.

An Obstacle becomes inactive if there is a gap in your Obstacle Course prior to it. Inactive Obstacles disable their respective Global Active Passives. The gap must be filled before they reactivate.

Remember, if you cannot reach the Obstacle during your training, that Obstacle will be inactive. This also means you cannot gain any XP or GP from this Obstacle. Don't worry though, the game will tell you if an Obstacle is inactive.

Obstacle Cost Reductions

I'll be honest, Obstacles are not cheap, especially late game.

You will find yourself swapping Obstacles quite consistently based on what your current goal is throughout the game. To help with this, there is many ways you can reduce the cost of Obstacles to ease the burden of costs.

Here are some ways to ease the pain:

  • Every time you construct an Obstacle, you gain +4% Item Cost Reduction for that Obstacle only. Stacks up to 10 times maximum for a total of +40% Item Cost Reduction.
  • Reaching Level 80 Mastery will grant +10% Cost Reduction for that Obstacle only.
  • Reaching Level 95 Mastery will grant +10% Cost Reduction for that Obstacle only.
  • 50% Mastery Pool bonus grants +10% Cost Reduction for all Obstacles.
  • 95% Mastery Pool bonus grants +15% Item Cost Reduction for all Obstacles.
  • Agility Skillcape (and Max/ Completion Cape) grants +20% Cost Reduction for all Obstacles while equipped.

Item Cost Reduction is capped at 95%.

Agility Pet

With the inclusion of a new Skill, that also means a new Pet is introduced alongside it!

Sam - +15% GP from Agility.

Agility Potion

To help you along for this journey, a new Potion has been added to the game to give you that much needed, totally not illegal boost to your Obstacle Course training.

Performance Enhancing Potion - [2, 4, 6, 8]% Decreased Agility Interval. [10, 20, 30, 50] Charges.

And yes, a new Potion means new Masteries for Herblore ;)

Agility Skillcape

What good is a new Skill without a nice Cape to wear and brag about?

Agility Skillcape - 20% Global Agility Obstacle cost reduction.

Adventure Mode

The 3rd and final Official Gamemode that will change everything about the way you play the game.

Adventure Mode brings a whole new challenge to the game, forcing you to make strategic decisions at every step of your journey.

In this Gamemode, Skills are locked behind a GP cost that must be unlocked individually. Every time you decide to unlock a Skill, the cost of the next unlock increases.

At the start of the Gamemode, the only Skills available to you are Attack, Strength, Defence, and Hitpoints. Everything else is locked.

To help kickstart your new adventure, you are given a Bronze Weapon and 10 Basic Food. So generous, right?

Adventure Mode is also bound by the same Combat Triangle Modifiers you find in Hardcore Mode.

Sounds easy, what's the catch?

Leveling Skills in Adventure Mode is completely different to Standard. Non-Combat Skill Levels cannot go above your Combat Level.

When you eventually reach the maximum level, the Skill will still continue to train as normal, but you won't receive any further XP. You will need to go back into Combat, and level your Combat Level.

Summarized Rules of Adventure Mode

  • Skills are locked behind a GP cost to unlock.
  • Start with only Attack, Strength, Defence, & Hitpoints unlocked.
  • A Bronze Weapon and 10 Basic Food is provided in your bank at the start.
  • Your Non-Combat Skill Levels cannot go above your Combat Level.
  • Hitpoints, Damage, and Healing numbers are multiplied by a further 10 (just a visual change).
  • Harsher Combat Triangle Modifiers. Same as Hardcore Mode.
  • This is a safe Gamemode. It is okay to die.

Boss Pets

Boss Pets have finally arrived to the game!

These cute little critters can be found in every single Dungeon in the game. Upon killing a Boss in a dungeon, you have a chance of obtaining one of the Boss Pets!

These Boss Pets provide a small Combat bonus to assist you in your adventures.

For those curious, the Into the Mist Boss Pet requires 5 completions of the Dungeon. This is also unlocked retroactively, so there is no need to complete another 5.

Golbin Raid - Stage 2

The long awaited Stage 2 of the Golbin Raid Development Plan has finally arrived.

New Additions

  • The Raid Shop is now active. You can purchase upgrades, Items and Pets in this shop. All Items and Pets in the Raid Shop do not count towards completion.
  • Non-Combat skills will now go into offline mode during the Raid. This means you can train them while participating in Raids.
  • Added (Alt) Weapons to the Raid. (Alt) Weapons have a completely random Special Attack attached to them. You cannot see what the Special Attack will be, and the Special Attack does not change unless you pick a different weapon.
  • Prayer can now be unlocked and leveled up via the Raid Shop (for the Golbin Raid only).
  • The Combat Passive Slot can be unlocked via the Raid Shop. If unlocked, you have the option to acquire a Random Passive Item at the end of every 10 waves.
  • There is now a chance for the Golbins you face to have a random Passive attached to them. Be sure to look out for these and take note of why the Golbin you are facing is harder to kill than Ragnar.
  • You can now see the stats of items in the Item Selector. It also compares to what you currently have equipped.
  • You can now skip waves in the Raid at a cost of Raid Coins. This cost can be reduced via the Raid Shop.
  • New Item - Yellow Party Hat - Acquired in the Golbin Raid Shop. Does not count towards Item Completion.
  • New Pet - Preston the Platypus - Acquired in the Golbin Raid Shop. Does not count towards Item Completion.
  • New Pet - Jerry the Giraffe - Acquired in the Golbin Raid Shop. Does not count towards Item Completion.


