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This page was last updated for (v1.2.1).
This article is about the suggested way to complete Into the Mist. For the dungeon itself, see Into the Mist.

Dungeon Mechanics

Afflicted Monsters

The first section of Into the Mist will have the player fight 20 Afflicted versions of random monsters from Level 165-677 including Dungeon boss monsters. The only exceptions to this are Legaran Wurm, Cursed Lich, and monsters from Dark Waters, all of which will not appear in this dungeon.

Afflicted monsters have normal stats and special attacks, but have an added +20% Damage Reduction and a chance to apply the Affliction debuff.

Area Effects from Slayer Areas are not present when fighting the Afflicted versions of Slayer monsters.

The Final Boss

After defeating 20 Afflicted monsters, the player must defeat three boss phases. Each phase uses a specific combat style and can only be damaged if the player is using the same style. This means that purchasing the Dungeon Equipment Swapping upgrade from the Shop is mandatory for completing this dungeon.

Before each phase, combat will be paused to allow the player a chance to read over the boss's special abilities and change their equipment set. This means, for example, that you do not need to own three separate copies of Fury of the Elemental Zodiacs, as you will have time to swap it between each equipment set. Once players are ready, they start the phase by clicking a button.


Afflicted Monsters and all three final boss phases can apply a special status effect called Affliction when they complete an attack. Each attack or special attack that the enemy uses, regardless of whether the attack hits or misses the player, has a 70% chance of applying a stack of Affliction, up to a maximum of 50 stacks. Special attacks that hit more than once will only apply a single stack.

For each stack of Affliction, the player's max Hitpoints are reduced by 1% up to 50 stacks (50% max HP). Critically, this will also impact the player's Auto Eat threshold, making each attack successively more dangerous.

Affliction stacks are reset after the monster is defeated, or if the player leaves combat or dies.

Manual Eating

Into the Mist is the first dungeon in the game that typically requires manually eating food. While there are ways to avoid manual eating prior to first completion, the player should prioritize completing the dungeon as soon as possible to get the Combat Passive Slot.

For all phases of the dungeon, the player can survive by manually eating food as long as the enemy's max hit does not exceed the player's max Hitpoints.

It is important to note that this dungeon only needs to be completed once, so the strategy is simply not dying, rather than a speedy completion. It is far more important for the player to ensure they have enough HP to survive an attack than not resetting their attack through manual eating. The following are four different methods to eat food:

  1. Auto Eat — Have Auto Eat heal you without interrupting attacks. No player input!
  2. Eat after attacks — Wait for your attack to finish before eating. Usually after every attack.
  3. Hold Eat — Click and hold the Food button to continuously eat food.
  4. Spam Eat (PC players only) — Click Food button once, press the Tab key once, then Press Shift+Tab once to select the Food button. Now hold down the Space key to eat faster than simply holding down the button. Clicking anywhere else will undo this.


Completing Into the Mist will permanently add Dark Waters monsters to the Master tier of Slayer Tasks. These monsters all have specific weaknesses and heavily punish the player for using the wrong combat style against them, making it far more difficult to use Auto Slayer to fulfill the 40 task requirement for unlocking Slayer Gear Upgrade Kit (Master). If desired, Perilous Peaks Master Tasks can be completed before ITM is finished, although this is not required.

Completing Into the Mist also allows the player to use the Passive equipment slot. Pablo is obtained by completing the dungeon 5 separate times.

Stats and Buffs

Minimum Requirements

The only true requirement to complete this dungeon is Slayer Level 90 and enough HP and Damage Reduction to not be killed instantly.

The recommended levels to complete this dungeon are roughly Attack Level 85, Strength Level 85, Defence Level 85, 950 HP, Ranged Level 85, Magic Level 85, Prayer Level 95, it is possible for a player to complete the dungeon roughly 10 levels lower in each skill, so if any of your stats are lagging behind, it's not the end of the world.


