Earth God Dungeon/Guide

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This page is up to date (v1.0.1).


Due to the Combat Triangle, it is recommended to clear the Earth God Dungeon (dungeon).svg Earth God Dungeon with Magic (skill).svg Magic because the enemies here are mostly Combat.svg Melee, including the final boss Terran (monster).svg Terran.

The idea is to get out of stun faster than Terran (monster).svg Terran can attack if you're under his slow.
2.6s weapons will get away in time, 3.0s will not.
Therefore, Cloudburst Staff (item).svg Cloudburst Staff is impossible to use at least at this point of progression.

The spell with the best adjusted clear time is likely the 20k-accuracy Gust (spell).svg Gust, but it needs to be checked with the Combat Simulator.

Item DR%
Glacia God Helmet (item).svg Glacia God Helmet 8%
Glacia God Platebody (item).svg Glacia God Platebody 8%
Glacia God Platelegs (item).svg Glacia God Platelegs 8%
Glacia God Boots (item).svg Glacia God Boots 8%
Glacia God Gloves (item).svg Glacia God Gloves 8%
Skull Cape (item).svg Skull Cape 3%
Elite Amulet of Defence (item).svg Elite Amulet of Defence 2%
Warlock Ring (item).svg Warlock Ring 0%
Scaled Shield (item).png Scaled Shield 8%
Magic Wand (Powerful) (item).svg Magic Wand (Powerful) 0%
Total 53%

Check if you can idle the dungeon with the Combat Simulator. You can get away from the stun of some creatures in time, so it's hard to use Can I Idle correctly in this case.

Use Silver Diamond Ring (item).svg Silver Diamond Ring, Infernal Cape (item).svg Infernal Cape, and Dragonfire Shield (item).svg Dragonfire Shield if you don't have enough DR.

Ring of Wealth (item).png Ring of Wealth or Aorpheat's Signet Ring (item).svg Aorpheat's Signet Ring can be used if you don't have the Warlock Ring (item).svg Warlock Ring, but the adjusted drop time is worse with them.

Fury of the Elemental Zodiacs (item).svg FEZ is good but not mandatory.

If you have unused Water Chest (item).svg Water Chests, you might want to open them for the Magic Wand (Elite) (item).svg Magic Wand (Elite).

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