Large Urn (Enchanted)

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Large Urn (Enchanted)
Large Urn (Enchanted)
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Item ID: melvorTotH:Large_Urn_Enchanted
Category: Misc
Type: Enchanted Urn
Sells For: 1,900
Prayer Points: 1500
Item Sources:
  • Opening: Cursed Chest,Bone Chest
  • Casting: Holy Invocation III
  • Tasks
Item Uses:
Part of 100% Completion: Yes

Large Urn (Enchanted) is created from the Alt. Magic spell Holy Invocation III, which requires one Large Urn to enchant. It can be buried for 1,500 Prayer Points.

Item Sources


Holy Invocation III
Requirements Magic Level 112
Materials 1 Large Urn
Runes 20 Soul Rune
Base Quantity 1
Base XP 130
Cast Time 2s



Task Requirements Rewards
Throne of the Herald 150,000 Large Urn (Enchanted) GP 25,000,000
175,000 Large Urn (Enchanted)