  • Food:
    • Whale or similar. You want a food item that heals for a large amount all at once, so that one click heals you for the vast majority of your HP, no matter what.
  • Potions:
  • Summoning Tablets:
  • Prayers:
    • These will be outlined on a case-by-case basis for each Boss phase below.
    • Protect Item will not be recommended so as to not plan for failure. There are many ways to ensure you do not die, and losing the power of one of your prayers can actually increase your chance of death.
  • Consumable Slot:
  • Diamond Luck Potions and Dragon Tablets are the most important buffs for this dungeon, the potion will drastically increase the amount of times you actually hit the enemy, and the tablets add a lot of extra damage with their own attacks, buff your damage and accuracy, and the burn effect of Dragons can help getting the bosses HP down quickly so you spend less time at high stacks of affliction.


While agility helps provide useful combat bonuses, it mostly helps lower the floor of the HP level you need to attempt ITM. Typically, switching agility just for ITM is not super important.

Tier Obstacle Reason
1 Any
2 Any
3 Pipe Climb Only obstacle that provides a combat bonus.
4 Coal Stones No negative bonuses
5 Cliff Balance Be sure to remember the HP increase in your HP/DR damage calculations.
6 Rocky Waters Lake Swim is typically more useful if you are higher level, where the HP increase is proportionally less effective.
7 Boulder Trap No negative damage modifiers.
Water Trap
8 Raft Building Extra damage and HP.
9 Ice Jump Ice Jump is typically the only obstacle used on this tier, there's really no reason to stop using it now.
Frozen Lake Crossing
10 Lava Waterfall Dodge Changing this obstacle from Lava Waterfall Dodge is expensive, and usually not really worth it.
Ocean Rafting
P Pillar of Combat Pillar of Combat is the only DPS-boosting pillar, but it is not necessary to use if you already have a different Pillar as its bonuses are not particularly helpful for this dungeon.

Fight Details

Afflicted Monsters

In general, waves 1-20 are best completed with your best Magic gear and Ancient Magicks or by actively switching to take advantage of Combat Triangle bonuses. Typically, these monsters are not very dangerous, swap to the correct combat style, and the monster falls over.

It's highly recommended that once you reach the final boss, you take the time to calculate the DR values and maximum hits per attack of each phase.

Notes for all Boss Phases

It is recommended to make a notecard with your effective auto-eat threshhold at various stages of Affliction build-up, typically every 10 stacks or so. This means write down what 40% of your HP is at 90%, 80%, 70%, 60%, 50% Maximum HP, then write down or pay attention to the maximum damage values of each of the bosses attacks so you can make more informed decisions than the general advice given below.

If in doubt at any time, try to eat immediately after one of your attacks finishes, don't rely too heavily on this, as resetting your attack also removes any chance of using special attacks on the next attack.

Mysterious Figure - Phase 1

Protect from Melee and Battleheart or the highest level melee prayer you have available. Protect from Melee is important here, as it sets the boss's chance to hit to 20%, reducing the chance of healing when using Reap and Return significantly. If possible, swapping Protect from Melee to Piety when the boss is using any other attack can help you squeeze in a little extra damage.

The choice to use 1h weapons here is important, as their attack interval is low enough to drop stacks of Mark of Death easily. Terran Godsword and Ragnar Godsword ( > ) are both very good and may be able to kill the boss faster depending on your specific stats, but they have a slow attack interval and will generally require you to pay more attention to when you eat.

Ultima Godsword is a fantastic weapon that circumvents the drawbacks of a 2h weapon by doing a ridiculous amount of damage. If owned, this weapon should be used, however, it is not necessary or recommended as the weapon can be quite difficult to obtain. Do not use any other equipment that provides a special attack ( Ring of Blade Echoes) as they will ruin your damage potential by lowering the chance of using one of the Ultima special attacks.

Phase 1: Abilities and Eating Methods

  • Mark of Death: Typically not dangerous, you want to complete an attack as soon as possible after this attack hits you. Failing to remove the stack of Mark of Death before the next attack hits you massively complicates things.
  • Cursed Edge: Dangerous at medium stacks of affliction, heal to full if this attack deals more than your auto-eat threshold. NOT dangerous if the attack deals at least 60% of your total HP because each hit will cause your auto-eat to set you to at least 80% HP.
  • Reap and Return: Dangerous at high stacks of affliction, if in doubt, hold eat to avoid death. NOT dangerous if the attack deals at least 60% of your total HP

This phase is by far the most difficult, it may be prudent to run if you feel you are in danger.

