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This page is out of date (v1.0.3).

Melee is one of the three main Combat styles, alongside Ranged (skill).svg Ranged and Magic (skill).svg Magic.


Unlike the other two combat styles, Melee has separate skills for increasing Accuracy and Damage (Attack (skill).svg Attack and Strength (skill).svg Strength respectively) instead of them being combined into a single skill. As melee armor requires Defence (skill).svg Defence levels to wear while most Ranged and Magic armor requires only levels in the appropriate skill, leveling Defence is also more important to Melee than any other style.

Melee receives Combat Triangle bonuses when used against Ranged (skill).svg Ranged and penalties when used against Magic (skill).svg Magic.

Due to requiring three skills to be leveled in order to be used effectively instead of just one, melee is the slowest style to train, although this is offset somewhat by not having a cost associated with each attack as neither runes nor ammo are needed.

Melee weapons and armor can be made using the Smithing (skill).svg Smithing skill or received as drops from various Monsters or Dungeons.

The Melee icon (Combat.svg) is the same as the general Combat icon, and the two are sometimes used interchangeably.

Attack Styles

Melee has three attack styles: Stab, Slash, and Block. Each has a separate attack bonus stat associated with it, and most melee weapons have different bonuses for different styles. This means that a given melee weapon will be most accurate when used in certain styles. For example, the Ragnar Godsword (item).svg Ragnar Godsword has a +125 Slash Bonus but a -4 Stab Bonus, making it substantially more accurate when using the Slash attack style than it is when using Stab.

In addition to having different bonuses, each attack style provides XP to a different skill:

The Stab attack style also provides +6 hidden Attack level. The Slash and Block styles do not have any such bonus.

Melee Equipment Stats


As a rule of thumb, smithed weapon follow this style:

Weapon Details Style
Sword Attack (skill).svg Stab Defence (skill).svg Block
2H-sword No shield, slow Strength (skill).svg Slash
Scimitar Strength (skill).svg Slash
Dagger Fast, weaker Attack (skill).svg Stab Defence (skill).svg Block
Battleaxe Slow-ish Strength (skill).svg Slash Defence (skill).svg Block