Anniversary Event 2020

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This page is up to date (v1.2.2).

To celebrate the first anniversary of Melvor Idle's public release, a week long event featuring a puzzle to be solved.

The clues were as follows:

  1. I've existed for 100 generations. I've been here since the start. I don't fit in with the others, but I'm still important. Everyone prefers to keep their hands warm, but that doesn't matter around me.
  2. Lured from my comfort, respawned from being generous. My pockets are full, but what happens if no one is around to hear it? 500 times a tale's told, though only once does it really mean something.
  3. Keep me with you at all times, always in your sight. Whatever you do, don't let go of me. Let me join you on your adventure, but only once. I love getting close and personal, so don't make me watch from afar.
  4. Don't jump ahead, you'll be disappointed. Named at birth, you're given a life. A life of adventure. We know you well, you're in the tales. But if things were to change, you'd simply be forgotten. But not today, because today's my Birthday. 12092019.


  1. The first clue hinted that the player should mine Rune Essence. Doing so caused the second clue to drop.
  2. The second clue required the player to perform 500 actions in a variety of skills to receive ingredients: Mining for Candle, Fishing for Cake Base, Woodcutting for Magical Flavouring, and Thieving for Magical Icing. These ingredients could then be combined into a Birthday Cake, also granting the third clue.
  3. To solve the third clue, the player had to equip the cake and kill any monster with the melee combat style (taking care as to not eat the cake), which would grant Birthday Token and the last clue.
  4. To finish, the character's name had to be set to 12092019 (being a reference to the date on which Melvor Idle Alpha was officially released - 12th September 2019). Afterwards, the Birthday Token could be claimed, granting the player a Purple Party Hat and a congratulatory message.