Coal Ore

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This page is up to date (v1.2.2).
Coal Ore
Coal Ore
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Item ID: melvorD:Coal_Ore
Category: Mining
Type: Ore
Sells For: 13
Item Sources:
  • Killing: Tentacle,Statue
  • Opening: Standard Chest,Pile of Ores,Earth Chest,Bag of Coal,Golden Flute,Toppled Minecart
  • Pickpocketing: Golbin Chief
  • Mining Level 30
  • Township Level 20
  • Cartography Level 1
  • Firemaking Level 1
Item Uses:
Part of 100% Completion: Yes

Large quantities of Coal Ore are required to obtain bars through Smithing. This requirement can be bypassed using Superheat IV, or the Smithing Skillcape can be worn to require only half as much as normal.

Item Sources

Can also be made from Firemaking with a 39% chance per log burnt. By equipping the Firemaking Skillcape, this chance is 100% instead.

When wearing the Mining Skillcape one additional Coal Ore will be acquired from each mining action. This additional Coal will not be affected by any effects that increase the amount of resources received.

While cooking with the Mole and Pig Summoning synergy, cooking Success Rate is capped at 75%. Grants 100 Coal Ore when failing to Cook Food. Additionally, the Bad Cooker Scroll can be used to further reduce the success rate and increase the quantity of coal received upon failure, increasing the frequency and amount of coal received.


Item Creation
Requirements Mining Level 30
Base Quantity 1
Base Experience 18 XP
Base Creation Time 3s


Cost 13 Coal
Requirements Smithing Level 95
Township Level 20




Spell Requirements Type Description Runes Item Cost
Superheat I Superheat I Magic Level 5 Alt. Magic Create 1 x bars using 1 x required ores. 1 Nature Rune, 2 Earth Rune, 2 Fire Rune
1 Nature Rune, 2 Lava Rune
Superheat II Superheat II Magic Level 25 Alt. Magic Create 2 x bars using 1 x required ores. 1 Nature Rune, 3 Earth Rune, 3 Fire Rune
1 Nature Rune, 3 Lava Rune
Superheat III Superheat III Magic Level 64 Alt. Magic Create 3 x bars using 1 x required ores. 1 Nature Rune, 4 Earth Rune, 4 Fire Rune, 1 Spirit Rune
1 Nature Rune, 4 Lava Rune, 1 Spirit Rune
Rags to Riches II Rags to Riches II Magic Level 70 Alt. Magic Convert Coal Ore into a random Gem. 2 Nature Rune, 4 Water Rune, 4 Earth Rune, 2 Spirit Rune
2 Nature Rune, 4 Mud Rune, 2 Spirit Rune
1 Coal Ore