  • Ranged Ammo count does not get replaced any more when selecting different Ammo. It simply replaces the Ammo and increases existing quantity.
  • Start with 500 of each elemental Rune, up from 100.
  • Start with 200 Bronze Arrows, up from 100 .
  • There's a few items in the Raid Shop to assist you with the Raid. These include increases to Quantity of Ammo, Runes and Food found during the Raid.
  • Ammo and Runes are now separate categories, instead of combined into one.
  • Due to the above change, these categories now give you the option of 2 different Ammo/Runes, plus an option to simply add quantity to your existing Ammo/Runes.
  • Reduced Golbin Max HP by 20%.
  • It is no longer possible to find the Wasteful Ring, Cape of Completion, Max Skillcape or Farming Skillcape in the Raid.
  • It is also no longer possible to roll Non-Combat Runes, or Combination Runes.

Bug Fixes

  • Refreshing the page during a Raid will now correctly end the Raid and record its stats.
  • Your equipment set should now correctly go back to its original after a Raid has been completed.

New Features

  • There is a brand new Welcome Screen, which includes seamless Cloud functionality as well as Cloud Account Management.
  • Added an announcement system to the game which allows me to post Announcements & News to Players without requiring a game refresh or restart.
  • It is now possible to create up to 5 different Characters.
  • Prices in the Shop are now colour coded so you know what you can and can't afford.
  • Added the Official Development Roadmap as a link in-game.

Changed Features

  • Started the complete overhaul to how Player Modifiers are handled in game. This should provide more consistency with how modifiers work, and will also speed up future development and management of the game by a lot. This also means a few items have changed in terms of how their bonuses work.
  • Skill Preservation chance is now capped at 80%.
  • Completely overhauled how the Shop works behind the scenes. You won't see much change with this, but it will allow me to add more Shop items with ease.
  • The Shop now displays all items that are available for purchase from the start, as well as what is required to unlock that Shop item.
  • Aorpheat's Signet Ring now provides +100% GP from all sources except Alt. Magic and item selling, instead of a flat double to item drops.
  • Slayer Skillcape now provides +25% Flat Slayer Area Effect Negation. Changed from 60% Area Effect Negation.
  • All God Upgrades now provide +15% to their respective bonuses (additive), instead of the previous 20% Increase (multiplicative). This is not a nerf, providing a higher bonus overall than before.
  • Amulet of Fishing now provides +15% Decreased Fishing Interval (additive). Changed from 20% Decrease (multiplicative). This is not a nerf, providing a higher bonus overall than before.
  • Woodcutting Skillcape now provides -15% Woodcutting Interval (Additive). Changed from 50% Decrease (Multiplicative). This is not a nerf, providing a higher bonus overall than before.
  • Guardian Amulet Base Attack Speed Slow is now +10%, down from 20%.
  • Enemy buffs/debuffs and Player buffs/debuffs now last for x Attack TURNS, instead of x Attacks (each hit). An Attack Turn is when an entire attack is performed. Multi-hit special attacks count as 1 Attack Turn
  • Rune Preservation now affects Alt. Magic.
  • Larry, the Lonely Lizard Pet now provides +15 Farming Quantity, up from +5.
  • Stone Skin Prayer now provides +3% Damage Reduction, down from +5%.
  • Stone Skin now costs 3 Prayer Points per enemy Attack, up from 2.
  • Adjusted the wording for the Protect Prayers to be more clear.
  • "Skills" wording changed to "Non-Combat" in the Sidebar/Menu.
  • Darksteel Dagger "Deadly Cut" now performs and attack that deals 200 damage + Enemy Bleeds for 4% enemy max HP over 10 seconds.
  • Sanguine Blade Special Attack chance is now 30%.
  • Sanguine Blade Special Attack now causes the Enemy to Bleed for 400% damage dealt if Enemy is on full HP, 250% if below full HP.
  • Sandstorm Ring now deals 5-15% of Player's current HP 10 times over 4 seconds.
  • Almighty Lute now grants +250% GP granted from slain Monsters, instead of 5x GP.
  • Malcs, the Leader of Dragons now drops Coins.svg 100,000- Coins.svg 150,000 on death, down from Coins.svg 150,000 - Coins.svg 225,000.
  • Defence Skillcape now provides +40 to all Evasion Ratings, up from +10.
  • Generous Resupply now contains Sharks instead of Manta Rays.
  • Standard Resupply now contains 150 Crabs, down from 200 Crabs.
  • Basic Resupply now contains 100 Lobsters, down from 200 Lobsters.
  • Basic Slayer Gear now unlocks after 15 Normal Slayer Task Completions, down from 20.
  • Slayer Gear Upgrade Kit (Strong) now unlocks after 25 Hard Slayer Task Completions, down from 30.
  • Slayer Gear Upgrade Kit (Elite) now unlocks after 30 Elite Slayer Task Completions, down from 40.
  • Slayer Gear Upgrade Kit (Master) now unlocks after 40 Master Slayer Task Completions, down from 50.
  • Elemental Potions now provide [Potion Tier * 2] quantity of a random Elemental Rune per Runecraft, instead of only 1.
  • Fisherman's Potions now provide +[3, 5, 8, 12]% chance to double Fish, instead of [3, 5, 8, 12]% reduced Junk chance.
  • Melee Accuracy Potions now provide [10, 15, 20, 30]% Increased Melee Accuracy Rating, up from [5, 10, 15, 25]%.
  • Melee Evasion Potions now provide [10, 15, 20, 30]% Increased Melee Evasion Rating, up from [5, 10, 15, 25]%.
  • Doubled the charges for Melee Accuracy Potions & Melee Evasion Potions.
  • Clicking "Select Character" from the User Dropdown menu will now send you back to Welcome Screen.
  • Moved the Changelog into the new "News & Changelog" tab in the Sidebar/Menu under the Settings link.


