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This page was last updated for (v1.1).

T90 Farming

Following completion of Into the Mist, you now have access to Dark Waters, the penultimate slayer area. These 3 mobs drop fragments for the T90 weapons, the highest level, and often most powerful, weapons in the game that are extremely helpful in completing the following slayer area, as well as the Impending Darkness Event. These are extremely long grinds, and require quite a bit of preparation. Each weapon requires 100 fragments, and the fragments have a 2% drop rate. That's 5,000 kills on average.

We recommend acquiring them while fighting each monster as a slayer task, this will require you to turn OFF auto-slayer, and will encourage semi-frequent check-ins. Doing these on task will increase your damage dealt to them from various buffs, namely Slayer Skillcape. This will make the order you obtain the final weapons in effectively random, but if you don't want to deal with the hassle of rerolling, or simply want to do them in a specific order, we recommend the following:

Additionally, you should also acquire the pet Otto whilst doing this grind, if you do not, continue farming whichever mob you kill the fastest on or off task until you get it.

Item fragments are very rare drops, (the average amount of kills required to obtain all of the drops with no doubling is 5000 per monster), and it should be noted that there is a Township Task that requires the player to Kill 5,000 Ku-tul, 5,000 Umbora, and 5,000 Rokken, therefore Item Doubling is not as important for this specific grind as it might otherwise be.

Additionally, there is another Township Task that requires 1 of each Fragment and rewards 3 of each Fragment, to shorten the grind a little.

After completing the task, or if you simply want your first copies as soon as possible, you should attempt to sneak in as much item doubling into your gear as possible. Using the Combat Simulator to measure your Drops/hr with no deaths is highly recommended.


The order you obtain these items in is not particularly important.

Using the weapons obtained from killing each monster makes sense, unfortunately, they have historically not always the best available options, however a balance patch in Melvor Idle 1.1 has changed the meta an amount, and this guide will strive to stay updated. For now, the only recommended order is to obtain Shockwave and use it to obtain Ocean Song.


- Shockwave then Ocean Song then Tidal Edge

- Tidal Edge then Shockwave then Ocean Song

Between those two, the required time is roughly equal.

Many people combine the grinding of these weapons with the grind for the master slayer gear. An added benefit is the increased damage given by the Slayer Skillcape and buffs from Astrology while fighting slayer tasks. Another benefit is the ability to buy prayer points, Light Runes, and Food at a profit with the use of Generous Resupply.


There are very few hard requirements beyond the ability to survive and the entry requirement of Slayer Slayer Level 90, but there are several skills and items that will make this grind significantly easier, and we would be remiss to not mention them

Suggestion Benefit
Slayer Skillcape 25% Flat Slayer Area Effect Negation
Hitpoints Level 99 Less need for DR
Agility Level 99 Pillar of Combat
Summoning Level 90 Dragon Synergies
Prayer Level 95 Battleheart
Slayer Helmet (Elite) 15% Flat Slayer Area Effect Negation
Slayer Cowl (Elite) 15% Flat Slayer Area Effect Negation
Infernal Claw Safest, earliest way to massively reduce the DR requirement of Rokken
Cloudburst Staff Extremely powerful magic weapon
Slayer's Crossbow Highest damage non-T90 ranged weapon for slayer
Stormsnap Powerful ranged weapon comparable to Slayer's Crossbow

Below are some gear suggestions. Depending on what Prayer, Potions, and Agility buffs you use or have access to, your optimal gear can change.


