Earth Golem

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This page is up to date (v1.2.2).
Earth Golem
Earth Golem
Monster ID: melvorF:EarthGolem

Earth God Dungeon

Monster Types: Dungeon
Slayer Tier: N/A
This article is about the Earth Golem from the base game. For the Earth Golem from the Atlas of Discovery Expansion, see Earth Golem (AoD).


Combat Stats
Combat Level: 420
Hitpoints: 3,600
Attack Speed: 3.2s
Max Hit: Melee 850
Accuracy Rating: 23,616
Damage Reduction: 20%
Evasion Ratings: Defence (skill).svg Ranged (skill).svg Magic (skill).svg
23,616 38,376 20,928
Skill Levels: Attack (skill).svg Strength (skill).svg Defence (skill).svg Ranged (skill).svg Magic (skill).svg
360 380 360 250 300


  • 60% Melee Normal Attack
    • 1 - 526 Melee Damage
  • 40% Melee Boulder
    • Launch an unavoidable boulder at you for 850 damage.


Always Drops:

Item Qty
Earth Shard 8