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This article is about training the Thieving skill. For the skill itself, see Thieving.


This page goes through the general method and tips of training the Thieving (skill).svg Thieving skill.


There is no strict requirement to start Thieving, although food is highly recommended for anything with a less than 100% success rate. higher health will allow you to go without food for longer, and damage reduction Armor will allow you to eat less food. Thieving Gloves (item).svg Thieving Gloves or Gloves of Silence (item).svg Gloves of Silence will be helpful if you can afford them, but are not necessary.


The following things can be used to increase the amount of Thieving XP received:

In addition the following items can be worn to increase success chance:
The Gloves of Silence (item).svg Gloves of Silence provides a 50 increase to stealth, a .1 second reduction to your thieving interval, and an additional Coins.svg 150 to each successful theft.
The Thieving Gloves (item).svg Thieving Gloves purchased from the Shop provide a 75 increase to stealth. The Golbin Mask (item).png Golbin Mask can be pickpocketed from Golbin Chief (thieving).svg Golbin Chief and provides 20 stealth and 2% extra mastery The Sneak-Ers (item).png Sneak-Ers are pickpocketed from any thieving target at a 1/15000 chance and give 40 stealth as well as 5% extra gold


Prominently Thieving leveling will be done by swapping to the highest experience per action enemy to gain levels quickly, as long as the success chance remains fairly high. it is worth considering spending extra time pickpocketing the Golbin Chief (thieving).svg Golbin Chief for the Golbin Mask (item).png Golbin Mask and Bandit Thug (thieving).svg Bandit Thug for the Thiever's Cape (item).png Thiever's Cape to increase exp rates as well as success chance. Bob the Farmer (thieving).svg Farmer is also worth pickpocketing even after better targets are available. This gives the player a large base of seeds either to start Farming (skill).svg Farming with, which can be done alongside thieving. finally, if the players prayer is high enough, Protect Item (prayer).svg Protect Item and Stone Skin (prayer).svg Stone Skin can be used without costing any prayer points.

Items of note
  • Chapeau Noir (item).svg Chapeau Noir - Provides increased double drop chances of both gp and items rewarded in thieving and combat by 10%
  • Bobby's Pocket (item).svg Bobby's Pocket - Can be sold for Coins.svg 4,000

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