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Prayer is a Combat skill that provides passive bonuses at the expense of prayer points. Prayer points can be gained by burying bones from the Bank. Killing monsters while wearing the Bone Necklace will automatically bury bones and award twice the normal amount of prayer points. During Combat, a maximum of two prayers can be active at once. There is no limit to the amount of prayer points that the player can have. Raising Prayer to Prayer Level 99 will unlock the Prayer Skillcape for purchase from the Shop.

Prayer experience is earned when dealing damage to monsters while any prayers with a cost per player attack are active. The amount of Prayer experience earned is [math]\displaystyle{ \frac{1}{30} }[/math] or [math]\displaystyle{ 0.0\bar{3} }[/math] per point of damage dealt multiplied by the base prayer point cost per player attack. Note that the 'prayer point cost' is the base cost before any cost modifiers are applied, meaning that methods used by the player to either reduce or increase prayer costs do not affect the experience earned. This experience can be increased by 4% by equipping the Gold Emerald Ring, which along with the 1% increase from Pyro and 5% from Firemaking Skillcape provides a skill XP increase of 10%.

Prayer Point Acquisition Rates

The general formula used for Fishing is [math]\displaystyle{ P \times A_F \times \tfrac{2^M \times \left (1 + C_M \right ) \times \left ( 1 + C_D \right ) + C_A}{S} }[/math], where:
  • [math]\displaystyle{ P }[/math] is the prayer points per fish, a constant of 3 for Raw Skeleton Fish
  • [math]\displaystyle{ A_F }[/math] is the area's fish chance, a base of 95% (or 0.95) for the Secret Area
  • [math]\displaystyle{ M }[/math] is the number of things guaranteed to double the number of fish caught
  • [math]\displaystyle{ C_M }[/math] is the chance to double provided by the fish Mastery level - for Fishing this is rolled separately from the chance to double from all other sources
  • [math]\displaystyle{ C_D }[/math] is the chance to double from all other sources, provided by a number of things such as the Fishing Hook
  • [math]\displaystyle{ C_A }[/math] is the chance to gain 1 additional resource, provided by Octopus
  • [math]\displaystyle{ S }[/math] is the average number of seconds between catches

Fishing with the Dragon Fishing Rod has an average catch time of [math]\displaystyle{ S = \tfrac{2.4 + 7.2}{2} = 4.8 }[/math] seconds. With the Amulet of Fishing, this is reduced further to [math]\displaystyle{ S = \tfrac{1.8 + 5.4}{2} = 3.6 }[/math] seconds, and can be reduced further still with Ameria.

The Fishing Skillcape and Level 99, when both are active [math]\displaystyle{ M = 2 }[/math] and so guaranteed doubling provides [math]\displaystyle{ 2^2 = 4 }[/math] times the usual number of fish.

Assuming a somewhat optimal setup as per this sheet, the time between catches reduces to [math]\displaystyle{ S = 2.8 }[/math] seconds, chance to double becomes [math]\displaystyle{ C_D = 0.73 = 73\% }[/math], and the additional resource chance becomes [math]\displaystyle{ C_A = 0.03 = 3\% }[/math]. This assumes 10% chance to double and 10% interval reduction from Astrology, as rolls higher than this require too much dust.

Alt.Magic has the interval of 2 seconds. With Amulet of Incantation, the Alt.Magic interval goes down to 1.8 seconds.

The earth rune expenditure can be mitigated by using the Staff of Earth leaving two Nature Runes per cast. It adds roughly [math]\displaystyle{ (1.3+2)/16/\frac{1}{1-0.8} = 0.04125 }[/math] seconds per a Blessed Offering cast if we consider the maximum preservation, mastery, mining without the God Upgrades

The rune expenditure can be mitigated further by the Nature's Call Staff and the Magic Skillcape, leaving only one Earth Rune per cast. Using the God Upgrades, It can be sped up to roughly [math]\displaystyle{ (0.85+1.7)/16/\frac{1}{1-0.8} = 0.0319 }[/math] seconds per a Blessed Offering cast.

For Slayer calculation in Combat Simulator, the following setup was used:

With self-sustaining food from the Slayer supplies, the time of Water Wave adjusted by crafting runes is 5.8 prayer points per second. The calculations can be found here.

Blazing Lantern in the Passive Slot or Maximum Skillcape increase the SC/h rates dramatically, by giving you access to Shrouded Badlands and Bounty Hunter

The Slayer case can be vastly improved by Witch and Cyclops, Agility, Astrology, and Hunter's Ring, giving 350k slayer coins raw or around 250k when adjusted by the preparation, resulting in around 34 prayer points per second.

