Water God Dungeon

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Water God Dungeon
Water God Dungeon (dungeon).svg
Dungeon ID: 9
Difficulty: Elite
Air God Dungeon (dungeon).svg Air God Dungeon Completed
Volcanic Cave (dungeon).svg Volcanic Cave Completed
8 Water Guard (monster).svg Water Guard
6 Water Monster (monster).svg Water Monster
4 Water Golem (monster).svg Water Golem
1 Lissia (monster).svg Lissia
1 Murtia (monster).svg Murtia
1 Glacia (monster).svg Glacia
Norman (pet).svg Norman
Pet Drop Chance:
1 in 150 (0.67%)
This article is about the Water God Dungeon. For a strategy guide for completing the dungeon, see Water God Dungeon/Guide.

The Water God Dungeon is the second of the God Dungeons. Like all God Dungeons, it represents a significant increase in difficulty over the other dungeons.

Completing the Water God Dungeon is necessary in order to challenge the Earth God Dungeon (dungeon).svg Earth God Dungeon. In addition, completing the dungeon for the first time will unlock the ability to purchase the Expanded Knowledge (upgrade).svg Expanded Knowledge upgrade from the Shop for Coins.svg 50,000,000 which decreases the base Herblore (skill).svg Herblore and Runecrafting (skill).svg Runecrafting action times by 15%.


Name Combat Level Hitpoints Max Hit Combat Style Count
Water Guard (monster).svg Water Guard 172 1,800 477 Magic (skill).svg Magic 8
Water Monster (monster).svg Water Monster 266 2,400 500 Combat.svg Melee 6
Water Golem (monster).svg Water Golem 408 3,200 845 Magic (skill).svg Magic 4
Lissia (monster).svg Lissia 569 5,500 934 Magic (skill).svg Magic 1
Murtia (monster).svg Murtia 518 5,500 586 Combat.svg Melee 1
Glacia (monster).svg Glacia 790 11,000 1,014 Magic (skill).svg Magic 1


Scroll of Glacia

Each run of the Water God Dungeon rewards one Scroll of Glacia (item).svg Scroll of Glacia, which contains the following possible loot:

Item Qty Chance Price
Glacia God Boots (item).svg Glacia God Boots 1 50/97 51.55% Coins.svg 150,000
Glacia God Gloves (item).svg Glacia God Gloves 1 25/97 25.77% Coins.svg 100,000
Glacia God Helmet (item).svg Glacia God Helmet 1 25/194 12.89% Coins.svg 400,000
Glacia God Platelegs (item).svg Glacia God Platelegs 1 5/97 5.15% Coins.svg 900,000
Glacia God Platebody (item).svg Glacia God Platebody 1 3/194 1.55% Coins.svg 1,000,000
Bank Slot Token (item).svg Bank Slot Token 1 3/194 1.55% Coins.svg 6,969
Glacia Godsword (item).svg Glacia Godsword 1 1/97 1.03% Coins.svg 1,250,000
Cloudburst Staff (item).png Cloudburst Staff 1 1/194 0.52% Coins.svg 1,250,000

The average value of the contents of one chest is Coins.svg 235,933.

Water Shards

Monsters in the dungeon will drop Water Shard (item).svg Water Shards when killed. A total of 95 shards will be obtained over the course of each complete run, and 100 shards can be combined via Upgrading into a Water Chest (item).svg Water Chest, which contains the following possible loot:

Item Qty Chance Price
Death Rune (item).svg Death Rune 1 - 1,000 50/143 34.97% Coins.svg 4 - 4,000
Blood Rune (item).svg Blood Rune 1 - 1,000 25/143 17.48% Coins.svg 4 - 4,000
Fire Battlestaff (item).svg Fire Battlestaff 1 - 20 10/143 6.99% Coins.svg 730 - 14,600
Magic Wand (Powerful) (item).svg Magic Wand (Powerful) 1 - 10 10/143 6.99% Coins.svg 18,500 - 185,000
Water Battlestaff (item).svg Water Battlestaff 1 - 20 10/143 6.99% Coins.svg 630 - 12,600
Earth Battlestaff (item).svg Earth Battlestaff 1 - 20 10/143 6.99% Coins.svg 690 - 13,800
Air Battlestaff (item).svg Air Battlestaff 1 - 20 10/143 6.99% Coins.svg 560 - 11,200
Ancient Rune (item).svg Ancient Rune 1 - 1,000 10/143 6.99% Coins.svg 5 - 5,000
Magic Wand (Elite) (item).svg Magic Wand (Elite) 1 4/143 2.80% Coins.svg 122,400
Warlock Ring (item).svg Warlock Ring 1 7/286 2.45% Coins.svg 420,000
Warlock Amulet (item).svg Warlock Amulet 1 1/286 0.35% Coins.svg 420,000

The average value of the contents of one chest is Coins.svg 25,429. .