  • Offline Pet calculations updated to be more efficient.
  • Fixed inaccurate Confetti Crossbow effect description.
  • Logs sell price no longer has rounding issues.
  • Enemies will now die from debuffs/bleed/DoT when below 1 HP.
  • Master Slayer Gear will now affect Thieving drops.
  • Divine Potion IV chance to not consume Prayer Points (25%) did not match the item description (35%). Correctly applies at 35% now.
  • Gold Emerald Ring now gives the expected 7% bonus XP to Prayer.
  • Fixed Prayer XP providing more XP than intended.
  • Fixed a slight disagreement between a Skill's Mastery Percentage.
  • Ancient Ring of Skills now applies its bonus to Alt. Magic.
  • Offline Cooking now uses potions correctly.
  • Upgrade item window now shows change in Melee Attack Bonuses correctly.
  • Fish caught stat now counts correctly for Offline progress.
  • Reindeer Pet no longer appears in Pet list if not obtained.
  • Looting items manually now checks if your bank is full.
  • Duplicate Combat Loot bug should now be squashed.
  • Redemption Prayer now functions as intended.
  • Hunter's Ring passives now process correctly.
  • Hardcore Character death Steam achievement is now working.
  • Rags to Riches II Combination Rune's Nature Rune cost is now accurate.
  • Greater Dragonbreath Enemy Special Attack now deals the correct amount of damage listed in its description.
  • Fixed issues with character switching during Combat.
  • Chance to Hit no longer displays the wrong value.
  • Earth Adept Wizard Hat now has the correct Magic Level required on crafting page.
  • Auroras now get the Skull Cape effect of Rune Preservation.
  • Runic Ruins Slayer Area Effect -30% Magic Evasion now applies as intended.
  • You can now idle Cooking offline without purchasing the first Cooking fire.
  • Added missing Slayer Milestones for new Slayer Areas.
  • Aorpheat's Signet Ring no longer provides double the listed bonus to Thieving GP.
  • New Bank items are now sorted correctly when using Stack GP Value options.
  • Fixed invalid JavaScript syntax declaring unwanted globally scoped variables.
  • Fixed some items having duplicate properties.
  • Fixed broken Milestone image for Godswords in Attack.
  • Ancient Wizard Set, and Water Acolyte Wizard Hat bonus now match their descriptions.
  • Clue Chasers Insignia no longer lowers the chance for Rhaelyx pieces to drop.
  • Farming Pet no longer increases harvest quantity more than intended.
  • The Sandstorm Ring will no longer consume arrows on each hit.
  • Mystic Prayers no longer have inconsistent descriptions.
  • [STEAM] Rich presence - Total Level now updates dynamically.
  • Offline Mastery XP for crafting Skills no longer produces more Mastery XP than intended.
  • Enemy Special Attack Burning Claws now correctly attacks twice as per its description.
  • Removed the Damage Reduction debuff from the Sealing Special Attack description.
  • New items added to the game are now sorted correctly.
  • Corrected spelling of "Drowsy Spores" special attack.
  • Rune counts in the "My Rune" page now update dynamically, and correctly.
  • Save timestamp shows in local time, and is no longer a massive string.
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