Method Prayer points per second Result
Fishing Raw Skeleton Fish with Dragon Rod and Level 1 [math]\displaystyle{ 3 \times 0.95 \times \tfrac{1 + 0.004}{4.8} }[/math] 0.60
Fishing Raw Skeleton Fish with Dragon Rod and Level 99 [math]\displaystyle{ 3 \times 0.92 \times \tfrac{2}{4.8} }[/math] 1.15
Fishing Raw Skeleton Fish with Dragon Rod, Level 99, Cape, and Amulet [math]\displaystyle{ 3 \times 0.92 \times \tfrac{2^2}{3.6} }[/math] 3.07
Alt. Magic/ Blessed Offering with Staff [math]\displaystyle{ 3 \times 3/(2 + 2 \times 0.04125) }[/math] 4.32
Alt. Magic/ Blessed Offering with Staff, Cape and God Upgrades [math]\displaystyle{ 3 \times 3/(2 + 0.0319) }[/math] 4.43
Alt. Magic/ Blessed Offering with Staff, Cape, Amulet and God Upgrades [math]\displaystyle{ 3 \times 3/(1.8 + 0.0319) }[/math] 4.91
Fishing Raw Skeleton Fish with a reasonably optimal setup. [math]\displaystyle{ 3 \times 0.95 \times \tfrac{2^2 \times \left ( 1 + 0.73 \right ) + 0.03}{2.8} }[/math] 7.07
Elite Slayer tasks Details in Calculations above 5.8 barebones
34 with proper setup

Slayer tasks do not directly generate many bones. Instead, the Prayer points are acquired by spending the Slayer Coins earned at the Shop on either Standard Resupply or Generous Resupply packs, which contain 500 Magic Bones and 1,000 Magic Bones respectively. (The Basic Resupply provides a worse rate than the other two and should be avoided)

Both the Standard and Generous Resupply packs allow converting Slayer Coins into Prayer Points at a rate of Slayer Coins.svg 2 per Prayer Point. This means Slayer tasks begin generating 7 prayer points per second once the player can gain at least Slayer Coins.svg 50,400 per hour.


Bones can primarily be acquired by killing Monsters that are not in Dungeons. Alternative sources are:


All prayers that provide a percentage increase apply multiplicatively, except for Safeguard and Stone Skin which provide flat increases to Damage Reduction. For example, Mystic Might's +15% Magic Evasion bonus will multiply the player's Magic Evasion Rating by 1.15 rather than directly providing a 15% chance to evade any Magic attack. Likewise, the +15% Magic Accuracy bonus it provides will multiply the player's Magic Accuracy Rating by 1.15 rather than simply adding 15% to their hit chance. Players can view the Combat page for more detail on how hit chance is calculated.

The three Protection prayers are worded differently and behave differently from prayers that affect Evasion Rating. For example, Protect from Magic provides a flat 80% chance for the player to dodge any Magic attack, therefore using protection prayers when the monsters's chance to hit is 20% or lower is not advised as doing so would increase the monster's chance to hit.

Reducing Prayer Point Usage

To reduce the number of prayer points used by active prayers, players can take advantage of various sources granting modifiers that reduce the prayer point cost of prayers and/or provide a chance to preserve all prayer points the prayer would have used.

The prayer point cost reduction modifiers can reduce the cost of prayers to a minimum of 1 point per prayer, the only exception to this being that Protect Item is free when the Gold Diamond Ring is equipped. Any flat prayer point reductions are applied before any percentage reductions, therefore in some specific cases some flat cost reductions provide no benefit. For example, consider a scenario where prayers with an odd prayer point cost are active while both the Prayer Skillcape and Priest Hat are equipped - in such a case, the Prayer Skillcape reduces the cost to 2 points regardless of whether the Priest Hat is equipped or not.

The chance to preserve prayer points provides a chance that active prayers will be used for free. The highest possible chance to preserve is currently 83%.

Damage dealt by failed Thieving attempts does not currently count as an Enemy Attack for the purposes of spending prayer points, allowing the prayers Safeguard, Stone Skin, and Protect Item to be active while thieving for effectively zero cost as long as you have enough prayer points to turn them on. This may be a bug.


The skillcape can be purchased from the store for Coins.svg 1,000,000 after the player reaches Prayer Level 99.

Skillcape Name Requirements Effect
Prayer Skillcape Prayer Skillcape Prayer Level 99 -50% Prayer Point Cost for Prayers (Prayer Point cost cannot go below 1)
Superior Prayer Skillcape Superior Prayer Skillcape Prayer Level 120 -75% Prayer Point Cost for Prayers (Prayer Point cost cannot go below 1)
+5% Chance To Preserve Prayer Points


The pet can be unlocked by doing any action that provides Prayer XP.

Pet Name Effect
Monk-ey Monk-ey +5% Chance To Preserve Prayer Points