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This page is up to date (v1.2).
Area: Low Town
Requirements: Thieving Level 1
Perception: 110
Max Hit: 22
Experience: 5 XP

The Man is one of the NPCS in the Thieving skill.


Successfully pickpocketing the Man will always give GP 1 - 100

Possible Rare Drops:

Any of these can be received after a successful pickpocket:

Item Qty Price Chance
Bobby's Pocket 1 GP 4,000 1/120 0.8333%
Chapeau Noir 1 GP 32,000 1/20,000 0.0050%
Sneak-Ers 1 GP 15,000 1/15,000 0.0067%

Possible Area Unique Drops

Any Area Unique Drop is equally likely to be obtained after a successful pickpocket. Each Area Unique Drop is rolled for separately, so it is possible to receive multiple Area Unique Drops from a single action. The chance of receiving an Area Unique drop is tripled if the 95% Thieving Mastery Pool checkpoint is active.

Item Qty Price Chance
Jeweled Necklace 1 GP 5,000 1/500 0.20%