Ancient Sanctuary/Guide

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This page was last updated for (v1.1.2).

Dungeon Mechanics

This Dungeon harkens back to base game combat, it is a relatively simple dungeon that is designed to be completed in the early game of the expansion. This means the dungeon does not require advanced tactics, high levels, or complete optimization. Each monster is pulled directly from the associated Slayer Area, and as the player has been forced to fight each of these monsters before, they should be well versed in their dangers.


Just like every other monster in the , each enemy in the Ancient Sanctuary has a passive effect that reduces the player's Damage Reduction. When in combat with Morellia, the player's base damage reduction is reduced by 21%, before any modifiers from the Combat Triangle.

Manual Clear

Manually clearing the Ancient Sanctuary is a good way to get to the next dungeon, Underground Lava Lake, as soon as possible.

Changing equipment sets to be able to fight each monster with Combat Triangle advantage can lower the required levels, especially Hitpoints required to clear the dungeon efficiently. The player should already have setups available from clearing each monster in the Jungle Labyrinth, but they will look similar to the following Melee build.


Completing this dungeon unlocks Lava Lake and Forsaken Tundra, which unlocks more equipment for Melee and Magic and starts the player's journey through the rest of the expansion.

Stats and Buffs



If the Waterfall Crossing obstacle is active use Damage Reduction Potion IV or Melee Strength Potion IV, otherwise use Diamond Luck Potion IV.



Slot Better to Worse
Head Blazing Helmet (P) Divine Helmet Meteorite Helmet
Body Ward of Flame Platebody (P) Divine Platebody Meteorite Platebody
Leggings Burning Protection Platelegs (P) Divine Platelegs Meteorite Platelegs
Boots Frost Walker Boots (P) Divine Boots (P) Augite Boots
Hands Relentless Fury Gloves Ragnar God Gloves Divine Gloves
Cape Maximum Skillcape Infernal Cape
Neck Fury of the Elemental Zodiacs Allure Amulet Guardian Amulet
Ring Relentless Fury Ring Ring of Power Meteorite Warrior Ring
Passive Fighter Amulet Chapeau Noir Elder Crown
Weapon Ultima Godsword / Divine Weapons Meteorite 2H Sword
Offhand (P) Divine Shield

The above table includes equipment from slayer areas and dungeons unlocked by completing this dungeon, this is because they are often direct upgrades and it would be silly to not mention them. Clearing the Ancient Sanctuary once for its unlocks, getting as many upgrades as possible, and coming back will often be more efficient than continuing to use the relatively mediocre stats from Divine Armor

Meteorite 2H Sword when used with the Meteorite Warrior Ring should clear quicker than Divine Weapons, but as it does not have any damage reduction, can be more dangerous.

The Ultima Godsword is the best available weapon at this point, and should make clearing the dungeon very simple. Ultima also comes with 8% damage reduction, making the loss of a shield less impactful

The Spectral Ice Sword is another upgrade that is unlocked by completing this dungeon once, but it is typically worse than Ultima Godsword at this stage.