Skill Boosts

From Melvor Idle
This page is up to date (v1.2.2).

This page contains a list of sources of boosts that affect all skills. The specific boosts covered here are:

  • +X% Global Skill XP
  • +X% Non Combat Skill XP
  • +X% Chance to Preserve Resources in Skills
  • +X% Chance to Preserve Summoning Charges
  • +X% Chance to Preserve Consumable Slot Charges
  • +X% Chance To Preserve Potion Charges
  • +X% Chance To Double Items Globally
  • +X% Global Mastery XP
  • +X% Global Skill XP
  • +X% Mastery Pool XP Cap
  • +X Mastery Tokens received

Note that this list does not include any Mastery rewards, most notably those provided by Firemaking.