Dragons Den/Guide

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This page is out of date (v1.0.4).

Why Clear Dragons Den?

Dragons Den (dungeon).svg Dragons Den is usually cleared for the Ancient Crossbow (item).svg Ancient Crossbow, (U) Ancient D-hide Vambraces (item).svg (U) Ancient D-hide Vambraces, and (U) Ancient D-hide Shield (item).svg (U) Ancient D-hide Shield because they are wanted for the Air God Dungeon (dungeon).svg Air and Water God Dungeon (dungeon).svg Water God Dungeons. The (U) Ancient D-hide Shield (item).svg (U) Ancient D-hide Shield can be upgraded into the Scaled Shield (item).png Scaled Shield, a bis ranged shield for a very long time.

Other parts of the Ancient D-hide Body (item).svg Ancient set are of little importance because you will use the Aeris God Helmet (item).svg Aeris God Armour for the Water God Dungeon (dungeon).svg Water God Dungeon. Keep them only if you didn't already get your Ranged (skill).svg Ranged to level 85.

Gear to idle

Because all enemies in Dragons Den (dungeon).svg Dragons Den are Combat.svg Melee, it is advised to use a Magic (skill).svg Magic or Combat.svg Melee build due to the Combat Triangle.

This guide assumes that you have Auto Eat - Tier III (upgrade).svg Auto Eat - Tier III. Crab (item).svg Crabs were used as a food of choice to reflect the approximate cooking level at the time of clearing the dungeon.

The simulations are run on a character with lvl 80 in all combat skills except Hitpoints (skill).svg Hitpoints.

Due to the wide range of cases, it is recommended to use the Combat Simulator to compare the options tailored for your situation.

The ring slot in the given builds is free. It is suggested to use Ring of Wealth (item).png Ring of Wealth if you have it or Aorpheat's Signet Ring (item).svg Aorpheat's Signet Ring otherwise.

According to the simulation - it takes, on average, 506 Elder Chest opens to obtain all items from the Dragons Den (dungeon).svg Dragons Den. It takes 657 opens to obtain all items from the Dragons Den (dungeon).svg Dragons Den with a 75% probability and 1165 opens to obtain all items with a 95% probability.

Basic Magic

Below is a basic build that needs Runecrafting Level 90 to create, Magic Level 78 to wear, and 870 Hitpoints (skill).svg HP to idle.

The spell of choice is Fire Surge (spell).svg Fire Surge with combination runes.


The following build needs Smithing Level 99 to create, Attack Level 70 to wear, and 780 Hitpoints (skill).svg HP to idle.

Advanced Magic

For comparison, here's the magic build that takes less time to acquire than the Ancient Claw (item).svg Ancient Claw and needs 860 Hitpoints (skill).svg HP to idle.

Adjusted Clear Time

Adjusted clear time is the time it takes to prepare all needed food and runes plus the time of the clear itself.

Build Adjusted clears per hour
Sunset Rapier (item).svg Sunset Rapier 3.7
Basic Magic 4.1
Ancient Claw (item).svg Ancient Claw 4.1
Advanced Magic 5.8
Adjusted clear time [math]A[/math] is calculated by dividing the overall time [math]T_{all}[/math] by the number of dungeons [math]D_h[/math] cleared per one hour.

The overall time [math]T_{all}[/math] is calculated by the sum of one hour plus the time required to produce the Crab (item).svg Crabs [math]T_c[/math], mine essence [math]T_m[/math], and create runes [math]T_r[/math]. All measured in seconds. The number of spent Ancient Rune (item).svg Ancient runes is noted as [math]N[/math].

The Crab (item).svg Crab total preparation time is 6.9 seconds per Crab.

The Fire Surge (spell).svg Fire Surge with the combination runes is used.

The approximate Adventure.png Adventure situation is taken for Runecrafting. In particular, Mining Gloves (item).svg Mining Gloves and Elemental Potion IV (item).svg Elemental Potion are not used. The Runecrafting 95% milestone of the mastery pool is active, and the runes have 99 mastery, meaning that 16 runes are produced per two seconds. No rune preservation or doubling.

The mining time is the one with the Dragon Pickaxe (upgrade).svg Dragon Pickaxe upgrade - 1.3 seconds. The number of needed essence considers all runes used in crafting: Rune Essence (item).svg Essence, Air Rune (item).svg Air, Fire Rune (item).svg Fire, Smoke Rune (item).svg Smoke and Ancient Rune (item).svg Ancient runes.

[math]T_m = N * (7 * (2/16 + 2/16) / 16 + 1 / 16 + 7 / 16) * 1.3 = N * (7 * (2/16 + 2/16) + 1) / 16 * 1.3 + 7 / 16 * 1.3[/math]

For [math]T_r[/math] compared to [math]T_m[/math], the difference is that we don't account for one rune essence in the Smoke Rune (item).svg Smoke Rune because we don't need to runecraft it separately unlike all other parts of the formula.

[math]T_r = N * (7 * (2/16 + 2/16) + 1) / 16 * 2[/math]

You can check out the intermediate steps with the following Google Sheet (link).

Advanced Magic is the clear leader, therefore it is recommended to farm the Dragons Den dungeon with the Advanced Magic build.

Food Expenditure

The bulk of time is spent on preparing food, so it's heavily recommended to level your food-producing methods when possible. As an example, with some upgrades (Fishing Skillcape (item).svg Fishing Skillcape, Cooking Skillcape (item).svg Cooking Skillcape, 99 mastery, top fishing rod, Amulet of Fishing (item).svg Amulet of Fishing), the fishing and cooking times are the following:

Food Fishing time (s) Cooking time (s) HP HP per second
Whale (Perfect) (item).png Whale (Perfect) 1.97 9.35 580 51.2
Crab (item).svg Crab 0.96 5.95 150 21.7

In other words, if you prepare Whales instead of Crabs, you would more than double your speed of food preparation, which is a huge boost to the clear time.