Prayer Scroll

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This page is out of date (v1.1).
Prayer Scroll
Prayer Scroll
-1 Prayer Point Cost for Prayers and +5% Chance To Preserve Prayer Points. One item is consumed per Active Prayer whenever Prayer Points are used.
Item ID: melvorF:Prayer_Scroll
Category: Thieving
Type: Equipment
Sells For: 10
Equipment Slot: Consumable

-1 Prayer Point Cost for Prayers
+5% Chance To Preserve Prayer Points

Item Sources:
  • Pickpocketing: Acolyte,Wizard
Item Uses:
Part of 100% Completion: Yes

The Prayer Scroll is a consumable piece of Equipment which when equipped will both increase the chance to preserve Prayer points by 5%, and reduce the cost of prayers by 1 point. One Prayer Scroll will be consumed whenever each active prayer's effects trigger.

Note that the minimum cost of prayers is always 1 point. Therefore, the Prayer Scroll's cost reduction has no effect on prayers that usually cost 1 point, nor can the cost reduction effect be used in combination with other prayer cost reductions to make more expensive prayers free. For more information, see Reducing Prayer Point Usage.

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