Afflicted City

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Afflicted City
Afflicted City
Slayer Area ID: melvorTotH:AfflictedCity
Difficulty: Legendary

Slayer Level 112
Complete Lair of the Spider Queen
Slayer Torch Equipped

Area Effect:

Enemy has +150% to apply Decay Curse per hit


Shadow Beast
Plague Doctor
Goliath Werewolf


Name Combat Level Hitpoints Max Hit Combat Style
Shadow Beast 917 12,000 -24% DR 1,286 Melee
Plague Doctor 876 10,500 -40% DR 712 Magic
Cockatrice 890 13,000 -27% DR 1,250 Ranged
Goliath Werewolf 999 16,000 -35% DR 1,583 Melee