RaZu, Lord of the Skies

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This page is up to date (v1.2.2).
RaZu, Lord of the Skies
RaZu, Lord of the Skies
Monster ID: melvorTotH:RaZu

Lightning Region

Monster Types: Boss, Dungeon
Slayer Tier: N/A


Combat Stats
Combat Level: 1,113
Hitpoints: 18,000
Attack Speed: 3s
Max Hit: Magic 1,196
Accuracy Rating: 90,146
Damage Reduction: 60%
Evasion Ratings: Defence (skill).svg Ranged (skill).svg Magic (skill).svg
88,181 39,641 90,486
Skill Levels: Attack (skill).svg Strength (skill).svg Defence (skill).svg Ranged (skill).svg Magic (skill).svg
1 1 800 1 950


  • 1 - 918 Magic Damage
  • 40% Magic Lightning Strike
    • A lightning bolt shoots out with incredible speed towards you, dealing 850 damage. On a hit, has a 40% chance to apply stun for 1 turn. Avoidable.
  • 20% Magic Electric Charge
    • Ra'Zu surrounds their body in a protective electrical charge. On use, gives the enemy +35% Damage Reduction and +100% Reflect Damage for 1 of the enemy's turns and gives Regen that heals 30% of the enemy's max hitpoints over 8s. Deals no damage. If the buff is already active, Ra'Zu performs a Normal Attack instead.
  • 30% Magic Lightning Breath
    • A cone of lightning erupts from Ra'Zu's mouth, dealing 480 damage 25 times over 3.6s. On a hit, has a 30% chance to apply stun for 1 turn. Avoidable.
  • 30% Magic Thunderbolt
    • A giant bolt of lightning strikes down upon you dealing 920 damage 3 times over 0.8s. On a hit, has a 50% chance to apply stun for 2 turns. Unavoidable.


  • Intimidation
    • Reduce Player damage reduction by 13%
  • Shocked
    • +20% chance to apply Shock (Reduce Target Damage Reduction by 2%) per successful hit. Stacks up to 10 times.
  • Stun Immunity
    • +100% chance to ignore Stun and Freeze