Monsters & Combat
Combat Areas
Golbin Village (combatArea).svg Golbin Village Golbin (monster).svg Golbin  • Ranged Golbin (monster).svg Ranged Golbin
Farmlands (combatArea).svg Farmlands Plant (monster).svg Plant  • Chicken (monster).svg Chicken  • Cow (monster).svg Cow  • Junior Farmer (monster).svg Junior Farmer  • Adult Farmer (monster).svg Adult Farmer  • Master Farmer (monster).svg Master Farmer
Graveyard (combatArea).svg Graveyard Skeleton (monster).svg Skeleton  • Zombie Hand (monster).svg Zombie Hand  • Zombie (monster).svg Zombie  • Ghost (monster).svg Ghost
Sandy Shores (combatArea).svg Sandy Shores Seagull (monster).svg Seagull  • Tentacle (monster).svg Tentacle  • Giant Crab (monster).svg Giant Crab  • Confused Pirate (monster).svg Confused Pirate
Wet Forest (combatArea).svg Wet Forest Leech (monster).svg Leech  • Sweaty Monster (monster).svg Sweaty Monster  • Wet Monster (monster).svg Wet Monster  • Moist Monster (monster).svg Moist Monster
Bandit Hideout (combatArea).svg Bandit Hideout Bandit Trainee (monster).svg Bandit Trainee  • Bandit (monster).svg Bandit
Giant Dungeon (combatArea).svg Giant Dungeon Hill Giant (monster).svg Hill Giant  • Moss Giant (monster).svg Moss Giant
Icy Hills (combatArea).svg Icy Hills Frozen Archer (monster).svg Frozen Archer  • Frozen Mammoth (monster).svg Frozen Mammoth  • Ice Monster (monster).svg Ice Monster
Castle of Kings (combatArea).svg Castle of Kings Steel Knight (monster).svg Steel Knight  • Black Knight (monster).svg Black Knight  • Mithril Knight (monster).svg Mithril Knight  • Adamant Knight (monster).svg Adamant Knight  • Rune Knight (monster).svg Rune Knight
Wizard Tower (combatArea).svg Wizard Tower Wizard (monster).svg Wizard  • Master Wizard (monster).svg Master Wizard  • Dark Wizard (monster).svg Dark Wizard
Dragon Valley (combatArea).svg Dragon Valley Green Dragon (monster).svg Green Dragon  • Blue Dragon (monster).svg Blue Dragon  • Red Dragon (monster).svg Red Dragon  • Black Dragon (monster).svg Black Dragon
Slayer (skill).svg Slayer Areas
Penumbra (combatArea).svg Penumbra Mummy (monster).svg Mummy  • Statue (monster).svg Statue  • Stone Snake (monster).svg Stone Snake  • Undead Werewolf (monster).svg Undead Werewolf  • Vampire (monster).svg Vampire  • Fierce Devil (monster).svg Fierce Devil
Forest of Goo (combatArea).svg Forest of Goo Goo Monster (monster).svg Goo Monster  • Green Goo Monster (monster).svg Green Goo Monster  • Purple Goo Monster (monster).svg Purple Goo Monster  • Scattered Goo Monster (monster).svg Scattered Goo Monster
Strange Cave (combatArea).svg Strange Cave Lots of Eyes (monster).svg Lots of Eyes  • Many Eyed Monster (monster).svg Many Eyed Monster  • Strange Eyed Monster (monster).svg Strange Eyed Monster  • Eyes (monster).svg Eyes  • Superior Eyed Monster (monster).svg Superior Eyed Monster  • Eye of Fear (monster).svg Eye of Fear
Holy Isles (combatArea).svg Holy Isles Fairy (monster).svg Fairy  • Valkyrie (monster).svg Valkyrie  • Angel (monster).svg Angel  • Holy Archer (monster).svg Holy Archer  • Paladin (monster).svg Paladin  • Priest (monster).svg Priest
Runic Ruins (combatArea).svg Runic Ruins Druid (monster).svg Druid  • Thief (monster).svg Thief  • Shaman (monster).svg Shaman  • Necromancer (monster).svg Necromancer  • Elementalist (monster).svg Elementalist
Arid Plains (combatArea).svg Arid Plains Turkul Riders (monster).svg Turkul Riders  • Turkul Archers (monster).svg Turkul Archers  • Turkul Throwers (monster).svg Turkul Throwers  • Turkul Giant (monster).svg Turkul Giant  • Turkul General (monster).svg Turkul General  • Sand Beast (monster).svg Sand Beast
High Lands (combatArea).svg High Lands Griffin (monster).svg Griffin  • Pegasus (monster).svg Pegasus
Desolate Plains (combatArea).svg Desolate Plains Raging Horned Elite (monster).svg Raging Horned Elite  • Seething Horned Elite (monster).svg Seething Horned Elite  • Dark Horned Elite (monster).svg Dark Horned Elite  • Furious Horned Elite (monster).svg Furious Horned Elite
Shrouded Badlands (combatArea).svg Shrouded Badlands Rancora Spider (monster).svg Rancora Spider  • Elder Vampire (monster).svg Elder Vampire  • Cursed Maiden (monster).svg Cursed Maiden  • Bounty Hunter (monster).svg Bounty Hunter