# Obstacle Reason
1 X
2 X
3 Pipe Climb No particular reason beyond being the only obstacle that grants any combat benefits.
4 Coal Stones No negative modifiers, technically saves some food.
5 Cliff Balance +20 hp. This does make your prayers cost more, but as you're buying your prayer points anyways, the cost increase isn't quite as painful.
6 Lake Swim +3% damage, +1% DR. Rocky Waters may help as a first line of defense for surviving if you're mildly undergeared, but will not be considered the default.
7 Boulder Trap No negative combat modifiers.
8 Spike Jump or Raft Building +5% Chance to Double Items, or extra HP and DR to meet thresholds. Pipe Crawl will be slightly faster, but the negative to slayer coins hurts, especially for Magic sets using the Cyclops synergy.
9 Ice Jump This obstacle does everything you want it to.
10 Lava Waterfall Dodge Ocean Rafting is technically the best dps option. Lava Waterfall Dodge is recommended slightly above it, as you preserve some of your ammo and runes, earn more coins, and have an easier time swapping to skilling to restock.
P Pillar of Combat Lots of beneficial combat bonuses

For Melee, use Battleheart and Piety or the highest level combat style prayers you have available.

For Ranged, use Battleheart and Rigour or the highest level combat style prayers you have available.

For Magic, use Battleheart and Augury or the highest level combat style prayers you have available.


For all combat styles, use Diamond Luck Potions. If you absolutely need the extra damage reduction and can find no other source for it, use Damage Reduction Potions

For Ranged, with Shockwave, it is sometimes possible that Ranged Strength Potion IV is stronger than Diamond Luck Potions. This should never be done without checking Combat Sim for yourself, and should never be done unless the potion is specifically Ranged Strength Potion IV, and not any lower mastery.


For Melee, use Dragon and Minotaur

For Ranged, use Dragon and Centaur

For Magic, use Dragon and Witch

Notably for Magic, using Cyclops and Witch tablets will earn you significantly more coins at a fairly minimal loss of kills per hour. This is most obvious with Cloudburst Staff.

Tidal Edge

To be able to idle Umbora with Magic, you'll need 47 DR assuming you have 1,000 Hitpoints.

Umbora can be killed with Normal Magic if you have a Cloudburst Staff or an Ocean Song, or with Ancient Magicks with any Magic weapon at a slower rate. Note that Cloudburst is by far the fastest method, even if you have to squeeze in extra DR from Guardian Ring or Prayer

With Cloudburst Staff, use Water Surge or Water Wave (reduced rune cost), Anguish III, and Fury II.

With Ocean Song, use Fire Surge, Anguish III, and Surge II.

With an Air Imbued Wand or a Fire Imbued Wand, use Gust or Incinerate.

Use of Combination Runes is highly recommended for all methods.

Slot Better to Worse
Head Glacia God Helmet Slayer Wizard Hat (Master)
Body Glacia God Platebody Slayer Wizard Robes (Master)
Leggings Glacia God Platelegs
Boots Glacia God Boots
Hands Glacia God Gloves
Cape Maximum Skillcape Slayer Skillcape
Neck Fury of the Elemental Zodiacs Elite Amulet of Magic Warlock Amulet
Passive Chapeau Noir Ring of Wealth Aorpheat's Signet Ring
Ring Ring of Wealth Warlock Ring Guardian Ring
Weapon Cloudburst Staff Ocean Song Air Imbued Wand
Offhand Scaled Shield Earth Layered Shield

Slayer Wizard Hat (Master) and Slayer Wizard Robes (Master) will kill you if used with Cloudburst Staff and the normal build above. If all you care about is fragments, it is possible to equip a build with Master Slayer armor that is approximately 4% faster than the above recommended build. This is accomplished by equipping Slayer Wizard Hat (Master), Slayer Wizard Robes (Master), Skull Cape AND Raft Building - all 3 pieces of equipment must be worn to outpace Glacia armor, and the agility course keeps you from dying. You need 1050 HP and 45 DR.

Ocean Song

To be able to idle Ku-tul with Ranged, you'll need 48 DR assuming you have 1,000 Hitpoints.

To most efficiently kill Ku-tul you'll use one of Shockwave, Slayer's Crossbow or a Stormsnap. Use of Jadestone Bolts is recommended, Emerald Bolts are not recommended as Jadestone Bolts should be easily obtainable at this point in progression from Hunting Greater Dragon.

