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This page was last updated for (v1.2.2).

Slayer Areas are combat areas specific to the Slayer skill. Unlike other combat areas, killing monsters within these areas will grant the player Slayer experience equal to 5% of the slain monster's hitpoints. In addition, many of the monsters found within Slayer areas drop unique items that cannot be acquired elsewhere.

Most Slayer areas have entry requirements that must be met before monsters within the area may be successfully attacked. Areas may also have area effects, which will negatively impact the player while in combat.

List of Areas

Entry Requirements

All Slayer areas other than Penumbra and Forest of Goo have Slayer level requirements that must be met before monsters within the area may be fought. Some of these areas will also require a specific item of equipment to be worn, this equipment can be purchased with Slayer Coins.svg Slayer Coins from the Shop and must be worn at all times when in combat - if the item is unequipped during combat then all of the player's attacks will miss until the item is re-equipped. Alternatively, the player can equip either the Slayer Skillcape, Max Skillcape, or Cape of Completion, which bypasses the equipment requirement for any Slayer areas that have any such requirement.

Area Effects

Some Slayer Areas have area effects, which will negatively impact the player while in combat with monsters within that area. The strength of these effects can be reduced by wearing equipment which provides Slayer area effect negation, a complete list of such equipment is provided below. The area effect negation of any equipment will continue to apply when equipped into the Combat Passive Slot.

As of V0.19.2, all available sources of Slayer Area Effect Negation are flat reductions. This means the negation amount is directly subtracted from the effect. For example, if a player is fighting in the Shrouded Badlands with its area effect of -40% Accuracy Rating and is wearing Slayer Helmet (Elite) (15% flat Slayer Area Effect negation), they will suffer only -25% Accuracy Rating.

Equipping a couple of master tier items of Slayer equipment (such as the Slayer Platebody (Master)) and the Max Skillcape, the player will have 65% area effect negation which will entirely negate the effect of most areas. Area effects with a base value of 100% can be entirely negated if the player has the Pillar of Combat active while simultaneously equipping three items of master tier Slayer equipment (one being in the Combat Passive Slot), Max Skillcape, and the Hunter's Ring.

There is no benefit to negating more than the initial effect - For example, if the area has a -40% penalty to Accuracy Rating, there is no difference between having 40% Slayer Area Effect negation and having 50% Slayer Area Effect negation.

Sources of Area Effect Negation