Alpha v0.16.3 - (14th September 2020)

Welcome to Melvor Idle's 1st Birthday Update!

This week we are celebrating our 1st Birthday with a small in-game event, as well as a bunch of fun releases and announcements outside of the game.

You will find the event page in game with details on the short Clue Hunt that you can participate in.

This update also includes a lot of heavily requested additions to the game.

New Features

  • Melvor Idle's 1st Birthday Event is now Live!
  • Every Monster in game is celebrating with us! Check out their new attire.
  •   Alt. Magic can now be progressed Offline!
  • A brand new Welcome Screen has been added to the game!
  • The   Crown of Rhaelyx now works correctly for all Skills Offline.
  • You can now "Upgrade" your   Charge Stones of Rhaelyx back into   Mysterious Stones.
  • I have created a Custom Sort Order for the Bank. Clicking the "Quick Sort Bank" button will now sort items in a much better way. Please provide feedback on the way items are sorted, but hopefully it is really easy to now figure out where an item lies (the item log is not sorted yet).
  • Added   Amulet of Fishing and   Barbarian Gloves to the   Fishing Skilling Minibar. These will only show if you have found the item.
  • The   Cloudburst Staff now also reduces the   Water Rune cost of   Magic Spells by 7.

Changed Features

  • If you roll for a Signet Half without wearing the   Gold Topaz Ring, the game will now give you a   Gold Topaz Ring (instead of a   Lemon).
  • The description for the   Gold Topaz Ring now also reads: "Maybe you should keep this item equipped for something else."
  • All basic armour has updated artwork to remove the borders! Special thanks to Breindahl for supplying the artwork.
  • Vambraces have a new look! Special thanks to Sentry for supplying the artwork.
  •   Leonardo, the   Defence Pet, has a slightly updated look. Special thanks to Breindahl for supplying the artwork.


  • Fixed an issue where there was a chance one of your Characters would be overwritten when changing Characters.
  • Fixed an issue where Offline Progress for   Cooking would fail, and the "Loading Offline Progress" popup would not go away forcing a refresh. This caused cooked fish to vanish but you still receive the   Cooking XP for it.
  • Changing / Selecting a Character will not fire the refresh instantly, instead of after 1 second.
  • Quantities for selected crafts should now update dynamically without needing to select the item again.
  •   Aorpheat's Signet Ring now correctly applies to the   Confetti Crossbow.
  • Combat Triangle icon now displays on Mobile within the   Combat Stats menu.
  • Fixed a rare issue where offline progress would not clear when switching to   Combat, causing you to receive offline progress for your last trained skill when in Combat.
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