Big Bones

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Big Bones
Big Bones
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Item ID: melvorD:Big_Bones
Category: Misc
Type: Bones
Sells For: 13
Prayer Points: 3
Item Sources:
  • Killing: Hill Giant,Moss Giant,Frozen Mammoth,Griffin,Raging Horned Elite,Seething Horned Elite,Dark Horned Elite,Furious Horned Elite,Turkul Giant,Sand Beast,Rancora Spider,Elder Vampire,Noxious Serpent,Venomous Snake,Giant Moth,Legaran Wurm,Cursed Lich,Spiked Red Claw,Guardian of the Herald
  • Opening: Stack of Bones
  • Tasks
Item Uses:
Part of 100% Completion: Yes

Item Sources




Task Requirements Rewards
Normal 100 Divine Potion IV
100 Big Bones
GP 25,000
Normal 300 Bones
300 Big Bones
300 Holy Dust
GP 25,000
300 Magic Bones
Elite 10,000 Bones
10,000 Big Bones
10,000 Dragon Bones
10,000 Magic Bones
GP 10,000,000
25,000 Bones
25,000 Big Bones
25,000 Dragon Bones
25,000 Magic Bones
Throne of the Herald 100 Guardian of the Herald GP 25,000,000
SC 2,500,000
20,000 Bones
20,000 Big Bones
20,000 Magic Bones
20,000 Dragon Bones