Necromancers Crown

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Necromancers Crown
Necromancers Crown
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Item ID: melvorTotH:Necromancers_Crown
Category: Thieving
Type: Equipment
Sells For: 400,000
Equipment Slot: Helmet, Passive

All Bone drops from Combat are doubled

Item Sources:
  • Pickpocketing: Necromancer
Item Uses:
Part of 100% Completion: Yes

Necromancers Crown is an item of Equipment which doubles the quantity of items that are always dropped after each Monster kill. The Crown's bonus is multiplicative with the chance to double, meaning up to four times the usual amount of bones may be obtained.

Despite the modifier's description, this doubling effect is not limited to bones, but extends to 'most' items in the "Always Drops:" section of a monster's loot table. The effect does not apply to items like Black Dragonhide from Black Dragon that have a 100% drop chance. The Necromancers Crown can therefore be used to double Holy Dust dropped from monsters with the Holy Isles, Ectoplasm dropped from monsters within the Midnight Valley, as well as shards dropped from all monsters within each of the Air, Water, Earth, and Fire God Dungeons.

The main exception to this rule is Barrier Dust, which is not set as any monsters "bones" and will therefore not be doubled.

In addition, as the effect only applies to bones and other items guaranteed to drop upon each monster kill, the Necromancers Crown does not double any "bone" items within any monster's loot table. For example, neither Dragon Bones dropped by Gret-Yun nor Desecrated Bones dropped by the Greater Skeletal Dragon will be doubled.


Necromancers Crown does not provide any stat bonuses in combat.

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