Wicked Greater Dragon

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This page is up to date (v1.0.5).
Wicked Greater Dragon
Wicked Greater Dragon (monster).png
Monster ID: 133

Perilous Peaks (combatArea).svg Perilous Peaks

Monster Types: Slayer Area
Slayer (skill).svg Slayer Tier: Master


Note: Due to the Wicked Greater Dragon's confusion special attack, the maximum hit of this monster varies based on the player's maximum hit, and so is likely to be higher than the max hit value stated below. Please be mindful of this when determining whether you are safe or not when fighting this monster.

Combat Stats
Combat Level: 386
Hitpoints: Hitpoints (skill).svg 6,500
Attack Speed: 3 s
Max Hit: Magic (skill).svg 120
Accuracy Rating: 30,156
Damage Reduction: 15%
Evasion Ratings: Defence (skill).svg Ranged (skill).svg Magic (skill).svg
18,816 14,336 28,302
Skill Levels: Attack (skill).svg Strength (skill).svg Defence (skill).svg Ranged (skill).svg Magic (skill).svg
1 1 215 1 350


  • 40% Magic (skill).svg Greater Dragonbreath
    • An unavoidable attack that deals 120x20 damage over 2.85s.
  • 60% Magic (skill).svg Confusion
    • An avoidable attack that deals 75% of the enemy's max hit damage.


Always Drops:

Item Qty
Dragon Bones (item).svg Dragon Bones 1


In addition to loot, the monster will also drop Coins.svg 220 - 880.

Item Qty Price Chance
Ancient Javelin (item).svg Ancient Javelin 1 - 25 Coins.svg 1,750 - 43,750 350/451 77.61%
Dragonite Bar (item).svg Dragonite Bar 1 - 25 Coins.svg 605 - 15,125 100/451 22.17%
Wasteful Ring (item).svg Wasteful Ring 1 Coins.svg 19,850 1/451 0.22%
Total: 100.00%

The loot dropped by the average kill is worth Coins.svg 19,443.13 if sold.
Including GP and bones, the average kill is worth Coins.svg 20,193.13.