Cursed Spirit

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Cursed Spirit
Cursed Spirit
Monster ID: melvorTotH:CursedSpirit

Cursed Forest

Monster Types: Dungeon
Slayer Tier: N/A


Combat Stats
Combat Level: 1,017
Hitpoints: 13,500
Attack Speed: 3s
Max Hit: Magic 946
Accuracy Rating: 88,792
Damage Reduction: 55%
Evasion Ratings: Defence (skill).svg Ranged (skill).svg Magic (skill).svg
81,016 42,066 88,360
Skill Levels: Attack (skill).svg Strength (skill).svg Defence (skill).svg Ranged (skill).svg Magic (skill).svg
1 1 770 1 1,000


  • 30% Magic 1 - 697 Magic Damage
  • 35% Magic Curse Of Torment
    • Deals 700 damage. On a hit, applies the Torment Curse for 3 turns. Unavoidable.
      • Torment: -25% Global Evasion and +10% more Damage taken
  • 35% Magic Soulburn
    • Pure white orbs of intense flame are hurled towards you dealing 860 damage 3 times over 0.8s. On a hit, inflicts Burn that deals 15% of your current hitpoints as damage over 2.5s. Avoidable.


  • Intimidation
    • Reduce Player damage reduction by 38%
  • Protection of the Forest
    • Immune to Melee attacks, Immune to Ranged attacks, and Immune to curses