Phase 1: Idle

Manually eating while under the effect of Mark of Death can still kill you, do NOT manually eat if attempting to idle.

To fully idle Phase 1, you will need a weapon that has an interval faster than 2.6 seconds (all weapons above fit this criteria) and enough HP and DR to survive a 600 damage max hit when your HP is reduced by 50%, the below table lists some common HP checkpoints:

Melee Normal with Wasteful Ring
1,000 HP 67% 63%
1,040 HP 66% 61%
1,070 HP 65% 60%
1,100 HP 64% 59%

Mysterious Figure - Phase 2

Battleheart and Rigour or the highest level Ranged prayers you have available.

2h weapons like the Stormsnap are generally fine, but they will require you to pay more attention to when you eat as they have less Damage Reduction due to not being able to wear a shield, and being slow and unwieldy for dropping stacks of Mark of Death.

Phase 2: Abilities and Eating Methods

  • Mark of Death: Typically not dangerous, you want to complete an attack as soon as possible after this attack hits you. Failing to remove the stack of Mark of Death before the next attack hits you massively complicates things.
  • Concealed Danger: Typically not dangerous unless you fail to remove mark of death.
  • Shadowstep: Does no damage, however, if the boss tries to use it twice in a row she will use a Normal Attack instead, her Normal Attack Max hit is quite high, and becomes much more dangerous if you have failed to remove Mark of Death

This phase is by far the easiest, so it is not critically important to optimize it perfectly, nearly any setup should have no real problem clearing this phase. Eating during this phase should be almost entirely unnecessary.

NOTE: At exceptionally high stacks of affliction, and while under the effect of Mark of Death, it is possible for the boss's Normal Attack to deal more damage than your total HP. This is only possible if you manually eat and fail to remove the Mark of Death before the attack connects. If this scenario occurs, you must run to guarantee your survival.

Phase 2: Idle

Manually eating while under the effect of Mark of Death can still kill you, do NOT manually eat if attempting to idle.

To fully idle Phase 2, you will need a weapon that has an interval faster than 3.9 seconds (all ranged weapons fit this criteria by default) and enough HP and DR to survive a 772 damage max hit when your HP is reduced by 50%, the below table lists some common HP checkpoints:

Ranged Normal with Wasteful Ring
1,000 HP 75% 71%
1,040 HP 74% 70%
1,070 HP 73% 69%
1,100 HP 72% 68%

Ahrenia - Phase 3

With Imbued Wands:

With Cloudburst Staff:

As this phase is relatively weak, Cloudburst Staff under most circumstances should deal enough damage to kill Ahrenia before she becomes a real threat, however, as the phase is relatively simple, it is recommended to use the Ancient Magicks as they will allow you to use Damage Reduction Potions instead of Diamond Luck as your hits are already guaranteed at 20k+ Accuracy Rating.

Phase 3: Abilities and Eating Methods

  • Shadow Burst: Can be dangerous at low stacks of Affliction. Gives the player -1% Accuracy rating when it hits, up to a maximum of 50%. To guarantee 20k+ Accuracy at maximum stacks of this effect, the player must have 33,333 Accuracy Rating.
  • Into the Mist: Does no damage. Gives the enemy +10% Damage Reduction each time they are hit, so if using Ancient Magicks, it may be prudent to swap to Ignite or Quake to get more effective damage for the duration.
  • Fallen Light: Not dangerous.

Phase 3: Idle

To fully idle Phase 3, you will only need enough HP and DR to survive an 800 damage max hit when your HP is reduced by 50%, the below table lists some common HP checkpoints:

Magic Normal with Wasteful Ring
1,000 HP 75% 72%
1,040 HP 74% 71%
1,070 HP 74% 70%
1,100 HP 73% 70%