Perilous Peaks (combatArea).svg Perilous Peaks Wicked Greater Dragon (monster).png Wicked Greater Dragon  • Hunting Greater Dragon (monster).png Hunting Greater Dragon  • Chaotic Greater Dragon (monster).png Chaotic Greater Dragon
Dark Waters (combatArea).svg Dark Waters Umbora (monster).svg Umbora  • Rokken (monster).svg Rokken  • Ku-tul (monster).svg Ku-tul
Chicken Coop (dungeon).svg Chicken Coop Chicken (monster).svg Chicken  • Chick (monster).svg Chick  • Mumma Chicken (monster).svg Mumma Chicken
Undead Graveyard (dungeon).svg Undead Graveyard Zombie Hand (monster).svg Zombie Hand  • Zombie (monster).svg Zombie  • Ghost (monster).svg Ghost  • Zombie Leader (monster).svg Zombie Leader
Bandit Base (dungeon).svg Bandit Base Bandit Trainee (monster).svg Bandit Trainee  • Bandit (monster).svg Bandit  • Bandit Leader (monster).svg Bandit Leader
Hall of Wizards (dungeon).svg Hall of Wizards Wizard (monster).svg Wizard  • Master Wizard (monster).svg Master Wizard  • Dark Wizard (monster).svg Dark Wizard  • Elder Wizard (monster).svg Elder Wizard
Spider Forest (dungeon).svg Spider Forest Spider (monster).svg Spider  • Brown Spider (monster).svg Brown Spider  • Evil Spider (monster).svg Evil Spider  • Spider King (monster).svg Spider King
Miolite Caves (dungeon).svg Miolite Caves Miolite Sprig (monster).png Miolite Sprig  • Miolite Trio (monster).png Miolite Trio  • Miolite Warden (monster).png Miolite Warden  • Miolite Monarch (monster).png Miolite Monarch
Deep Sea Ship (dungeon).svg Deep Sea Ship Pirate (monster).svg Pirate  • First Mate (monster).svg First Mate  • Pirate Captain (monster).svg Pirate Captain  • The Kraken (monster).svg The Kraken
Frozen Cove (dungeon).svg Frozen Cove Ice Monster (monster).svg Ice Monster  • Ice Troll (monster).svg Ice Troll  • Ice (monster).svg Ice  • Protector of Ice (monster).svg Protector of Ice
Dragons Den (dungeon).svg Dragons Den Green Dragon (monster).svg Green Dragon  • Blue Dragon (monster).svg Blue Dragon  • Red Dragon (monster).svg Red Dragon  • Black Dragon (monster).svg Black Dragon  • Elder Dragon (monster).svg Elder Dragon
Volcanic Cave (dungeon).svg Volcanic Cave Bat (monster).svg Bat  • Big Bat (monster).svg Big Bat  • The Eye (monster).svg The Eye  • Resurrected Eye (monster).svg Resurrected Eye  • Vicious Serpent (monster).svg Vicious Serpent  • Fire Spirit (monster).svg Fire Spirit  • Prat, the Protector of Secrets (monster).svg Prat, the Protector of Secrets  • Malcs, the Guardian of Melvor (monster).svg Malcs, the Guardian of Melvor
Infernal Stronghold (dungeon).svg Infernal Stronghold Cerberus (monster).svg Cerberus  • Fearful Eye (monster).svg Fearful Eye  • Red Devil (monster).svg Red Devil  • Phoenix (monster).svg Phoenix  • Incendius (monster).svg Incendius  • Prat, the Guardian of Secrets (monster).svg Prat, the Guardian of Secrets  • Malcs, the Leader of Dragons (monster).svg Malcs, the Leader of Dragons
Air God Dungeon (dungeon).svg Air God Dungeon Air Guard (monster).svg Air Guard  • Air Monster (monster).svg Air Monster  • Air Golem (monster).svg Air Golem  • Aleron (monster).svg Aleron  • Voltaire (monster).svg Voltaire  • Aeris (monster).svg Aeris
Water God Dungeon (dungeon).svg Water God Dungeon Water Guard (monster).svg Water Guard  • Water Monster (monster).svg Water Monster  • Water Golem (monster).svg Water Golem  • Lissia (monster).svg Lissia  • Murtia (monster).svg Murtia  • Glacia (monster).svg Glacia
Earth God Dungeon (dungeon).svg Earth God Dungeon Earth Guard (monster).svg Earth Guard  • Earth Monster (monster).svg Earth Monster  • Earth Golem (monster).svg Earth Golem  • Mistral (monster).svg Mistral  • Ophidia (monster).svg Ophidia  • Terran (monster).svg Terran
Fire God Dungeon (dungeon).svg Fire God Dungeon Fire Guard (monster).svg Fire Guard  • Fire Monster (monster).svg Fire Monster  • Fire Golem (monster).svg Fire Golem  • Pyra (monster).svg Pyra  • Ignis (monster).svg Ignis  • Ragnar (monster).svg Ragnar
Into the Mist (dungeon).svg Into the Mist Afflicted Monsters  • Mysterious Figure - Phase 1 (monster).svg Mysterious Figure - Phase 1  • Mysterious Figure - Phase 2 (monster).svg Mysterious Figure - Phase 2  • Ahrenia (monster).svg Ahrenia
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