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Penumbra (combatArea).svg
Slayer Area ID: 0
Difficulty: Easy - Hard

Slayer (skill).svg Level 1

Area Effect:

-10% Accuracy Rating


Mummy (monster).svg Mummy
Statue (monster).svg Statue
Stone Snake (monster).svg Stone Snake
Undead Werewolf (monster).svg Undead Werewolf
Vampire (monster).svg Vampire
Fierce Devil (monster).svg Fierce Devil


Name Combat Level Hitpoints Max Hit Combat Style
Mummy (monster).svg Mummy 29 270 49 Combat.svg Melee
Statue (monster).svg Statue 37 370 58 Combat.svg Melee
Stone Snake (monster).svg Stone Snake 66 600 119 Magic (skill).svg Magic
Undead Werewolf (monster).svg Undead Werewolf 60 480 77 Combat.svg Melee
Vampire (monster).svg Vampire 56 500 105 Ranged (skill).svg Ranged
Fierce Devil (monster).svg Fierce Devil 100 820 128 Combat.svg Melee