Infernal Stronghold/Guide

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This page is up to date (v1.0.4).

Why Clear Infernal Stronghold?

There are three main uses for Infernal Stronghold (dungeon).svg Infernal Stronghold:

Manual-Eating Build

The following build is for the players who just finished the Volcanic Cave (dungeon).svg Volcanic Cave and the subsequent Ancient Claw (item).svg Ancient Claw grind.

Without manual eating, the main cause of death for the build below is Malcs, the Leader of Dragons (monster).svg Malcs's combo of Sealing (Stun) + Penetrating Claws.

It is heavily advised to use either the Ancient Claw (item).svg Ancient Claw or at the very least Sunset Rapier (item).svg Sunset Rapier because you want to get out of stun quickly, and the faster your attack speed is, the faster you will do it.

You might want to use prayers to increase your accuracy. Without the prayers, your hit chance against Malcs will likely be around 25%. With them, it's around 40%.
If you have Diamond Luck Potion I (item).svg Diamond Luck Potions, it might be the right occasion to use them.

Getting the Infernal Cape (item).svg Infernal Cape after the first clear should make it a bit easier to clear it for the next 9 times if you aim for the Infernal Claw (item).svg Infernal Claw.

Optionally, it is advised to get the Dragonfire Shield (item).svg DFS, preferably with Icicle Volley (spell).svg Icicle Volley and Witch (item).svg Witch because it oneshots Green Dragon (monster).svg Green Dragons or with 20k-accuracy Slicing Winds (spell).svg Slicing Winds otherwise. DFS will increase the margin of error that you can make when fighting Malcs, the Leader of Dragons (monster).svg Malcs's.

You also can swap the Sandstorm Ring (item).svg Sandstorm Ring for the Silver Diamond Ring (item).svg Silver Diamond Ring if you don't have enough DR to be comfortable, but it will drastically reduce your clear speed.

Malcs's Combos

To attempt Infernal Stronghold (dungeon).svg Infernal Stronghold, it is heavily advised to have the AutoEat threshold above all Malcs's moves when you're not stunned. The build above can do that with 900 HP, although it is advised to check it with the Combat Simulator if you're not sure. As additional info, with Dragonfire Shield (item).svg DFS and 990 total HP, you definitely can do it like that.

Otherwise, you would need to keep track of many moves, which will likely lead to death and lost gear that needs hundreds of hours to get again.

Check your thresholds in the first fight just in case.

You will need to manually eat when Malcs uses Sealing:

  • Sealing + Penetrating Claws: It will be your cause of death if you underestimate it. Be aware that the Spam Eating kicks in with a delay after you push a keyboard button, so press it before the Penetrating Claws hit you. Also, the two instances of damage are separated by less than half a second, so use Spam Eating to be on the safe side. Calculate the damage from Penetrating Claws by [math]640 \times (1-\text{DR}) \times 1.3 \times 2[/math].
  • Sealing + Tail Whip: Heal to full HP. If you have time, look what the max damage of the Tail Whip is when you are stunned, so you can refrain from manual eating when your HP allows it. Or you can calculate it before the fight by [math]690 \times (1-\text{DR}) \times 1.3[/math].
  • Sealing + Usual Attack: Happens when Malcs uses another Sealing after the first one. Use the same logic as with Tail Whip.
  • Sealing + Inferno: A "Get Out of Jail Free" card. You don't need to manually eat at all.

AFK Options

For those with Hitpoints Level 90 who have completed their Dragonfire Shield (item).svg Dragonfire Shield, consumable resources can provide enough additional DR to push the build above into something that can survive purely by Auto-Eating, as long as none of them run out.


Prayer Scroll (item).png Prayer Scrolls or Alchemist's Bag (item).png Alchemist's Bags can be used to reduce total prayer point costs or number of potions needed to survive 10 Infernal Stronghold runs, respectively. If one has cleared Air God Dungeon (dungeon).svg Air God Dungeon a handful of times, Aeris God Gloves (item).svg Aeris God Gloves and Aeris God Boots (item).svg Aeris God Boots can be used instead for an additional 2% DR each. Similarly, after your first clear of Infernal Stronghold, swapping to your newly acquired Infernal Cape (item).svg Infernal Cape will net another 2% DR. Combined with +1% DR from Agility (skill).svg Lake Swim that's enough to swap your helmet for a Chapeau Noir (item).svg Chapeau Noir for a reoccuring 10% chance to need one less run.


Bonuses from Agility Obstacles can reduce the amount of DR required considerably by increasing your Maximum Hitpoints.


  • Attack Level 20
  • Strength Level 70
  • Ranged Level 20
  • Magic Level 20
  • Cooking Level 60
  • Mining Level 60
  • Thieving Level 80
  • Agility Level 80
Item Slot +HP
Agility (skill).svg Cliff Balance Slot 5 Obstacle +20
Agility (skill).svg Rocky Waters Slot 6 Obstacle +50
Agility (skill).svg Raft Building Slot 8 Obstacle +20
Agility (skill).svg Ice Jump Slot 9 Obstacle +20
Dragonfire Shield (item).svg Dragonfire Shield Off-hand +30
Total +140

For instance, assuming the same Hitpoints Level 90 as before, after these HP bonuses, the DR required to AFK has dropped to only 54%. If you're lucky enough to have Finn, the Cat (pet).png Finn, the Cat, hitting only Hitpoints Level 91 for a total of 1060 HP would let you drop as far as 53%, eliminating the need for either DR potions, or Prayers and Witch Summoning Tablets, or when combined with the equipment improvements mentioned above, both. Or used with everything above to lower minimum HP to Hitpoints Level 76, though using Agility (skill).svg Cliff Balance and prayers together is costly.

After Water God Dungeon

With access to magic armor with late-game DRs, you can now take on this dungeon with proper Combat Triangle advantage, meaning no need for expendable resources besides food and runes, no need for agility boosts, and even still enough DR to spare some for item doubling.

Instead of the Ring of Wealth (item).png Ring of Wealth, a Aorpheat's Signet Ring (item).svg Aorpheat's Signet Ring can be used; it will give you an additional 100k-150K GP per clear, but only a 5% chance to double Infernal Core drops, making it worse for those farming only Infernal Core (item).png Infernal Cores but better for those also farming GP. For those who have already acquired their Infernal Claw (item).svg Infernal Claw, thus exclusively interested in GP, please see the Combat section of the Money-Making Guide.