Infernal Stronghold/Guide

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This page was last updated for (v1.0.4).
This article is about the guide for Infernal Stronghold. For the dungeon itself, see Infernal Stronghold.

Why Clear Infernal Stronghold?

There three main reasons for completing the Infernal Stronghold:

Pre-Ancient Build

The guide provides a build that does not use any ancient armour and will require manual eating to survive. This build should be able to get you though the dungeon one time, but you will need to time your eating carefully, especially when you are stunned.

This build can achieve that with as low as Hitpoints Level 80, but if you are attempting this dungeon under levelled then it is recommended that you check the Combat Simulator to see if there are any improvements that can be made, especially if you are in . Improvements that give a higher DR, higher HP or higher auto-eat threshold will give you a better chance of survival. Improvements that give a stronger attack will reduce the time taken to complete the dungeon, but are secondary to DR improvements.

Ancient Build

This build is designed to make it easier to obtain the 10 Infernal Core and allows you to complete the dungeon without manual eating. However, this build is not recommended for idling as it will use a lot of resources. This build increases DR so that auto-eat makes the dungeon survivable, but also has a reasonable attack level.

  • Attack Level 90
  • Strength Level 90
  • Defence Level 90
  • Hitpoints Level 90
  • Prayer Level 90
  • Slayer Level 75

Gear Options

There are many options with this build:

Malcs Special Moves

When eating, pay special attention to the following special moves from Malcs:

  • Sealing + Penetrating Claws: do not underestimate this combo. The Spam Eating kicks in with a delay after you push a keyboard button, so it is important that you start before the Penetrating Claws hit you. This special move has two instances of damage separated by a short gap, so a good idea to use Spam Eating. The damage from Penetrating Claws is calculated as [math]\displaystyle{ 640 \times (1-\text{DR}) \times 1.3 \times 2 }[/math].
  • Sealing + Tail Whip: Heal to full HP before this hits, and if you have time, look what the max damage of the Tail Whip is when you are stunned. You may find that you can delay manual eating depending on whether your HP allows. The damage from this move can be calculated as [math]\displaystyle{ 690 \times (1-\text{DR}) \times 1.3 }[/math].
  • Sealing + Usual Attack: Occurs when Malcs uses two Sealing attacks in row. The approach given in Tail Whip works well here.
  • Sealing + Inferno: Not as strong as the other attacks, and one that you can normally rely on Auto Eat to survive.

Idling Build

This build relies on high DR and a high HP and the top tier of Auto Eat and uses melee as this gives a high amount of damage reduction (DR). If your consumables run out, then you will not survive, so be sure that you have enough in the bank before you begin idling.

The Prayer Scroll or Alchemist's Bag can be used to reduce prayer costs and the number of potions needed to idle the Infernal Stronghold.

Alternative options are available if the Air God Dungeon has been completed. The Aeris God Gloves and Aeris God Boots each give an additional 2% DR. The Infernal Cape can be swapped for the Fire Cape but this will lose 2% DR. In Agility the Lake Swim can be used to give an extra +1% DR.

Once you have sufficient DR to idle comfortable, you can also consider wearing the Chapeau Noir for a 10% chance of doubling the items received, which can reduce the number of dungeons needed.

Bonuses that improve HP

Bonuses from Agility Obstacles and certain items can reduce the amount of DR required considerably by increasing your maximum HP.

  • Attack Level 20
  • Strength Level 70
  • Ranged Level 20
  • Magic Level 20
  • Cooking Level 60
  • Mining Level 60
  • Thieving Level 80
  • Agility Level 80
Item Position +HP
Cliff Balance1 Slot 5 Obstacle +20
Rocky Waters Slot 6 Obstacle +50
Raft Building Slot 8 Obstacle +20
Ice Jump Slot 9 Obstacle +20
Dragonfire Shield Off-hand +30
Finn, the Cat2 N/A +10
Total +140


  1. The Cliff Balance will use +2 extra prayers each hit
  2. Without Finn you will lose out on roughly 1% DR

For example, a Hitpoints Level 90 with all of the extra HP listed above, would drop the overall DR requirement from 59% down to 53%. Lower DR means that you reduce the use of potions, Prayers and the Witch summon. When combined with all of the equipment improvements mentioned earlier results in a lower minimum HP of around Hitpoints Level 76.

Late-game idling

After completing the Water God Dungeon you will have access to Ancient Magicks and late-game armour and boosts. The dungeon can be idled with magic much more quickly due to the Combat Triangle advantage. For example, with this build, there is no need for any consumable except food and runes, and no need for boosts from agility. The spare slots in this build are filled with item doubling boosts, but you can change these depending on your goal.

There is flexibility on this build. For example, Aorpheat's Signet Ring can be used instead of Ring of Wealth to get an additional 100,000GP+ per clear, but this reduces chance of doubling Infernal Cores e.g. from 10% down to 5% chance.