Slot Better to Worse
Head Slayer Cowl (Master) Slayer Cowl (Elite)
Body Slayer Leather Body (Master) Aeris God Platebody
Leggings Aeris God Platelegs (U) Ancient D-hide Chaps
Boots Aeris God Boots Sand Treaders
Hands Aeris God Gloves (U) Ancient D-hide Vambraces
Cape Maximum Skillcape Slayer Skillcape
Passive Chapeau Noir Ring of Wealth Elder Crown
Neck Deadeye Amulet Fury of the Elemental Zodiacs Elite Amulet of Ranged
Ring Ring of Wealth Aorpheat's Signet Ring Guardian Ring
Weapon Shockwave Slayer's Crossbow Stormsnap
Offhand Scaled Shield Dragonfire Shield
Bolts Jadestone Bolts Emerald Bolts Ruby Bolts
Arrows Ancient Arrows Dragon Arrows Rune Arrows

40% slayer area reduction increases your dps against Ku-tul, and therefore, unless it will lead to your untimely demise, at least a Slayer Cowl (Elite) should be used.

Slayer Cowl (Master) and Slayer Leather Body (Master) positively impact the amount of fragments you receive, and if available, should be used.


While the other two weapons are pretty straightforward in terms of gear, the Shockwave is not.

Rokken is by far the most dangerous and is both willing, and able to kill you if you are not extremely careful in your setup. This monster is able to buff itself to an attack speed of 2.2s, and is able to stun you, which increases its damage against you by 30%. Your goal here is either to be able to survive the increased stun damage, or to never actually take the stun damage by having an equivalent or faster attack speed than the monster's fastest speed.

You need to use Melee for this grind, it is highly recommended that you use an Infernal Claw to complete this. Tidal Edge is too slow to reliably survive Rokken's stun without extra work (ie. Otto), requiring you to make compromises that can negatively impact your kill time.

Slot Better to Worse
Head Slayer Helmet (Master) Slayer Helmet (Elite)
Body Slayer Platebody (Master) Ragnar God Platebody Terran God Platebody
Leggings Ragnar God Platelegs Terran God Platelegs
Boots Ragnar God Boots Terran God Boots
Hands Ragnar God Gloves Terran God Gloves
Cape Maximum Skillcape Slayer Skillcape
Passive Fighter Amulet Chapeau Noir Elder Crown
Neck Fury of the Elemental Zodiacs Fighter Amulet
Ring Ring of Blade Echoes Ring of Wealth Aorpheat's Signet Ring Guardian Ring
Weapon Infernal Claw Tidal Edge
Offhand Dragonfire Shield Earth Layered Shield

The Fighter/ FEZ is the best passive/neck setup, even beating out the item doubling from Chapeau Noir.

Slayer Helmet (Master) and Slayer Platebody (Master) positively impact the amount of fragments you receive, and if available, should be used.

For this setup to work safely without risk of death, the player's attack interval while in combat with this enemy must be less than or equal to 2.2 seconds, as this means the player is quick enough to avoid taking extra damage when Rokken attacks with the Shockwave special attack. To achieve this, we use a weapon that has a base 2.2s interval, and gather 40% total slayer area negation through Slayer Skillcape and Slayer Helmet (Elite). At 1,000 Hitpoints, which can be achieved with Hitpoints Level 97 and +30 HP from Dragonfire Shield, this method requires 48% Damage Reduction.

To safely use Tidal Edge in this grind, the player's attack speed must be 2.2s during combat, which requires 40% Slayer Area Negation and at least two sources of -0.1s interval. This is typically achieved by wearing the Elder Crown in the passive slot and ownership of Otto.

To use the Ultima Godsword the player must have at least 1,050 Hitpoints, 63% DR, and must have Wasteful Ring equipped

Check your setup with the Combat Simulator before engaging Rokken.