Earth God Dungeon/Guide

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This page was last updated for (v1.0.4).


Due to the Combat Triangle, it is recommended to clear the Earth God Dungeon with Magic because the enemies here are mostly Melee, including the final boss Terran.

Being stunned when an enemy hits you causes you to take 30% additional damage. The idea here is to get out of the stun effect of Terran faster than he can attack if you're under the effect of his slow (+33% attack interval inflicted by Grasping Roots). Weapons with a 2.9 second attack interval will get away in time, however weapons with a 3.0 second interval will not without the use of interval reduction bonuses; specifically, 3.0 second interval weapon need to be reduced to 2.9 seconds or faster. Therefore, it is only safe to use Cloudburst Staff while using Surge I or Surge II at this point of progression.

The safest spell to use while maintaining a decent adjusted clear time is likely the 20k-accuracy Gust, with a wand and a shield equipped.

Worth noting that using Cloudburst Staff, even with Surge I or Surge II, will likely far outpace any other spell/weapon combo. However, be aware that this will cost a lot of runes, and running out of them will put you in danger of dying. Check combat sim to see how many runes you will spend per hour, and make plenty of extras to survive for as long as necessary.

The following methods will reduce your interval sufficiently enough to avoid the need to spend Air Runes on Surge Auroras, making this particular method effectively foolproof. You can use the Fury II Aurora instead for better adjusted clear times if you meet one or more of these requirements.

Any setup you use needs to be checked with the Combat Simulator to be sure of its efficacy for you.

It may be helpful to check if you can idle the dungeon with the Combat Simulator. Can I Idle may be misleading in the amount of DR you need. 'If' your attack interval is 2.9 or lower with a staff, or if you are using a wand, you can uncheck the Status Damage checkbox as you will not be taking stun damage from any of these enemies.

Use Silver Diamond Ring, Infernal Cape, and Dragonfire Shield if you don't have enough DR.

Ring of Wealth or Aorpheat's Signet Ring can be used if you don't have the Warlock Ring, but the adjusted drop time is worse with them.

FEZ is good but not mandatory.

If you have unused Water Chests, you might want to open them for the Magic Wand (Elite).

Maximized Farming

The rest of this guide is NOT for your first clear, your average clear, or even your first 100 clears. This is purely to maximize scrolls for any missing items. This will assume 99 in all skills, access to nearly all weapons and items in the game, and access to all DR and HP pets. This assumes you are (unless otherwise noted) using an optimal Agility setup, are using your best dps prayers, your best summoning synergy, and are using Diamond Luck Potions


This build uses Water Surge or Water Wave (slightly reduced rune cost), Anguish III, and Fury II.

To use this method, you need to have an attack interval of 2.9 or lower. This is achieved the easiest in the end game with Otto, or alternatively with Surge I or Surge II.

This achieves around 26 to 27 scrolls per hour, depending slightly on your Astrology bonuses.