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This page is out of date (v1.2.1).

Combat Simulator is a mod that can be used to simulate many Combat scenarios such as fights against particular Monsters, Slayer tasks, or dungeon clears with a loadout (equipment set, levels, pets, prayers, etc.) of the user's choice. Each simulation produces various metrics, allowing the user to determine things such as:

  • If monsters or dungeons can be safely idled
  • Optimal loadouts for maximizing XP rates, GP rates, drop rates, or dungeon clear rates
  • Which monster provides the highest XP rates with a given loadout

The Combat Simulator can also give necessary data to calculate an important metric - the Adjusted Clear Time, being the time taken to clear a dungeon inclusive of time taken to gather all resources necessary to achieve that dungeon clear. The production of food and ammunition might take more time than the encounter itself, which can lead to interesting outcomes such as a Melee build that clears a dungeon twice as slow but can still have better Adjusted Clear Time than a Magic build that consumes a lot of Food. An example of calculating this metric can be found in the Adjusted Clear Time section of the Dragons Den guide.


Question: The result says "No valid simulation data: simulated X/1000 trials". How do I fix this?

Answer: It means that due to the set limit, the program was only able to simulate X trials out of 1000 in this time limit. In order to increase the time limit, click on the gear icon on the upper right side and increase the value of the "Max ticks" parameter.

Question: I loaded the simulator like in the instructions, but there's no Tools section and no Combat Simulator button anywhere else. Am I doing something wrong?

Answer: It's likely because the Combat Simulator hasn't yet been updated for the most recent game version. The latest available version and changelog can be viewed via the in-game mod manager or from