Water God Dungeon/Guide

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This page was last updated for (v1.0.4).

Why Clear Water God Dungeon?

There are a lot of reasons to clear this dungeon:

Drop-rates from this dungeon1:

  • Full Armour set: will need 91 clears for a 75% chance, or 192 clears for a 95% chance.
  • Cloudburst Staff: will need 277 clears for a 75% change, and 576 clears for a 95% chance.


  1. Drop-rates were calculated using the drop-rate simulator.


Due to the Combat Triangle, it is recommended to beat the Water God Dungeon with Ranged style, since enemies use Magic and Melee.

Check your own setup with Can I Idle or Combat Simulator to see if you meet the HP requirements.

Ring of Wealth or Aorpheat's Signet Ring are preferred for the chance of double loot, but you can use Silver Diamond Ring for 1% DR if necessary.

If you have FEZ then use it, but it's not mandatory to have it.

Because later monsters in the dungeon are quite evasive, Ancient Crossbow boosts the clear time by a significant amount because it lowers the enemy's evasion until the end of the fight.

Scaled Shield is important because the poison damages in percentage, meaning that Glacia will suffer. A lot.
With Scaled Shield, you will clear the dungeon at least 10% faster when compared to its unupgraded version, (U) Ancient D-hide Shield.

Use Emerald Bolts to save your Diamonds for Diamond Luck Potion IV.

Use the top two prayers for accuracy or max hit, depending on your situation. Check with Combat Simulator to see which is better for your clear time.

Late-game Idle builds

The rest of this guide is intended for use after 100+ clears using the build shown above. The goal of this section of the guide is to maximize scrolls and to help farm for any missing items. It is assumed that you are level 99 in all skills with access to all of the weapons and items in the main game, and access to all DR and HP pets. This assumes you are (unless otherwise noted) using a Agility setup optimized for combat, are using your best prayers, your best summoning synergy, and are using Diamond Luck Potions.


This build farms around 19 to 21 scrolls/hour, depending on your Astrology bonuses. The Cape of Prat is marginally faster at clearing dungeons than the Maximum Skillcape, but it will also doubles your ammo consumption.


This build uses Fire Surge, Anguish III, and Surge II.

This build farms around 19 to 21 scrolls/hour, depending on your Astrology bonuses. To use this method, you need to have 1090 HP and 57% DR. This is achieved by using Rocky Waters instead of Lake Swim. Other method to survive Glacia's damage are usable, but will forgo up to 3% DR.

The overall time for this build is likely to take longer than setting up ranged because of how many runes you will need. This build relies on the Shield of Magic Power to survive, and also keep a high dps. Overall, it is less effective than the ranged counterpart, and might lower the number of scrolls/hour as a result.