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This page is out of date (v0.18.2).

There are several effects in the game that provide a bonus to the player's chance to receive Double Loot from slain monsters or thieving.


By default, the player has a 0% chance to receive double loot. All equipped items and other effects that increase the double loot chance are added together to get the player's total chance to receive double loot.

For example, if the player has one item equipped that gives a +10% chance to receive double loot and another that gives a +5% chance to receive double loot, their total chance to receive double loot is 15%.


Any item received as loot from combat has a chance of being doubled, including bones and chests from completing Dungeons. The roll is made once per drop - Bone drops can be doubled without the item drop being doubled, and the opposite is also true. If the drop would consist of a stack of multiple items, one roll will be made to determine whether or not the entire stack is doubled.

There are a few special drops which are not considered normal loot and do not have a chance of being doubled: The Fire Cape (item).svg Fire Cape from the Volcanic Cave (dungeon).svg Volcanic Cave, the Infernal Cape (item).svg Infernal Cape from the Infernal Stronghold (dungeon).svg Infernal Stronghold, and the Signet Ring Half (b) (item).svg Signet Ring Half (b).


Any item pickpocketed has a chance of being doubled, including both Bobby's Pocket (item).svg Bobby's Pocket and Chapeau Noir (item).svg Chapeau Noir.

The chance to double loot does not apply to Mastery Token (Thieving) (item).svg Mastery Tokens, Mysterious Stone (item).png Mysterious Stones, the Circlet of Rhaelyx (item).png Circlet of Rhaelyx, and Signet Ring Half (a) (item).svg Signet Ring Half (a).




Source Type Bonus Description
Golden Golbin (pet).svg Golden Golbin Pet 1% +1% chance to double loot acquired through combat

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