Deep Sea Ship/Guide

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This page was last updated for (v1.0.4).

Why clear Deep Sea Ship?

The Deep Sea Ship dungeon is usually farmed for the Sunset Rapier, which is an upgrade after the Dragon Sword or Dragon Claw.

The dungeon has two other notable uses.

before setting out to kill Fierce Devils.

  • Getting the Ancient Sword if you want to save on food. Due to its low drop chance, it's usually done only if you really need it, for instance if you play HCCO.


Although you can beat the dungeon with any combat style, we advise that you use Magic because the final boss Kraken has high evasion against Melee and Ranged.

For instance, while your HP expenditure per hour with Melee might be a quarter of what Magic spends, the number of clears with Melee would be about half of Magic. For this dungeon, the difference in food is essentially negligible in terms of time needed to produce it, so Magic is recommended.

Check your build with Can I Idle to see if you can idle the dungeon.

As an example, you need 680 HP with Auto Eat - Tier II to idle this dungeon without any Damage Reduction.

Clear Statistics

This section will give you the approximate numbers when clearing the dungeon with the following build:

The simulation was done with level 65 in all relevant stats and Auto Eat - Tier II.

Wind Surge with a Mystic Air Staff is used as the spell of choice.

Stat Per Hour
Runes 3800
Food 30,000
Clears 19.5
Chests 21
GP 123k
Sunset Rapier 0.16

Remember that this is a bare minimum setup, its fairly easy to be higher than 65 Magic, and any Prayer, Agility, Herblore, or Astrology can increase your clear speeds and decrease your food consumption.

Summoning in particular can be a massive increase, simply adding Witch takes the above build from 20 to 25 Pirate Booty per hour, a 25% clear speed buff

For the Standard game mode, the only difference is that you spend less food.

With the clear speed of 21 dungeons per hour, you will need just over 6 hours to hit the drop rate for Sunset Rapier.