Castle of Kings

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Castle of Kings
Castle of Kings (combatArea).svg
Combat Area ID: 4
Difficulty: Easy - Hard

Steel Knight (monster).svg Steel Knight
Black Knight (monster).svg Black Knight
Mithril Knight (monster).svg Mithril Knight
Adamant Knight (monster).svg Adamant Knight
Rune Knight (monster).svg Rune Knight


Name Combat Level Hitpoints Max Hit Combat Style
Steel Knight (monster).svg Steel Knight 12 150 32 Attack (skill).svg Melee
Black Knight (monster).svg Black Knight 23 200 42 Attack (skill).svg Melee
Mithril Knight (monster).svg Mithril Knight 33 250 52 Attack (skill).svg Melee
Adamant Knight (monster).svg Adamant Knight 69 600 118 Attack (skill).svg Melee
Rune Knight (monster).svg Rune Knight 101 800 212 Attack (skill).svg Melee