Unhallowed Wasteland

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This page is up to date (v1.2.2).
Unhallowed Wasteland
Unhallowed Wasteland
Slayer Area ID: melvorF:UnhallowedWasteland
Difficulty: Master

Slayer Level 95
Map to the Unhallowed Wasteland Purchased

Area Effect:

Enemies heal 100% of their current hitpoints every 2 turns


Legaran Wurm
Cursed Lich
Spiked Red Claw
Greater Skeletal Dragon

The Unhallowed Wasteland is a Slayer area requiring Slayer Level 95 and the purchase of Map to the Unhallowed Wasteland to access.

Unless the area effect has been negated, Monsters will heal to double their current health every 2 enemy turns. As this area effect is so strong, at least partially negating this area's effect is highly recommended (if not required). The Combat Guide contains more information on how this area's effect may be successfully negated.

Each monster has only two drops aside from bones and GP: An essence and a rare drop. These can be used along with the rings and gloves dropped from the God Dungeons to upgrade into powerful end-game gear sets.

For example, the Legaran Wurm drops Poison Essence and Worm Spike. These are used to upgrade the Deadeye Ring and Aeris God Gloves from the Air God Dungeon into the Poison Virulence Ring and Poison Virulence Gloves.


Name Combat Level Hitpoints Max Hit Combat Style
Legaran Wurm 629 9,000 920 Ranged
Cursed Lich 666 9,300 900 Magic
Spiked Red Claw 727 9,600 1,000 Melee
Greater Skeletal Dragon 762 9,900 975 Melee