Lightning Region/Guide

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This page was last updated for (v1.1.1).

Dungeon Mechanics

Similar to the last two dungeons, the Lightning Region harkens back to base game combat, it is a relatively simple dungeon that can is designed to be completed in the early game of the expansion. This means the dungeon does not require advanced tactics, high levels, or complete optimization. This dungeon is the first with brand new enemies that the player has not faced before.


Just like every other monster in the , each enemy in the Lightning Region has a passive effect that reduces the player's Damage Reduction. When in combat with the boss RaZu, Lord of the Skies, the player's base damage reduction is reduced by 13%, before any modifiers from the Combat Triangle.


Each enemy in this dungeon can afflict the player with the Shocked debuff, that stacks up to 10 times and reduces the player's damage reduction by 2% per stack. This effect works similar to Intimidation, and each monster can be assumed to have an Intimidation stat of X+20, where X is their listed Intimidation value.


Completing this dungeon unlocks the Foggy Lake slayer area that contains key mid-game equipment.

Stats and Buffs



If the Waterfall Crossing obstacle is active use Damage Reduction Potion IV or Ranged Strength Potion IV, otherwise use Diamond Luck Potion IV.



Slot Better to Worse
Head Blazing Helmet Aeris God Helmet
Body Bundled Protection Body (U) Carrion Body (U) Revenant Body
Leggings Perfect Sight Legs (U) Carrion Chaps (U) Revenant Chaps
Boots Frostspark Boots Lightning Boots Aeris God Boots
Hands (U) Carrion Vambraces (U) Revenant Vambraces Poison Virulence Gloves
Cape Weakness Exploiter Cape Maximum Skillcape Cape of Prat
Neck Fury of the Elemental Zodiacs Allure Amulet Guardian Amulet
Ring Poison Virulence Ring Ring of Power Meteorite Marksman Ring
Passive Chapeau Noir Elder Crown Prats Hat
Weapon Meteorite Crossbow Divine Crossbow Meteorite Crossbow
Bolts Meteorite Bolts Decay Bolts Onyx Bolts
Offhand (U) Carrion Shield (U) Revenant Shield Shield of Ranged Power

Thorned Power Bow when used with Divine Arrows will typically clear slower than crossbows, and has less damage reduction than the available shields, but can be used for the greater ease at which arrows can be obtained.

This dungeon has a higher damage reduction requirement than the previous few, the player may need to make adjustments if they witness the enemies' max hits being too high.