Air God Dungeon/Guide

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This page is up to date (v1.2.2).
This article is about the suggested way to complete the Air God Dungeon. For the dungeon itself, see Air God Dungeon.

Why Clear Air God Dungeon?

According to the simulator (1) and simulator (2):

  • On average it will take 69 clears of the dungeon to get the full Aeris Armour set. (1)
  • If you want the full Armour set, then you need to clear the dungeon 91 times for 75% of that happening or 192 times for 95%. (2)
  • If you want the full set and Stormsnap, then it's 277 times for 75% and 576 times for 95%.

Gear to Idle

Due to the Combat Triangle, it's recommended to beat the Air God Dungeon with Melee because the enemies here are Ranged and Melee.

The following build can idle the dungeon with Hitpoints Level 90 (+30 HP from Dragonfire Shield for 930 HP total), and is suitable for Standard, Hardcore, and Adventure Game Modes. Check your own setup with the Combat Simulator or Can I Idle to be sure that you won't die. While Aeris' standard attack is higher than your Auto Eat threshold, it will never use a standard attack due to it having a 100% chance to use one of four special attacks.

With more HP, you can start trading DR for Chance to Double Items and plain DPS, for example, with the same build, at 1,090 HP, you could equip a Chapeau Noir and an Elite Amulet of Glory in their respective slots.

Also worth noting that it is possible to manually clear the dungeon at lower HP levels and equip the resulting Boots and Gloves to begin idling a bit earlier.

The Sandstorm Ring is very powerful and will certainly help clear speeds if you have no external buffs. However, be aware that with enough extra Melee levels, better equipment, or buffs from Agility, Astrology, Herblore, Summoning, or Prayer, the Sandstorm Ring may actually become a detriment to how fast you clear the dungeon.

There are two alternative ring choices:

Weapon Choice

This table plots some Combat Simulator results adjusted by the time it takes to produce all of the required consumables with some assumptions made about the exact bonuses available for each skill.

You can view the spreadsheet here. Make a copy to tailor the resource values to match your own, there is also a column on each table that allows you to input your own Sim results. (link)

Weapon Adjusted Scrolls/hr % Increase compared to Previous Weapon.
Dragon Sword 2.80 0%
Dragon Claw 2.84 1.6%
Sunset Rapier 3.43 17.1%
Ancient Claw 3.70 7.4%
Infernal Claw 4.03 8.1%

The usual food expenditure is 150,000 HP to 200,000 HP per hour.

Ideally, you want to get 10 Infernal Cores from the Infernal Stronghold and farm the Dragon Claw and Ancient Claw to make the Infernal Claw.
Check the Infernal Stronghold/Guide to farm it most efficiently. You should be able to idle everything inside except for Malcs.

Alternative Option

Grinding our Ancient Armour takes quite a while, so here is an alternative to grinding the set. This setup is NOT risk free, there is a 6% death chance (resulting in 0.3 deaths per hour) using this setup.
You can negate this death chance by monitoring the kill and manually eating when your life falls too low..
When manual eating, the timing of when you eat is quite important. You have to pay attention to when the enemy will do it's next attack but also when your next attack is going to be. You want to eat before the enemy strikes right after you hit. This will result in the least amount of time lost, as eating will reset your attack gauge.

Alternatively you can get Damage Reduction Potion IV to make it 100% safe, this can be obtained through Herblore Level 90, the IV potions will also require Mastery 90 in the potion.
You can also get these potions from Cartography, this will require Cartography Level 90 and visiting (31.17) The Sand-Covered Treasure on the map.

As soon as you obtain 2 Aeris God Armour pieces (That are not the gloves) equip those instead of the (G) Rune Armour, this will make the death chance negligible (less than 0.1%) and you should be able to idle the rest.

This will allow you to skip farming Ancient Armour and Dragon Armour.

Maximized Farming

The rest of this guide is NOT for your first clear, your average clear, or even your first 100 clears. This is purely to maximize scrolls for any missing items. This will assume 99 in all skills, access to nearly all weapons and items in the game, and access to all DR and HP pets. This assumes you are (unless otherwise noted) using an optimal Agility setup, are using your best dps prayers, your best summoning synergy, and are using Diamond Luck Potions


This clocks in roughly 32 scrolls per hour, depending on your Astrology bonuses. Since this build uses Big ol Ron which grants +100% item doubling, there is no need for any additional doubling, so this build maximizes dps at no cost!